2016-01-22 Dix is speaking out — letter to BC Hydro, on CBC

  • Attached is a letter that Adrian Dix (NDP Hydro critic) sent to the CEO of BC Hydro re. $$meter program and BC Hydro’s faulty business case. We should write with our concerns about the costs, the lack of information that has been made available to the public. Where are the complete financial reports for the last 5-6 years??


  • Several members asked for more information about getting the book “Prostituting Science” I mentioned in an update last week. I have no additional info about it, not having read it.



  • A member in Colwood (western suburb of Victoria) said a person who said he is working as a subcontractor for Telus came to her home asking for her written permission to connect her home to fiber optic cable. He had no information about this connection, would it be to the pole outside her home? Would it be directly to her home? For what services: Wi-Fi, cell phone, etc??  Why was he asking for written permission if Telus is upgrading service for its customers? This seems odd, and something that I’ve never heard of before. The member asked for his boss’s name so she could obtain written information, but he couldn’t/wouldn’t give it. She will be contacting Telus to obtain a full written explanation of what is going on. Coincidentally, she is living in an area where microcells have been installed on poles. She had the one outside her home removed.
    When she has more info, I will share.



  • The audio of CBC’s BC Almanac on Friday, during which Adrian Dix and Steve from BC Hydro were interviewed. I thought Dix was better than he usually is and we should asking him for raising the issue of inflated costs and faulty business case. It’s too bad he didn’t take the opportunity to respond to some of the statements Steve made, and to tell the public about other financial issues with the program or some of the many problems with these meters. I got the feeling that the calls were screened. I was on hold and also sent an e-mail and my questions were not asked. I suspect there were many of you with questions, too.


BC Hydro expects to replace 40,000 smart meters by 2019 because of wear and tear – B.C. Almanac – CBC Radio One – Friday, January 22, 2016:
(Discussion on smart meters – Are they worth the cost?)
(all audios) B.C. Almanac – CBC Radio One:




From: X
Sent: January 22, 2016
To: bob.mackin@me.com
Cc: Sharon Noble
Subject: Article in The Province — Hydro must remove faulty smart meters

Dear Mr. Mackin,

Re:  Hydro must remove faulty smart meters

Thank you very much for investigating the smart meter program and reporting to the general public.  Your article is a fine example of investigative journalism on a topic of great importance.  As one example of costs for the smart meter program, we have had BC Hydro contractors in our small town for the last few days checking smart meters — the contractor was vague when I asked him why.  Please continue looking into the smart meters, especially regarding fires, security, privacy, safety, our Charter rights to keep our analogues, BC Hydro business plan and projected vs. actual costs.  There is much information available especially from the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.  From what I have read, I see many cracks in the program, which I believe will eventually lead to one very big story.  However, I am afraid the taxpayers will be left paying the bills which will grow larger and larger unless something is done to stop BC Hydro.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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