2016-01-17 Is a cyberattack on the power grid next?

  • Warnings have been given  by so many agencies and experts about cyber attacks, yet we have heard nothing about precautionary measures to strengthen the grid or remove the most vulnerable entry points — $$meters. At the link below is an audio interview with Peter Pry.

“Is a cyberattack or EMP attack on the American power grid next? That’s the subject of this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio as we talk to grid expert Peter Pry, the author of the new book Blackout Wars and the executive director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

Pry, who also served on the EMP Commission and the House Armed Services Committee, says a cyberattack or EMP attack could take down the grid for weeks or months.”



  • Court decision that our data is protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Would this not apply to the data Hydro and Fortis want to get from our smeters???  How can they be allowed to gather data that is not needed for billing purposes?

“An Ontario judge has ruled that there was a breach of the Charter of Rights in “tower dump” production orders police obtained requiring Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp. to hand over the personal information of about 40,000 cellphone users.”


  • Once Hydro and Fortis activate the zigbee chips in $$meters to connect to and gather information from the zigbee chips in “smart” appliances and electronics, the home will no longer be a private residence in which we can take refuge.



  • Linked is the review of a book that sounds like a “must read” for those who want to learn more about the environmental assaults that are occurring on our bodies as a result of exposure to chemicals and wireless radiation.  From the sounds of it, there is information that should be provided to every physician – especially public health “doctors” like Perry Kendall.

Prostituting Science – Diana Crumpler

  • A member of the opposition party in Ontario has started a petition about the high costs of electricity and the wasteful spending, on things like smeters, that is driving those costs.




  • The US Dept. of Energy says it wants a smeter on every home and business. As the US goes, so goes Canada, but Americans are becoming more informed about the problems with smeters, and we need to make sure as many living in BC and other parts of Canada are, too.




From: X

Subject: Smart Meters are Causing Fire

Date: January 15, 2016 at 10:44:37 AM PST

To: Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com
Dear Mr. Wruck

You have been provided evidence beginning in July, 2015 that smart meters are causing fires.  Your response for over 6 months has been that staff is reviewing the matter.

Why is it taking so long to review?  When do you expect the review to be complete?
Do you personally believe BCUC has a responsibility to protect the safety of hydro users?
If, for some reason, you and the BCUC cannot protect the public from the dangers of smart meters with some sort of legal order, do you believe the public has a right to know there are dangers with these devices?

I look forward to your response.


Many people who are both Hydro and Fortis customers have written asking for this information. I hope all of you will consider writing, asking for the info relevant to your areas.


From: X
To: “diane roy” <diane.roy@fortisbc.com>, “electricity regulatory affairs” <electricity.regulatory.affairs@fortisbc.com>, affairs@fortisbc.com
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2016 2:44:08 PM
Subject: FOI: how many Fortis smart meters are read manually

Dear Madam/Sir,

Kindly accept this as an information request under the FOI Act:

Please inform how many installed FortisBC smart meters are being read manually, and please if you split up the number into the residential and commercial category.

Please also indicate why these smart meters are read manually (either opt-out option, or due to topography, or due any other reasons you please state).

Please also confirm that the installed FortisBC smart meters in the St. Andrew’s residential Golf area near Kaleden are all read manually because of the radio sensitivity of the nearby White Lake Radio Observatory Station.

Please inform, how many analog meters are still to be replaced with smart meters in the FortisBC service area and please indicate the areas.

Thank you very much in advance,



From: donald pharand
Sent: January 16, 2016 1:43 PM
To: Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: Dennis and Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: Smart meter on my straw house

Dear Mr. Wruck, dear Ms. Hamilton,

Would you believe Fortis installed a smart meter on my straw house after not responding to my questions of the safety of the apparatus or the liability if ever the meter sparked and caused my house to burn.

Not only that but when they did install the meter there was a fully loaded 20 lb. propane tank just below the meter as well as two full containers of gasoline (1 gal, 5 gal). I believe it was an absolutely reckless act on the part of Fortis. At least they could have moved the product away from the meter.

Like many others in this province I find the Utilities Commission is in dereliction of duty for not protecting the greater good and safety of BC residents

Yours truly,

Donald Pharand (same given at author’s request)


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

  “The good thing about science, is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”  

– Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

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