2015-12-04 Smart meters replaced in Arizona after 7 years


1)      Attached  is a new paper by Dr. Olle Johansson  “Electrohypersensitivity: a functional impairment due to an inaccessible environment”, Rev Environ Health 2015; 30: 311–321.

“Many times since the early 1980s I have pointed to that the public’s usage of cell phones has become the largest full-scale biological and medical experiment ever with mankind, and I was also the first person to firmly point out that this involuntary exposure violates the Nuremberg Code’s principles for human experimentation, which clearly states that voluntary consent of human subjects is absolutely essential. Among many effects seen, the very serious one is the deterioration of the genome.”

Johansson 2015

2)      Someone who has been fighting $$meters in Arizona learned that all the smeters are being replaced after 7 years. This is happening in several areas of the USA right now.



3)      There are many people who have not been billed legacy fees and BC Hydro has discovered its error. It has been telling people they are not in the Meter Choice program because they didn’t pay the fee nor send in the form, and have threatened loss of power if the smart meter is not accepted. Also they are trying to collect fees going back to Dec. 1/13. 

BC Hydro is wrong on all counts. It is their error – yet another – if they failed to bill someone. If you are in this situation, let me know and I will share info. from another member who stood firm, and BCUC agreed that by not sending in the form he was automatically enrolled in the legacy program.  By paying everything he was billed, his power cannot be shut off. And because BC Hydro made the error, the back billing is limited to 6 months, not 2 years as BC Hydro tried to do.

4)      After many years of asking, the David Suzuki Foundation has finally put something on their website about EMR, but much of it is very weak or even inaccurate. For example his statement, taken from PG&E, has been shown to be false. In a deposition before the California Utilities Commission in 2011, PG&E admitted that they had been talking about data signals only when they said there were only 4-6 signals a day (just as FortisBC and BC Hydro have said).  This may be true (although they can increase this whenever they want) but in total, there were up to as many as 190,000 signals a day when signals between and among the other smart  meters and the collectors were counted. That is 2 every second of the day. See page 5 of the document:


They provide no direct contact with Dr. Suzuki by email. Comments can be made via online form. I hope you will provide information about studies, etc. that should be added to update their woefully inadequate webpage.

Electromagnetic Radiation and Fields – David Suzuki Foundation:
– http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/health/science/enviro-health-policy/electromagnetic-radiation-and-fields/
(Please Comment & – http://www.davidsuzuki.org/about/contact/)

….Compared to cell phones, radiofrequency EMR exposure from other wireless devices is lower — because other devices are typically located farther away from the body — but in some cases continuous. Other wireless devices, such as smart meters, transmit only intermittently. PG&E [- http://www.pge.com/en/safety/systemworks/rf/faq/index.page] claims that EMR exposure from a home electricity smart meter transmitting intermittently for 1000 years is equivalent to one month of typical cell phone use. IARC has not drawn any conclusions about an association between cancer and radiofrequency EMR from sources other than cell phones….


5)      I have had several people ask me about Li-Fi and if I think it’s safe. I am not a scientist so I asked Dr. Olle Johansson if he had any update on this and he said he is not aware of any studies to determine if this is safe.

Back in 2011 a European company was testing Li-Fi brought to the light fixture by fiber optic cable. A pilot project was being done in St. Cloud, MN. At that time I got all excited and asked Olle if he knew anything. He cautioned that until there were studies determining the mix of light was safe he would not support it. He said if there is too much blue or green, I don’t recall which, the pineal gland would be messed up and the melatonin levels would be affected, probably too low. He said that he would be very concerned if this were used without determining via tests that it is safe – “we made that mistake with wireless.”  Apparently there have been no tests yet.

And Haas (in the TED presentation) doesn’t explain (at least I didn’t see it) how the Li-Fi is brought to the fixture. Is it fiber optic cable? If I hear anything further about testing or results, I will let you know.


6)      Ontario continues to suffer huge increases in electricity rates, up 77% since the implementation of the $$smeter program and there seems to be no end to the climb. People on fixed incomes are suffering as is business. The same is true in BC – continual increases, there will be another April 1. This is the death spiral that is predicted. People who can will get off the grid and the others who can’t do this will have to choose between heat and food.

We need to demand an independent audit of BC Hydro’s “Clean Energy” programs from the smeters to Site C so we all know once and for all what is going on. And note: it’s time for the smeters to be replaced in Ontario. No mention of it so it might be going on without the public’s knowledge, with costs hidden somewhere.


7)      The spread of the “$$mart” grid continues unabated. Why?

Qatar  – Ooredoo, Lusail complete infrastructure trial – The Peninsula Qatar – December 03, 2015:
– http://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com/business/qatar-business/360827/ooredoo-lusail-complete-infrastructure-trial

Romania  – Smart Meter Technology Reaches Romania – Enel – December 02, 2015:
– https://www.enel.com/en-gb/media-news/Pages/Smart-Meter-Technology-Reaches-Romania.aspx

South Africa  – Angry residents protest over smart meters – Angy residents of Kosmospark are protesting against the installation of smart meters. – Standerton Advertiser – December 02, 2015:
– http://standertonadvertiser.co.za/?p=29331

8)      US House of Representatives voted to investigate how to improve security of the grid.

“On smart meters, an amendment to establish minimum privacy standards for the technology, offered by Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), was adopted by voice vote. The House also adopted a proposal that would direct the secretary of Energy to study weaknesses in the “security architecture” of smart meters.

“Smart meters are now part of the fabric of what we do day in and day out, and this amendment very carefully identifies their vulnerabilities,” said Rep. Donald Norcross (D-N.J.), sponsor of the amendment….

The House also adopted an amendment from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) that would order the secretary of Energy to submit to Congress a report on methods to secure the grid from severe weather, terror attacks and cyberattacks, vandalism and other threats.”


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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