2015-11-30 Major study in US being hidden

1)      There could be a connection between mold and RF health effects. There is a very interesting 5 min. video which is narrated in English included in the article.

“The unprotected mold plate showed a dramatic increase in the number of biotoxins produced – more than 600 times! Dr. Klinghardt concludes that indoor mold contaminants as well as other biotoxins (such as those found in Lyme Disease), are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. EMFs therefore easily step up neurotoxin production and have a major impact on the immune system.”



2)      Dr. Devra Davis on Australian TV discussing the potential harm of cell phone use, especially for children.



3)  We’re still trying to find out more about the Telus small microcell transmitters that are on poles about 15 ft above ground, along the street not far from homes. In Colwood Telus is putting some sort of “shield” around them, and a photo is attached. I had sent photos of the ‘unshielded’ microcell a few weeks back. If you see these in your community, ask your city it they approved them and if so why? If these are using licensed frequencies (frequencies required Ind. Can. approval and licenses), then they must follow Ind. Can guidelines or the Antenna Siting Consultation Policy, if your local govt has one. Were all people living near them notified? Were the residents consulted?

Telus Microcell 1

4) Louis Slesin of Microwave News has been fighting to get the truth about RFR to the public for years. A long term study by the US Institute on Environmental Health is being kept hidden from all except the industry. His FOI request is being ignored, delayed, obfuscated. What don’t they want us to know? It’s pretty obvious — RFR is dangerous and the industry has known it for decades.

Institute of Environmental Health Secrets: NIEHS Mum on $25 Million RF Animal Project Skirts Freedom of Information Act



5)  It is not just a coincidence that smeters are being forced on people around the world at the same time – electrical, gas and water. We are just a small cog in this effort but we are making our voices heard as are the many groups in every country who are fighting as they learn about the problems and the never ending costs. Just in the last couple of days there have been articles from several countries. Here are a few more:

http://oshee.al/en/smart-oshee-oshee-ceo-mr-ardian-cela-unveils-some-of-the-corporate-smart-projects/  Albania

http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20151129/deryck-gibson-supply-50000-water-meters-nwc  Jamaica

http://tinyurl.com/o6sej73   Korea

http://tinyurl.com/jqplgsu  Hebrides


6) As many knew, new “dumb” meters are not needed to provide the information that Hydro and Fortis say they need. Why this huge expense to buy a dangerous, invasive device when other cheaper options are available.

  Xemtec non-invasive retrofit communication devices and software packages convert any utility meters into Smart Meters. Our patented solution offers zero disruption of existing metering infrastructure, long replacement cycles, minimal power consumption – our products are battery powered – and extremely low installation and maintenance cost.



7) My interview on CFAX today, should you wish to listen. Starts at 5:29

Ian Jessop CFAX @ 2PM – November 30, 2015:
– https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/november-30-2pm?in=ian-jessop-cfax/sets/ian-jessop
(Guests – Ian Jessop – 2:00pm to 2:30pm Sharon Noble – November 30, 2015)

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Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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