2016-01-08 We need representation re. Hydro’s application


  • Over the last few weeks I have included many letters that I have written to the BCUC about Hydro’s attempt to increase reconnection fees for those who had power cut because access to the meter was refused to $700. This fee is multiples of fees charged to reconnect power to other customers. According to the BC Utilities Act this is illegal because it is discriminatory and it is punitive. In addition several aspects of the Tariff are on Hydro’s list for changes, which gives Hydro free rein with no control or limits. Many of us were refused intervener status because BCUC said that the “meter choice” and smart meter program were not part of the Rate Design Application. At the end, this isn’t true. I have asked for my status to be reconsidered, and I hope that others who were rejected for the same reason will do the same.

I am asking for everyone’s help. Please consider writing a short email, as a BC Hydro customer, to the BCUC asking them to reconsider my status. We need to have our voices heard, and as part of the email I would ask that you present your own concerns, concentrating primarily on this re-connection fee and the fact that those who are resisting smart meters, which are dangerous in many ways and infringe upon our rights, are being discriminated against again, that this fee is not reasonable or justified but is being used as punishment. I hope you will put this in your own words.  Below is a basic outline to use or not.  This must be received by Thursday Jan. 14, 4:00 pm.


Email’s To: constance.smith@bcuc.com

Email’s  Subject line : BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble //  Log No. 51126 ; Exhibit A-9

[Your Name /Address/Email of sender]

Constance Smith
Senior Administrator
BC Utilities Commission
Box 250, 900 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2N3
Fax:  604-660-1102
Email:  constance.smith@bcuc.com

Attention: Ms. Erica Hamilton, Secretary to the Commission

Date: ___________

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

Re: BC Hydro – 2015 Rate Design Application  – Letter of Comment re Sharon Noble //  Log No. 51126 ; Exhibit A-9

It has come to my attention that Sharon Noble’s intervener status has been rescinded by the Commission’s office……..

( In your own words tell how this hearing is important to you, and that you ask that (I) Sharon be allowed to represent you and your concerns. Please end by expressing strong support for having (my) Sharon’s intervener status reinstated.)

Yours truly,   [ name ], BCHydro ratepayer


  • A reporter in Nelson asked me for stats on the number of Fortis electrical customers who have had their power cut. Does anyone have this info? If you have had your power cut by Fortis, please email me at director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “Fortis cut” on the subject line.


  • From Michigan, the resistance in the US is rising as people learn that the arguments given to support smart meters are faulty, and the truth about costs and problems are hidden.



  • From a fellow smart meter resister in Hawaii asks for you to sign the petition against a cell tower:

“It takes just a moment to sign the petition to stop the cell tower proposed for Pukalani: https://www.change.org/p/gladys-baisa-upcountry-rep-maui-county-council-block-cell-tower-placement-at-pukalani-golf-club. Poorly disguised as a pine tree (!?) this 68′ tower would affect residential areas (health, views, property values) and is likely part of proposed smart grid infrastructure.”

  • Non smeter:  A very interesting article about a devoted lawyer and his firm vs. Dupont. The situation and psychopathic company sounds very similar to that of telecoms with their microwave radiation which has been known to be harmful for more than 50 years. A good read.



  • A new type of “microcells” that will be easier for companies like Telus to install. People won’t know they are there since they won’t be using poles. “Aesthetic” concerns and “regulation problems”  will no longer exist. But what about health?



  • A member sent in this photo from BC Hydro’s website https://www.bchydro.com/BCHCustomerPortal/logout.html When he saw it he thought perhaps it might be Hydro’s apology for harassing us. When I saw it I wondered if “fraudsters” included Corix people trespassing or strange people who refused to show any identification purporting to work for BCH.

Fraudsters posing as BCHydro


From a member in Golden you had reported having 2 Hydro men at her home, one with a watch, another with stick, who were at their meter for no apparent reason on Dec. 15. Account holders have every right to know why their meters are being reviewed. Each visit would require a work order, so someone knows. Why should it be so hard to find out what is going on?


There was no Maintenance Department, so he got Janet at Customer Service .  She didn’t know why the men were there — speculated that it was part of an Investigation Order for BC Hydro to check meters at 50,000 homes for safety of the meters — no mention of which type of meters.  She checked our account and found nothing about the Dec. 15 visit.

D. asked about the expiry date on our analogue and she transferred him over to Joe at the Smart Meter Department.  He mentioned the same order & 50,000 homes and also that it was Corix doing the work (remember the 2 fellows who came to our house wore BC Hydro hardhats and had no Corix label on anything).  Joe said they were checking smart meters for moisture, broken seals & bases — all safety issues.  D. told him we didn’t have a smart meter & he said they were checking all types of meters.  D. then asked the cost of these inspections & Joe didn’t know.  D. said that our meter was being read & why couldn’t the safety check be done by the meter reader.  Again, he said he didn’t know.  D. also got the expiry date for our meter — 2016, no month known.  D. then reiterated that we do NOT want a smart meter or a radio-off meter and the response was that they still have some analogues but they may run out, so couldn’t’ guarantee that we will get another one.  



Newsletter prepared by Sharon  Noble

“If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.” – Anabel Hernández

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