2015-11-27 Carpooling to Vancouver

  • Members in the Shuswap-North Okanagan are organizing carpools to attend the Class Action Lawsuit hearing in Vancouver, Dec. 7-11.  Attached you’ll find contact information, along with a sign to hold outside the Supreme Court building.  If carpools are being arranged in other areas, please let me know so that I can share.

5 days have been set aside for presentation of evidence, but it may not take this long so I would encourage you to come for the first days. It is important for the plaintiffs to have support by as many as possible. If you are planning on coming, please send me an email with “Vancouver” on the subject line. This information would allow the hearing to be set in a large enough room to accommodate all who wish to attend.


  • Update on batteries that will, eventually, make it easier and cheaper to leave the grid entirely.



  • One more study showing biomarkers which could diagnose EHS. Dr. Belpomme has a clinic in Europe where he has been diagnosing and treating sensitive people for several years.



  • A very sad story about a young intelligent teenage girl who suffered EHS but whose school refused to accommodate her. This is happening more and more, and the incidence will increase as young children, even in kindergarten’s in BC, are engulfed in this electrosmog. It is our responsibility to educate school teachers, trustees, principals, and parents about EHS. Wifi is not needed in schools – it provides nothing that a hard wired system does except convenience. Once in a room, laptops can be plugged in to provide faster, more efficient because wired connections carry more data, more secure from hackers, and they don’t irradiate children. Don’t fall for the deceptive assertions that wifi is necessary for the “21st Century Education.”  It’s not, but corporations want us all to rely on wireless devices.




  • A paper of great significance because it shows the history, going back to 80 years, of scientists warning about the “radiation” or “microwave” illness associated with prolonged exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR).  What is most disturbing is that nothing has changed. Science has shown how people suffer similar symptoms after years of exposure, in fact the author says more than 1000 studies show cause and effect, and this was nearly 10 years ago. The telecommunications industry continues to deny harm, doing “research” that they design to show no effects, and keep on increasing the amount of pollution in our homes, schools and workplaces. The warnings were dire 50 years ago and still are:


There is a lot of excellent info here going back for 80 years, but this is key, I think. Most studies that have been done that show no effects are poorly done, too short in duration because it is well-documented that it takes 5 yrs+ for most symptoms to become noticeable. The vast majority of industry studies are for less than a year. This will, by design, show nothing.


With such erroneous research approaches, of course no health-damaging effect can be found. Such research projects are also completely unnecessary, because the athermal, health damaging effect of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation has been known for 75 years and

has been confirmed again and again during this time in more than a thousand investigations, whenever serious principles of research were guaranteed.  Page 5



  • We keep celebrating when news about RF and smeters makes it into the “main stream”. Well, it’s done it again. Not an expert, not someone with credible credentials, but someone who gets attention from those who don’t usually read the medical journals — Suzanne Somers!!



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”      Czeslaw Milosz

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