2015-12-01 Homes can be hacked/cyber attacked via “$$mart” appliances

  • Carpooling: A member will be driving to Vancouver from Mission each day next week for the class action hearing, and is offering to carpool with her van. She can be reached via email at mbl2@telus.net


  • In the UK people are not sold on the benefits of $$meters.

Smarter meters – key numbers
50 million smart meters across the UK by 2020
£6.2 billion net benefits to the UK
£10.9 billion – estimated cost of the smart meter programme
£214.50 – cost per household of installing smart meters
44% – the number of utility customer digitally engaged
9 minutes – the average time per year customers engage with their utilities.

  • Is Cisco, the company from which Hydro and Fortis bought major portions of the $$mart grid, e.g. the collectors, working with/for the CIA?

“In short, Cisco’s acquisition of ThreatGRID is different because Cisco is today scrambling to counter the impression – especially abroad – that it is in league with the U.S. intelligence community, a charge it has always denied. And in this atmosphere of growing distrust, little distinction will be appreciated between our domestic and foreign spy agencies. Moreover, the connections between Cisco’s new acquisition and U.S. intelligence are more than financial, they are familial, too, as we’ll get to below. “



  • Homes are vulnerable to hacking, cyberattacks if they have $$mart devices. Find out how to best protect yourself.

“More than a year ago, our colleague from the Global Research and Analysis Team, David Jacoby looked around his living-room, and decided to investigate how susceptible the devices he owned were to a cyber-attack. He discovered that almost all of them were vulnerable. So, we asked ourselves: was that a coincidence, or are the smart ‘IoT’ products currently on the market really that exposed? To find the answer, earlier this year we gathered up a random selection of connected home devices and took a look at how they work.

 …cybercriminals are not the only ones who might become interested in IoT. For instance, this summer the Russian Ministry of Interior Affairs ordered (RU) to research possible ways of collecting forensic data from devices built with the use of smart technologies. And the Canadian military recently published a procurement request for a contractor that can “find vulnerabilities and security measures” for cars and will “develop and demonstrate exploits”.

This doesn’t mean that people should avoid using the IoT because of all the risks. The safe option is to choose wisely: consider what IoT device or system you want, what you plan to use it for and where.”



  • Further on cybersecurity, AM Best, an insurance ratings agency, warns that a cyberattack could be a financial attack. It is possible that insurers could include some waivers or requirements to reduce their financial risk.

 “A global cyber security risk could potentially cost the insurance industry multiples of what a nuclear loss would cost, says A.M. Best, in a report.” (This quote is from the report which I cannot get: http://tinyurl.com/opzuscs )




From a member. Better that they should be checking $$meters for moisture inside the plastic dome because this could lead to fires.

“I live on Salt Spring Island. A BC Hydro employee (masquerading as a Corix person in a Corix truck) came by today to “check” on my analogue. Fortunately I was home. I asked him why he was here and he said he “wanted to look at the meter”. When I asked why he said he was “checking the seal and looking for any sign of condensation inside the glass shroud”. Then he took a photo of the meter.

I told him that I will not accept a so called smart meter and pointed out the 3 signs I had posted close to the meter. He said that it is “unlikely” that they will replace it with a so called smart meter given the presence of the signs.

So folks keep your signs legible (they tend to fade in the sun) and maintain diligence. Hydro has proven time and time again not to be trustworthy. Who knows what they’d have been up to if I was not here or if I did not have visible signs. I did have a locking ring around the meter at one time but a Hydro employee cut the lock and ripped the ring off back in June this year.”

Not smeter related but certainly this pertains to BC Hydro and this government and their irresponsible actions which will destroy lands and ruin lives. If someone in the early 1900s discovered options that work, that do not destroy valuable farm and hunting land, is it impossible to do the same here today?



I support the opposition in the strongest possible terms! Let’s listen to the Indigenous people — they have a much longer and more sensible perspective!

There are even other options to “high dams”. Let me give you an example of what my grandfather designed for the Czech Republic back in the early 1900s. He did not feel the country could afford to lose so much agricultural land as high dams would require, so he designed a scheme where sections of the Elbe river were “regulated” which means straightened into channels which gave a greater % drop, and at every point where they gained 5 m of elevation change they placed a small hydro plant.

Yes, it did spoil the original river to a degree, but there was no loss of farm land. Not suggesting that BC do this, but it shows that  there are other options.

Grandfather (V.V. Posik) was known internationally in Europe, got the French Legion of Honour award in 1911 for his work.



Winnie Jagodics Chingee    November 30 at 5:48pm

Gilbert Chingee
September 30
I Gilbert Chingee and the Tsek’ehne Independence Group are strongly against the construction of the Site C Dam.
We fully understand the devastation that will be caused by this dam because Our Land was flooded by the WAC Bennet Dam in 1968. An unnatural lake was created called Williston Lake.   Mercury from the ground leached into the lake and into our water system. Our fish have been poisoned there. This flooding destroyed prime hunting and gathering Land forever. We never want to see this happen to another People.
The Land that B.C Hydro wants to flood is NOT EVEN part of the Traditional Territory of the Tsek’ehne People.   DIA Chief Derek Orr does NOT have the jurisdiction or ANY legal right or title to participate in the construction of this Site C Dam.
The Traditional Tsek’ehne People are on your side. We do NOT want this Site C Dam built.
Gilbert Chingee
Traditional Leader (Wutsi) of the Tsek’ehne Nation


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

If we remain silent, we kill freedom, justice and the possibility that a society armed with information may have power to change the situation that has brought us to this point.” – Anabel Hernández

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