2016-01-09 Please sign citizen statement to European Commission ASAP

Below is a request for “citizens of the world” to sign on to a statement (attached) that will be presented to the European Commission. The timeframe is short. If you wish to sign on, send your name, credentials, etc and the country you’re from to Elizabeth Kelley at lkelley_45@msn.com  by Sunday noon (PST). You don’t have to be more than a concerned citizen or parent.

(Note from Ted – I sent this information Yesterday so you have had some time to send the email.)

From: Elizabeth Kelley [mailto:lkelley_45@msn.com]
Sent: January 9, 2016 12:12 PM
To: Elizabeth Kelley <lkelley_45@msn.com>
Subject: Please sign citizen statement to European Commission

Dear Colleagues,

I am sending you a statement being signed by “Citizens of the world” to be presented at a hearing before the European Commission in Brussels on January 12, 2016 regarding the effect of electromagnetic radiation on persons who are electrically hypersensitive. The advent of space-based wireless communications technology and impact on EHS persons is what has triggered this EC hearing.

The request for this statement was brought to us on an urgent basis by John Wiegel, one of six individuals who were invited to testify then who heads an Irish EHS advocacy group (www.ERVN.com).  We are expediting this statement for signatures to meet a short deadline and its importance, as it will be presented directly to members of the European Commission.

The deadline for signatures is Sunday, January 10 at 12 noon Pacific Coast Time in the United States (includes Los Angeles time).

If you wish to add your name, please send me your name/credentials/affiliation and nation for your signature line.

Please forward to others you think may want to sign it.


Elizabeth Kelley, MA
Director, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
Arizona, USA



  • Thank you so much to all of you who have written letters to the BCUC in support of my request for intervener status to be reconsidered. I am so grateful for the response. Fingers are crossed that your (our) voices will be heard. I’ve included a sampling of the many letters below.


  • “The Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as the connection of everyday objects and machines so that they work seamlessly together across modern networks. The data collected must be aggregated, often disbursed amongst legacy backend systems, as well as stored and analyzed. With this, the data can be transformed into meaningful information in order to create new service opportunities and optimize business processes…..

The AT&T M2X Data Service is another example of enabling of future technologies consisting of a managed service for developers aimed at advancing IoT applications. This cloud-based data store lets enterprises collect, analyze, and share data that can be tracked over a period of time from connected devices.”  (pg. 28 under Smart Grid)


  • A video compilation of some of the smeter fires that have been caught on tape and photos of “failed” meters – many of these are from BC. As you can appreciate, most fires/failures happen without a camera being present, and Hydro removes the smart meters before photos can be taken.



  • “Google Inc.’s plan to deliver global WiFi access through Project Loon—a network of balloons floating in the stratosphere designed to connect people in remote areas and fill gaps in coverage—has sparked controversy.”




From: X
Sent: January 9, 2016 10:39 AM
To: constance.smith@bcuc.com
Subject: intervener status decision and $700 re-connection fee

Constance Smith
Senior Administrator
BC Utilities Commission
Box 250, 900 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2N3
Fax:  604-660-1102

Attention: Ms. Erica Hamilton, Secretary to the Commission

Date:Jan 9 2016

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

Re: BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application  – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble //  Log No. 51126 ; Exhibit A-9

It has come to my attention that Sharon Noble’s intervener status has been rescinded by the Commission’s office. Not only do I believe it inappropriate for you to deny any rate payer this right, I believe that Sharon Noble represents the serious concerns of tens of thousands of British Columbians and that her input is thus even more important than the average BC citizen. Please reinstate her as an intervener so our voices can be heard through her willingness to do this work.


As for the $700 re-connection fee, according to the BC Utilities Act this is illegal because it is discriminatory and it is punitive. I am not in favour of any extra fees for those wishing to deny a smart meter on their homes. My neighbourhood has been significantly polluted by microwave radiation from smart meters. I have been forced to accept one on my rental unit and there are collector and repeater units nearby, significantly polluting the area further. I believe the consequences and risks of the smart meter program far outweigh any perceived benefit and am not in favour of the way a crown corporation providing a service essential to life, has been implementing a dramatic change to delivery of service with no public consultation.

Yours truly,



From: XX
Sent: January 9, 2016 11:22 AM
To: constance.smith@bcuc.com
Cc: ‘Dennis and Sharon Noble’ <dsnoble@shaw.ca>; douglas.routley.mla@leg.bc.ca; Horgan.MLA, John <John.Horgan.MLA@leg.bc.ca>; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble // Log No. 51126 ; Exhibit A-9

Constance Smith
Senior Administrator
BC Utilities Commission
Box 250, 900 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3

Attention: Ms. Erica Hamilton, Secretary to the Commission

9 January 2016

Dear Ms. Hamilton:

It is my understanding that Sharon Noble’s intervener status has been rescinded by the Commission’s office.   Further, it is my understanding that Ms. Noble was rejected as an intervener because the meter choice and smart meter program are not part of the rate design application.

Surely you jest?

You have before you BC Hydro’s request to create a special $700.00 re-connecction fee for instances where they allege access to a meter is not provided by the ratepayer.  I challenge you do dispute any of the following:

– For practical purposes, the only BC Hydro customers who may choose to restrict physical access to their meters are people presently paying the extortionate legacy fees – which your Commission was powerless to stop.  I was an intervener in your ‘review’ of those fees and personally witnessed your complete impotence to protect BC Hydro customers, despite glaring evidence, including the words of then Energy Minister Bill Bennett, that they were intentionally set at a punitive rate by BC Hydro.

– Of these people, virtually none would object to permitting BC Hydro to read their existing analogue meter.

– These people are resisting smart meters on their homes for a variety of serious reasons including: loss of privacy, probable harm to their health via wireless radiation, meter fires, etc.  In fact, as you should know, a putative class action lawsuit is in the works by which these BC Hydro customers intend to defend themselves, their families and their homes from these smart meter threats.

– As such, these people represent a precisely identifiable minority of BC Hydro customers.

– Therefore, this $700 fee is on its face, specifically aimed at these customers.

Surely you would not deny that a $700 fee to reconnect hydro service bears no relation to hydro’s cost to perform this service.  As evidence, please refer to the drastically lower re-connection fees charged to customers reconnecting for other reasons.

Clearly this wildly excessive proposed $700 fee is targeted only at BC Hydro’s legacy meter customers.

My understanding is that the Tariff under which BC Hydro operates does not allow them to discriminate against their customers, yet this is what by all appearances is happening with this special new re-connection fee.  Otherwise, the already existing re-connection fees would suffice.

Therefore, the BCUC has no leg to stand on when it rejects Sharon Noble as an intervenor to critically examine not only this $700 fee, but other possibly contentious issues proposed by BC Hydro.  Clearly, the matter to be investigated has very much to do with meter choice and the smart meter program.

Finally, I have personal experience with the cavalier manner in which BC Hydro charges such fees.  Two years ago a man drove a Corix truck to my home and refused to answer my question why he was on my property, refused to identify himself, and, when I attempted to look at his id badge, threatened me.  For this, I was financially penalized (twice) by BC Hydro.  This entire incident is available for you to view on video, should you doubt my word.  My point is that, based on this experience, I know very well that BC Hydro can play fast and loose when applying punitive fees to its customers.  They have already done so with me.

Therefore, by not allowing Sharon Noble to formally participate in the critical examination of the proposed $700 re-connection fee aimed at legacy meter customers, it would appear that the BCUC seeks to knowingly hand BC Hydro a large blunt instrument with which to arbitrarily financially pound a targetted group of its customers.

As a BC citizen and BC Hydro customer for over 25 years, I therefore urge you to permit Sharon Noble to serve as an Intervenor in this matter.  With respect, for you to do otherwise can only cast considerable doubt upon your objectivity in representing me and thousands of other B.C. Hydro ratepayers already subjected to BC Hydro’s patently extortionate legacy fees.




From: Y
Sent: January 9, 2016 2:03 PM
To: constance.smith@bcuc.com
Subject: BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble // Log No. 51126; Exhibit A-9

Attention: Ms. Erica Hamilton, Secretary to the Commission, via Constance Smith

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

Re: BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application  – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble //  Log No. 51126; Exhibit A-9

It has come to my attention that Sharon Noble’s intervener status has been rescinded by the Commission’s office.

I am disappointed that non-smart meter account holders face a different rate for re-connection.  On top of the meter choices legacy fee, this is punitive.  Smart meters have not been proven to be safe (and the fact that there is no proof of harm does not suffice as a safety standard) and every account holder should have the right to opt out of having a microwave emitting device attached to their house, particularly when safer options are available.  Charging a higher fee discriminates against account holders who put their health first.

I would like Sharon to be allowed to represent me and my concerns, and strongly support having Sharon’s intervener status reinstated.

Yours truly


BCHydro Rate payer


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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