2015-12-19 People in Cowichan Valley choosing between food and heat, thanks to BCHydro.


  • Some very interesting papers on EHS. The first one allows access to the entire paper, but the others allow access to the abstracts alone, which are very interesting.



  • I wonder if or how much Google Loon will interfere with aviation. Wireless devices have caused major problems in the past and this Wi-Fi signal will be pervasive.




  • One of our members, Janis Hoffmann, has been fighting for the right of her grandson to attend school without being made ill by Wi-Fi.    Tyler is sensitive, getting terrible migraines that even make him nauseous. Please know that children all over the province are being forced to sit in schoolrooms, surrounded by very strong Wi-Fi routers, and parents are not being told of the possible health effects. Janis is fighting for every child and for every parent’s right to protect their children. Here is a short interview on Citizens’ Forum in Victoria.



  • People suffering in the Cowichan Valley due to BCHydro a United Church minister is doing what our elected ministers fail to do – ensure the safety and fair treatment of the people of BC. There needs to be a province-wide protest because the MLA can’t even speak about it until Spring!!! What if someone dies? People should be camping out in Routley’s (and every other politician’s) office where it’s nice and warm.



  • Katie Singer, author of “Electronic Silent Spring”, has a very interesting website and you can sign up for her newsletter if you wish.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”   Albert Einstein

Einstein - World Dangerous Place

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