2015-12-30 Is Telus misleading about providing fiber optics to homes

  • Powerful solar storm might show up in the skies for New Year or by affecting the electrical grid.


  • A member sent in this article, declaring it pure insanity. Who wants Samsung to control our security systems? I just want my privacy respected. Is this so much to ask?  The $$meter opens our homes even more.



  • Below is a letter that a member received announcing Telus’s new cell phone system. They make it sound (they imply) as if it is totally fiber optic cable, but is it??    If it is that is wonderful because it’s safer (it doesn’t irradiate people), it’s faster providing much more efficient service than wifi, and it’s more secure being harder to hack.    Wow, Telus should be thanked and made to do what it promises.    Fiber optic to your home and not those microcell transmitters that will be pointed straight into your home with strong, very strong, signals.  They wouldn’t be trying to mislead us, would they, by putting fiber optic cable to the poles and then sending the signals via those microcells?          Also, see the telus ad on line  https://fibre.telus.com/westshore/        Also, to see the letter below in full size just RIGHT CLICK and select VIEW IMAGE.

Telus Fiber Microcell

  • A petition re. the US plan for RF warfare over lower BC and the Olympic Peninsula. Please do forward with your comments to your MP.

I just signed the petition “UnderSecretary Robert Bonnie: Don’t move warfare range to protected lands” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.  Even though this is a US military initiative, it will also affect Southern BC. (as per Stopsmartmeters.com):
Update on the US Navy’s plan for RF warfare over the Olympic Peninsula and lower BC. 
Please forward this to your MPs—ask them why the federal government has said nothing about this dangerous infringement on our territory and homes. Also, please consider signing and sharing the petition if you haven’t already.”



  • A member sent in warnings he found in a Toshiba manual about wireless interfering with pacemakers, and other devices as well as warning about lack of security when sending information.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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