2016-01-23 Question if smart meter is deliberately running fast


  • Lawsuit has been filed in California against fees and charges:  (SMUD = Sacramento Municipal Utility District)

 “SMUD customer owner Mark Graham filed suit in Sacramento County Superior Court Friday to recoup charges he paid for switching from a smart electric meter to an analog electric meter.  The suit alleges that the smart meter program was never approved by the Board of Directors and therefore customers who never “opted in” to having a smart meter should not be charged extra to “opt out”.”



  • A member recently found this article about the metal coils in boxed spring mattresses being great conductors of RF radiation and thought it should be shared. This is especially important for children and those who are sensitive.

“Metal coils are known to induce electromagnetic radiation. Such coils are present throughout a spring coil mattress. Steven Magee takes a look here for you at what types of voltages and frequencies of energy are in your spring coil mattress.

View the video: you’ll be shocked at just how many different voltages and frequencies are just flowing through your bed. Your body will be exposed to these when you’re sleeping on this bed.”



  • The documentary “Mobilize” is available for viewing for free at: https://youtu.be/PaaHf15MjoM     This video shows how the industry influences the information the public is given, just as the tobacco industry did for decades. Please share this with friends and neighbours who might not know about the risk they run from using cell phones, especially.


  • A letter below from someone with a smart meter in West Kelowna who, after doing everything to reduce usage, had even higher consumption.    Is the $$meter reading correctly? Really, there is no way to determine this without having an analog side by side with the smart meter. If BC Hydro takes the smart meter to test it, the entire situation has changed and any interference from other wireless devices, etc. will not exist in Hydro’s pristine, fully controlled lab. BC Hydro will charge over $100 to check the meter and chances are high that if the meter is reading high at the home, it is doubtful that Hydro will find the cause in the lab.  Some time ago, I was told by a BC Hydro insider that Hydro knew the smart meters were running fast but it would cost the customer “only” a couple of dollars a month, not enough to be noticeable to the customer. This is robbery, and major robbery at that if it is true. Consider $24 a year from 1.8 million customers.


  • Several members have complained about a “hum” that seems to be related to wireless devices and most often seems to have begun after $$meters were installed in the area. A group is asking for anyone who hears this hum to contact them.

‘The Hum’

Global Defense Team seeks victims of ‘The Hum’, vibroacoustics, infrasound

We have a fingerprint of this noise as a result of retaining a Forensic Audio engineer.  He has confirmed by analyzing recordings of several locations in our town, as well as a recording during a power outage.  The results are identical audio fingerprint.  1/3 octave band testing confirmed a constant noise, the 217Hz, in the 250Hz narrowband, it is a modulating pulse bursting every second with 1/8 second micro bursts.

 This is proven science and it has been duplicated and confirmed repeatedly.  The audio recordings have been documented for the past three years, preserved in data form onto CDs.  This evidence, along with our 1/3 octave band results showing illegal pure tones/noise,  power quality results showing dirty electricity/noise, forensic audio results confirming constant noise, witnesses and other residents in our town who have filed noise complaints with the State.

Yet, we are approaching 7 years of willful negligence by  the State and Utilities in not acknowledging their culpability and intentions to clean up the harmful pollution impacting our heath and well-being.

Thousands of health studies prove this is  a public health  hazard; both the acoustic assault and the non-thermal radiation exposure will have a long term health effects.  We are being used for a human experiment.   The long term exposure to the pure tone of the 217Hz can damage the cochlear in the middle ear.  This is why the EPA set pure tone exposure limits for workplaces.  These limits were for 8 hour work shifts.  We are exposed to the 217Hz pure tone 24 hours a day, non stop, every day!!!  Please help us to expose the truth about this deadly technology.

The Smart Grid is not an intelligent technology. It is a ruthless, greedy, sinister, desperate plan, with no regard for human life.  The Radio frequency spread spectrum of the 902MHz-928MHz being used on the mesh layer of Global Smart metering infrastructure uses the 217Hz demodulated pulsed frequency to carry its signal 24 hours a day non stop.  This is why it is heard during a power outage as well.

If you are a victim of this noise, please contact us by emailing the globalrfrdefenseteam@verizon.net.  The only way we will be able to get attention on this issue, is by proving the pollution is wide-spread.   We are looking for victims.



To the editor:

At the end of 2015, I reviewed my power consumption at the condo. I was curious to see the savings realized as I replaced the 1995 appliances and light bulbs with 2015 energy efficient equipment. In January 2015, I removed but did not replace an ancient upright freezer. I live alone with my cat.

Much to my surprise, the energy consumption (6,900 kwh) increased more than 500 kwh over any of the previous six years.

I contacted BC Hydro to check the Smart Meter and for any explanation. According to a BC Hydro agent, “energy consumption was within normal parameters.” As far as they were concerned, the status quo was in place.

I wrote to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) for help. They requested BC Hydro to review their records and to report. BC Hydro did and even suggested ‘phantom power’ could account for the increase. Again, no recognition of the appliance upgrade. I asked BC Hydro to replace the smart meter. No response.

BCUC did suggest I hire an electrician to check the wiring, conduct a breaker test and contact BC Hydro to request a Measurement Canada meter test for the current smart meter. All of course, at my expense. BC Hydro would refund the Measurement Canada meter test should their equipment prove defective. That was the final word.

My theory: BC Hydro has imbedded an algorithm in their smart meter software to report higher than actual usage based on historical energy use.

How does an individual test for such a stealth software algorithm? I suggested such an improbable scenario for my increased power consumption in spite of my improvements; nothing but dead air back.

Is there a stealth software algorithm embedded in BC Hydro’s smart meters? Why didn’t I achieve a power saving after the upgrade to all the appliances and light bulbs? Is the BC Hydro Power Smart program and marketing efforts to promote energy efficient upgrades a fraud? Who can answer these questions? Not BC Hydro or the BCUC.

I will hire an electrician to inspect the wiring system from the meter to the suite and conduct a breaker test. If no issues are present, I will ask BC Hydro to conduct a Measurement Canada meter test, but what about a stealth software algorithm? BC Hydro won’t admit to that unless caught red-handed.

The move to digitize corporate systems allows for ‘corporate greed behavior.’ I wonder if I uncovered such a fraud. I have no power or authority to cause an investigation, no competitors to turn to so I am stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Perhaps my cat turns everything on when I’m not present.

Patrick Olenick, West Kelowna


From a member: Beware!


I was in a cafe today, I know the owner and inquired where the Wi-Fi router was situated. She said, no worries about Wi-Fi now, because we have Qi-Fi! Hhhhmmm, I said, that’s good that you believe it is helpful.

Well, I chose to sit as far away as possible from the Wi-Fi router, with a shielded hat, for less than 10 minutes. It just so happened that I was closer to the Qi-Fi unit. Far from helping me balance and feel healthier, it totally rocked my body to be exposed to both the Qi-Fi and the Wi-Fi – awful and a strange newness to the awful.

Stay away from places with both of these units operating if you are EHS.

I wonder if just the Qi-Fi would do it to me, but the two together were really body scrambling.


From: X
Sent: January 23, 2016 12:19 PM
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: Dennis and Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: Time of Use Billing Application

Dear Commission Secretary,

I have just learned from Sharon Noble of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters that Fortis has filed an application for “time of use” billing. This is extremely disturbing since Fortis reps had previously denied any such move when the Smart Meter Program was being rolled out. I cannot understand how your commission would approve such an application as this does not reflect a “non-discriminatory energy service at fair rates” as stated in the commission’s profile.

Do you have any idea how this will affect customers’ lives? We’re talking about rates that will intrude on our quality of life and prohibit many people from basic needs simply because they cannot afford to during so-called “peak hours.” There is already a segment of the population in North America being forced to choose between their utility services or putting food on the table. Approving a “time of use” billing system would only exacerbate the situation for many British Columbia citizens.

So far, with regards to the Smart Meter Program, Fortis has continuously imposed their will on us. They have lied repeatedly about the dangers of fire, health hazards, costs of the program, and the infringement of privacy that these meters are known for. Electricity is quickly becoming a luxury, not a service. I would like to know that there is indeed a government body that is looking after the needs and concerns of British Columbia citizens.

I look forward to your response.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble
    A:  Free radicals damage DNA
    B: Non-ionizing radiation creates free radicals.
    C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

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