2015-11-29 Warning re. DECT (cordless) baby monitors

  • Guam is facing the smeter program, as is the rest of the world, and they are beginning to learn about the many problems. They have the option of keeping their analogs for $18.33 a month. We are still #1!!



  • I will be interviewed on CFAX 1070 AM in Victoria on Monday, at 2:00, the Ian Jessop show.


  • DECT cordless phones and DECT cordless baby monitors emit more radiation than just about any other device, certainly higher than other devices in most homes. There are safer alternatives, and if you have a friend or relative with or expecting a baby, you would be doing them an immense favor if you would help them find one. This is how we will get RF exposures to a lower level – find safer alternatives for wifi, cell phones, ipads, etc. Technology is here to stay but it has to be safe technology. If the marketplace demands it, industry will respond. So far we haven’t demanded it.


  • An article that I circulated a few months ago, but which is significant enough to share again – re. RF radiation and autism.



  • On CBS Sunday Morning, a comedian, Paula Poundstone, about the addiction to wifi devices and how children are suffering as a result. Just as funny are the comments by people, some of whom demonstrate what she says about people loving their toys so much that they become defensive about them.



  • Some personal stories of people who are sensitive, and the turmoil being EHS has caused them.





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Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble


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