2015-12-26 Report explaining how even very low levels of RF are extremely dangerous

  • Not smart meters, but BCHydro is treating all of its customers like dirt. No respect, no effort to rectify errors or to accommodate clients. This corporation needs new bosses and new politicians.

Retiree frustrated with two-year BC Hydro fight by  Sarah Simpson – Cowichan Valley Citizen – December 25, 2015:



  • Industry affiliated scientists and “skeptics” often argue that we are surrounded by radiation from the sun and imply that it is the same as man-made microwave radiation.    They try to confuse and confound lawyers, Commission panels, etc. who are unfamiliar with radiation of any sort. We know that man-made radiation is very different than the natural radiation to which all life was exposed from the beginning of times. Here is an excellent report explaining why some of the differences that product defense companies like Exponent (the company that has defended BCHydro’s and FortisBC’s Smart meters) don’t want anyone to know are so dangerous to us, even levels far below those emitted by $meters.

“Thus, ELF electric fields emitted by mobile phones and base stations stronger than 0.0004 V/m are also potentially able to disrupt the function of any living cell. This ELF intensity value is emitted by regular cell phones at distances up to a few meters and base stations at distances up to a few hundred meters6,34,35. For N number of mobile telephony antennas vertically oriented, the last value is divided by N (according to Eq. 19) at locations of constructive interference…..

 In the present study we showed that polarized EMFs/EMR, such as every type of man-made EMF, have the ability to create interference effects and amplify their field intensities at specific locations where constructive interference occurs, and that this phenomenon cannot occur with natural EMFs/EMR which are not polarized….

The present theoretical analysis shows that polarized man-made EMFs/EMR can trigger biological effects while much stronger and of higher energy (frequency) unpolarized EMFs/Non-Ionizing EMR (e.g. heat, or natural light) cannot.

This is the reason why polarized microwave radiation of maximum power 1 W emitted by a mobile phone can damage DNA and cause adverse health effects2/”


  • The 2015 report by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission summarizes the “successes” of the Smart meter program, which is being forced across the US in the name of “energy conservation”.




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