2016-02-06 – Ont. Energy Board demands more customer data from Smart meters

  • Here is a letter to the recently appointed  Financial Advisor to the Premier of BC about the wasteful spending of our failed utility, BC Hydro. This applies to Site C but a similar commentary could be written about the smeter debacle.






  • In Sask. CBC is starting to ask how many “strikes” does the energy minister get before he is out of the game.  The CBC, the NDP, and we need to start counting the strikes against Bennett, and Coleman before him, both of whom answer(ed) to Clark. Overstating the benefits of the $$meter program alone should lead to a firing. Add to that ignoring the recommendations of the independent panel re. Site C and the entire crew should be fired.






  • Someone in Calif. is making a montage of photos from rallies, etc. including those from other places. If you have some good photos from events in your area, please send to me and put “photos” on the subject line. If anyone has good photos from our first rally in Victoria in 2011, I would appreciate getting them. Please include name of group or place where held and the date (if known).  This one is being used by a Michigan group – and I don’t know who took this or where the original is.  http://com/



  • Environmental Health Trust has completed its work on state of the art 3-D brain imaging that shows absorption levels of cell phone radiation by anatomically correct models of a child’s head compared to an adult’s head.  This is the first time it has been done in 3D.  Take a look





  • A small study in Saudi Arabia confirms what other studies have shown, that RF seems to be a contributory factor in development of diabetes.



  • A solar powered home in Quebec. Please send me any experiences you’ve had with solar and/or wind powered systems. As Hydro and Fortis become more expensive and more tyrannical escaping them becomes much more attractive.

“The price of PV systems, however, has decreased significantly, he said, so much so that it now costs about 10 cents for every kilowatt hour produced from a PV system that lasts about 30 years. And the costs continue to decrease, while electricity costs keep rising.”



  • Ontario Energy Board says that utility must gather more consumer information for third parties. Who are these “third parties”? Marketing companies?  And how is this legal?

“The OEB also indicates that “there are potentially much greater benefits to consumers from this consumption data, in particular by making non-personal information available to third parties to assist them in developing new innovative products and services that will enhance customer choice and control….

The OEB’s Decision indicates that the OEB is concerned that benefits from smart metering are not being fully leveraged. More information about the customers whose consumption data is being collected is needed.”







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