2015-11-26 “Generation Zapped” documentary asking for participants

  • The new federal Liberal government ran on the platform of science/evidence based decisions, and the NDP Science Critic is working to ensure they keep this commitment. Our provincial liberal party, as we know, refuses to acknowledge scientific evidence, preferring to make corporate-profit-based decisions. Below in Letters, is email flyer sent out by Kennedy Stewart.  We need to support this effort. Please consider writing to your MP asking for his/her support. Health Canada has been guilty of pandering to the corporate interest, ignoring science, and putting our lives at risk. It’s time that we demand that this department be cleansed of those with conflicts of interest so that Canadians can have the same protection as many other countries.
  • Sarah Newman is making a film called “Generation Zapped” and is looking for people who are willing to share their personal experiences re. RF/EMF. Her information is below in letters. I do hope those who have been affected will consider responding to her. I have advised her that most people I know do not have smart phones and told her that she should be able to accommodate other formats.
  • Lots of notices over the US Thanksgiving weekend. The excellent series, The Truth About Cancer, is available again.  Information about it is below in “letters”, too.
  • Saskatchewan announces plans to invest in wind, solar and geothermal energy. But critics recall the fiasco of the smart meter project.

“Additionally, we’ve all seen and heard this song and dance from SaskPower when it comes to expensive projects.

Remember the great plan with the smart meters? That move literally went up in smoke and cost taxpayers of this province millions of dollars.




NDP will re-table legislation to give public science a stronger voice in government

OTTAWA – During the Canadian Science Policy Conference, NDP Science Critic Kennedy Stewart called on the new Liberal government to enshrine scientific freedom into law and announced the opposition’s concrete proposals to defend evidence-based policy.

“After years of muzzling, mismanagement, and misuse of research by the Conservatives, our scientists need lasting protections in order to finally turn the page on the lost Harper decade,” said Dr. Stewart, an Associate Professor on leave from Simon Fraser University’s School of Public Policy. “The new Minister for Science should get to work drafting ethics legislation that unequivocally ensures the open communication of scientific research throughout government.”

MP Stewart will re-table two key science proposals when Parliament returns in December.

“Canada needs a new science advisor that is independent of the government and reports directly to Parliament,” continued Dr. Stewart. “Their mandate needs to be comprehensive and protected by law – like the NDP’s proposal for a Parliamentary Science Officer.”

Dr. Stewart made the announcement during the 7th annual Canadian Science Policy Conference.


My name is Sarah Newman.  I’m working on a very important documentary film called GENERATION ZAPPED!(www.generationzapped.com) which investigates the growing body of research suggesting that wireless technology can pose serious health risks – from headaches to infertility to cancer.
The film is almost complete- we are just looking for a few more individuals to share their stories of EMF-linked health issues, via self-taped testimonials.  Short clips taken from numerous testimonials will be used in a montage section of the film; the intention being to convey that numerous people, from all over the world, are suffering as a result of wireless technology.  Needless to say, the greater the number of clips we share in this montage, the stronger the case will be.


Specifically we are looking for the following individuals who have suffered from EMF exposure:

-EHS Individuals

-Cancer Patients and Survivors

-Parents of children with Autism 

-Parents who are fighting to get WiFi put of the classroom.
I have included all the information for the testimonials below, and would be grateful if you would please forward this on to any and all in your network.

Many thanks,


GENERATION ZAPPED!- Video Instructions

Videos don’t have to be long – a couple minutes is fine – and should include the following:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. What do you suffer from, and what are your symptoms?
  4. Why do you believe your condition is EMF-linked?

We are asking people to put themselves on tape using their smartphone in a safe manner, so we ask that you film your testimonial while the phone is placed on airplane mode.  Please make sure to film with your phone held horizontally.  You may also use a video camera if you prefer.

PLEASE FILM NEXT TO A LANDMARK OF SOME SORT- we want to show you in an environment that represents your location / town (again, to show that all over the world people are experiencing symptoms).  

Please make sure your film is formatted as a .MOV or .MP4 file. If your video is too long to send via text or email, please use DropBox to send it.  If you do not have one already, you can register for a free DropBox account at www.dropbox.com/ or you can download the free DropBox app from the Application Store onto your phone, if that is the device you used to record.  Please name your file with your first and last name, and then upload it to your DropBox.  Once you have uploaded your video, you will select it, click ‘Share’, and then copy and paste the link into an email to me.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH THIS!

I have attached a Video Release form for you to please sign/date and email back to me with your video.  However, if it is easier for you to read the following statement on camera, feel free to do so in lieu of the signed release form:

“I, _______________________,  in exchange for my desire to participate in this film, voluntarily consent to the recording of and possible use of a still photograph or video in the promotion and screening of the film currently titled Generation Zapped that includes my image, name and likeness for any purpose or use in all media anywhere in the world.  I understand this is a waiver of my rights and that I voluntarily waive my right to withhold consent.”

We are hoping to have all videos by FRIDAY DECEMBER 4th, but please let me know if you need more time, or if you need any help.

Thank you in advance for your time.

All the best,
Sarah Newman


The Truth About Cancer

As I’m sure you know by now, we’re replaying all
9 episodes of “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
for the next 5 days.

And I wanted to make sure you knew where to watch

Just go here to gain access to all 9 episode replays
and the Q&A sessions.


Thank you again for being a part of our mission and
I hope you enjoy this amazing day with your family! 🙂

Ty Bollinger


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Rolling in the Trojan Horse

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation