2015-12-11 Hydro caught lying, endangering dam


  • Globe and Mail has uncovered another case of BCHydro hiding information from the public and the regulatory authorities, this putting lives and property at risk.

More than three years afterBC Hydro was warned by engineering experts that the W.A.C. Bennett Dam has a “serious deficiency” that should be fixed without delay, the Crown corporation has applied to begin work that will not be complete before 2019.

The expert panel, in a 2012 report obtained by The Globe and Mail and then released Tuesday by the utility, warned that the arrangement of large rocks at the foundation of the 47-year-old dam, known as riprap, is damaged. That has allowed waves to erode the material beneath the protective layer of rocks, undercutting the upstream slope of the massive dam.

“Continued wave action, floods and relatively minor earthquake loads may trigger deeper sliding that could endanger the integrity of the crest,” the report warns, “and even cause over-topping and eventual breaching of the dam.”



  • US Congressman Donald Norcross issued a press release about the vulnerability of the “Smart” grid and meters. Where are Canadian politicians on this?



  • Pennsylvania group worried about major costs (short lifespan)  and cybersecurity of smart  meters.



  • In response to a Maryland’s school district’s intention to have/keep wifi in schools, experts and those very knowledgeable about the health effects, etc. have written letters. Please use them if you have schools with wifi (almost all of BC schools do, having installed them without advising parents). Note Cindy Sage’s letter regarding the inadequacy of RF meters to capture all the signals, urging caution believing any report prepared for schools by companies.

Please use these letters in your work to remove wireless from schools and especially if your school did a RF radiation measurement report with such problems. 

Download them with these links

Read Dr.  Olle Johanssons Letter HERE. 

Read Dr. Lennart Hardells Letter .

Read Dr. Carpenters Letter 

Read Katie Singers Letter HERE. 

Read Cindy Sage and Trevor Marshals Letter Here

Read Ellie Marks Letter Here

Read Arthur Firstenbergs Letter HERE. 



  • Airlines refuse to allow hoverboards on airplanes because the lithium batteries that power them have caused fires.    I don’t know the size of these in comparison to the lithium batteries in $$meters, but it makes no sense to have something that is known to catch fire when overheated or wet on our homes.

Air Canada, WestJet and three major U.S. airlines have banned the boards — also called self-balancing scooters or mini-Segways — from both carry-on and checked baggage.

The concern is that the lithium-ion batteries that power the hoverboard can catch fire.





Day 5 Lawsuit

A summary of the proceedings of Friday, Dec. 11, 2015, the final day of a hearing in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver, in Davis vs BC Hydro.


“Thank you for your submissions. I’m reserving judgment.”

With that, Madame Justice Elaine Adair left the courtroom in downtown Vancouver on Friday to begin her deliberations on whether to allow a class-action lawsuit against BC Hydro smart meters.

Tens of thousands, perhaps one hundred thousand or more, of Hydro’s 1.9 million customers have objected to having the wireless electrical meters installed on their homes or offices or having to pay the $35 a month penalty that Hydro has collected because they’re keeping their old analog meter.

Their objections are the basis for the class-action lawsuit, which will allege that:

— they’ve lost their charter right of personal choice and the autonomy to refuse the meter

— there was no democratic process, debate in the provincial legislature or oversight by the BC Utilities Commission in granting Hydro the authority to install the meters

electricity is a basic necessity of life and they have little or no option but to submit to Hydro’s terms

— and in a news release in July 2013 announcing Hydro’s “Meter Choices Program”,  Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said, “nobody will be forced to take a smart meter” and yet 96 percent of the utility company’s customers have not been offered the choice of an opt-out.

In addition to the plaintiffs who started the litigation, six “representative plaintiffs” have filed personal affidavits detailing the various situations forced on them by Hydro.

Most are people who are trying to keep their homes free of wireless radiation, but one is a doctor suffering electro-hypersensitivity who tried to prevent a meter being installed at his office, and another is the principal of a school who tried to shield her students from radiation from the meter.

They’re waiting now to see if their concerns will get to trial.

 Reporting by Greg McIntyre


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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