2015-12-09 Day 3 summary, and Hydro’s lawyers begin tomorrow

  • 1 – Full Signal Video 

    Many of us are fighting cell towers that are being installed to support the $$meter grid. An excellent video has just been made available for free – one that many of you have used at public presentations to explain the dangers associated with these things. The video is “Full Signal.”  I highly recommend that you watch it and encourage your friends to watch it, too.

 Full Signal – The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones


  • 2 – Lawsuit   11:00am-Tomorrow-Your chance to hear what BC Hydro has to say!

    David Aaron will be finishing his presentation before Judge Adair from 9:30am to 11:00am tomorrow.

BC Hydro lawyers will take to the floor at that time with their arguments as to why they think this court case should not proceed.

Look for the bulletin board as you enter the court house at 800 Smithe St. (and Howe St.).
It is listed as Davis vs BC Hydro with Judge Adair (to confirm room number).
The proceedings have been taking place on the 5th Floor, room 51.
The sky train is really handy, and the nearest stations are Granville and Vancouver City Centre – just a couple of blocks away.


  • I have been contacted by a retired (72 years old) gentleman who is a non-drinker, non-smoker, very environmentally aware, no pesticides, fragrances, etc.  who has sensitivities (chemicals and EHS).
    He has been living in a mini-van for some time, currently in Penticton and is hoping to find something to rent – anywhere that is healthy for him and warm. If you would have a place and would like to contact him, please email me and I will put you in touch with him.
  • 3 – BCTel Small Cell WiFi
    Telus small cell wifi service disclaimer responsibility for security, or any loss or damage. (no mention, but could this apply to health claims?)

“The TELUS Wi-Fi service provides end users with Internet access over TELUS’ network. Since the TELUS Wi-Fi service uses radio waves, it is subject to factors that cannot reasonably be controlled. For this reason, TELUS does not guarantee timely, secure, error-free or uninterrupted TELUS Wi-Fi service or that users will always receive their messages or data. To the extent permitted by law, legal warranties and conditions (implied or statutory) do not apply to the TELUS Wi-Fi service.” …

“Limitation of TELUS’ liability

  • TELUS will not be liable to you or any person using the TELUS Wi-Fi service for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, reputation, data, or any other loss, costs or damages arising from or relating to the TELUS Equipment, the TELUS Wi-Fi service, any interruption or failure of the TELUS Wi-Fi service, or this Agreement. This limitation applies even if TELUS is aware that such loss, costs or damages are possible.”


Telus says it’s just about done with macrocells, which I believe means cell transmitters that are on towers, etc and which are covered my Ind. Canada and Consultation Policies.

Microcells and Picocells are being put on poles outside homes and Telus seems to believe this escapes Ind. Can. policies or consultation policies.

I believe it’s up to us, the public being irradiated and Telus customer to call them on this. If they are the great corporate citizens they claim to be, make them notify those in the area, provide information to the communities, and get permission from  the public who will most directly affected.




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Lawsuit – Day 3

A short summary of the proceedings of Day 3, Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015,
in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver, in Davis vs BC Hydro.


BC Hydro smart meter opponents concluded three days of arguments Wednesday.

The final days of their hearing in B.C. Supreme Court, Thursday and Friday, will be given over to Hydro to defend its wireless electrical meters.

Madame Justice Elaine Adair will then have to sift through all the debate and decide whether the plaintiffs have a compelling enough case for a class-action lawsuit.

If they get to trial, David Aaron, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, said they’ll seek an order compelling Hydro to offer all its customers the choice to refuse the controversial meter.

And they want Hydro to return the $32.40  a month penalty customers have been charged for keeping their old mechanical meters, plus any other associated damages.

Wednesday was spent clarifying what Aaron called “the principles of fundamental justice” that would protect a person’s right to avoid a possible cancer-causing device in their home or place of work.

Judge Adair worked with him to sharpen the details and definitions of “common issues” and “classes” in his argument so they can be spelled out clearly in the certificate needed to proceed to trial.

by Greg McIntyre


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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