2015-12-12 Hydro deliberately misleads BCUC (again)

  • UL has certified some models of the Landis+Gyr  smart smeters.  There are still questions that have to be answered. A key one: Was the meter alone certified or was it certified in conjunction with the meter base that was certified to hold an analog and only an analog – the type most homes have?   Remember the Texas legal brief in which testimony was given about L+G and ITRON Centron smeters having thinner meter blades than analog meters, causing a gap which leads to arcing and fires.

Also, remember that UL certified the Sensus meters in Saskatchewan after they were recalled. UL certified the very models that had failed and caused fires. Either UL has low standards, did poor testing, or else does not know how to certify smeters.



  • A movie called “Life Off Grid” that can be seen for free until Jan. 10



  • Cybersecurity is becoming more of a concern, with more agencies and politicians (like Donald Norcross, whose statement was in last night’s update), yet no one is doing anything to make the grid stronger and more secure. I have written to every BC MP about this because BC Hydro and this government won’t do anything. May I ask that you consider writing your own letter to your MP about this? (my letter is attached.)



  • Another incident of BCHydro deceiving the public and BCUC. We should be demanding an in-depth audit by the Auditor General, much as has been done in Ontario. But this government cut the staff and budget for the AG.    Coincidence?


“British Columbia’s hydro utility intentionally misled a regulatory agency over the spending of hundreds of millions of dollars on information technology, says the New Democrat opposition.”



  • In 2008, then US Congressman asked that the FCC investigate health effects from RF radiation before allowing its further proliferation. His excellent letter has a lot of good info. and would be a good reference. Of course, the FCC did nothing, sold wider spectrum use, and now Tom Wheeler, former lobbyist for the wireless industry, is the head of FCC.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

   A:  Free radicals damage DNA
    B: Non-ionizing radiation creates free radicals.
    C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

Free Radical damages DNA

see http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Life/cell_radiation_damage.html

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation