2016-01-06 Cyberattack blamed for major blackout in Ukraine

  • Apparent cyberattack causes major blackout in Ukraine.

“On December 23, a Ukrainian power company announced that a section of the country had gone dark. This temporary outage was not the result of purely physical sabotage—like the case a month earlier where explosives had knocked out power lines to Crimea—but instead, according to Ukrainian officials, was due to a cyberattack….

Although experts say it is likely that the power outage in Ukraine was caused by an cyberattack, there are still plenty of questions to be answered. More news is sure to follow in the coming days or weeks, as several research teams now have access to the malware sample.”


  • Non smeter, but a petition that many of you could be interested in signing the petition and sharing, re. MSP premiums.

British Columbia stands alone — the only Canadian province to charge head-tax-like premiums for health care coverage.  It seems clear that B.C. should follow the lead of other provinces in eliminating its flat-rate MSP premiums!

Since MSP premiums are a form of tax, they should be assessed by the standard criteria for taxation policy.


  • A very interesting report from an Iranian group, showing that exposure to RF radiation from cell phones (900 Mhz which is the frequency used by smart meters) can cause a reduction in iron in human blood. Many good references to consider, and to forward to Perry Kendall.

In recent years, tremendous development and use of mobile phone telecommunication has drastically increased the amount of human exposition from the microwaves (MWs) radiation in everyday life. In this regard, a growing concern about the possible health hazards have increased considerably, since mobile phones MW may have health effects on almost everyone in the world, even those who do not have such phone.[5]


  • The UK smart meter policy is being open to the public for debate and for review. Why can’t we even participate in the BCUC review of BC Hydro’s activities?


Alliance for Natural Health warns UK about some of the concerns and problems re. Smart meters  faced around the world



  • In Memphis, Tenn., the city council is asking for a free opt out for residents.



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