2015-12-06 – Telus Microcell Transmitters

  • Hacking and cyber-threats will become more common as we become more connected to the Internet (of things)  (IoT).



  • A member found this – a tune for our times.



  • Maryland Public Utility Commission has decreased the fee to keep an analog to $5.50 a month, while increasing rates 15%. The savings that are promised by the “$$mart” grid never materialize.



  • Ohio increases its opt out fee from $10 to $13.50, allowing people to keep their analogs or to have the analog returned. Real, democratic choice does not interfere with this utility! Hydro and Fortis have said that the program needs 100% participation to work. Not true.



  • A good summary of problems with wireless devices in a natural health journal which reaches people unfamiliar with the issue.



  • Telus plans on installing “small” cell (microcell) transmitters in the southern mainland. Make sure your community has a consultation policy that includes all transmitters regardless of height and used of existing structures. These are 6-8 meters from the ground, right at the level of second story bedrooms. Strong transmitters (20 W and 10W) emit signals 100-200 meters.  See what Telus has confirmed:

– the telecommunication’s company is installing two antennas on existing wooden poles on 56th Street south of 6th Avenue and about 70 micro-cell antennas, which are also installed on existing poles.

– Telus introduced the small cell technology last year in an attempt to improve its wireless capacity without having to construct additional large cell towers.

– The 70 being installed in Tsawwassen will provide approximately the same coverage as four 15-metre towers.

– In the future, Telus may also look at installing the cells on existing civic infrastructure, which would require an agreement with Delta.

– Under Industry Canada regulations, initially there was no need for Telus to undertake any public consultation on the small cell installation. However, those regulations recently changed.




Fortis is hitting people with unexplained monthly costs. When are the promised “$$meter” savings going to be passed on?



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”   Albert Einstein

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