2015-11-23 A Dutch study shows wifi harms trees

  • Attached is an email with lots of info worth sharing from a member who is fighting to educate the school districts, teachers and parents about the risk to the health of children posed by wireless technology, whether cell towers or wifi modems in their classrooms. Please share with those who have or work with children because this information is not reaching them through the schools.


  • A Dutch study finds that wifi is affecting trees.

According to a study by Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Wi-Fi signals could very well be responsible for the diseased trees, which exhibited bark tears, bleeding and leaves prematurely dying.

The team set out to test their hypothesis by exposing 20 ash trees to varying types of radiation over a period of three months. Trees with closest proximity to Wi-Fi networks suffered from telltale indicators of radiation sickness, including a “lead-like shine” on their leaves, which is caused by the deterioration of outer-cell layers — leading to premature death of the foliage.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “About 70% of all trees in the Netherlands’ urban areas show the same symptoms, compared with only 10% five years ago, the study found.”


City showing WIFI
Composed by artist Nickolay Lamm, this is what our cities would look like if WiFi and Cell phone signals were visible to the human eye.

  • In several US states, regulators have questioned the benefits of smart meters and whether they justify the costs, which include writing off perfectly good analog meters!!  The BCUC refused approval of the initial smart meter application in 2008 for the very reason that the benefits did not justify the costs – and then the govt wrote the Clean Energy Act in which it excluded the BCUC from having any oversight. The liberal govt thumbing its nose at the regulatory authorities set up to protect the public. A further insult is that the cost of “our” program is the highest on a per meter basis — $555 per meter (and perhaps more if we ever get a financial report!)


“Smart’ meters cannot be financially justified as “used and useful” when realistic cost recovery assumptions are utilized as part of a business case analysis.  In addition, and consistent with a recent Judge’s opinion from the Michigan Court of Appeals, it is imperative that for proposed smart meter deployments:  “a cost-benefit analysis should include health, safety, and privacy issues.”



  • Devra Davis circulated this study which shows that a very weak wifi signal can have a biological effect. If one small pulse can be therapeutic, this proves a biological effect.

“The aim of this randomized double-blind study was to evaluate in healthy adult subjects, with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), long lasting changes in brain activation patterns following administration of a single, 250 milliseconds pulse emitted with radio-electric asymmetric conveyer (REAC) technology in the Wi-Fi bands. The REAC impulse was not administered during the scan, but after this, according to a protocol that has previously been demonstrated to be effective in improving motor control and postural balance, in healthy subjects and patients. The study was conducted on 33 healthy volunteers, performed with a 1.5 T unit while operating a motor block task involving cyclical and alternating flexion and extension of one leg. Subsequently subjects were randomly divided into a treatment and a sham treatment control group. Repeated fMRI examinations were performed following the administration of the REAC pulse or sham treatment. The Treated group showed cerebellar and ponto-mesencephalic activation components that disappeared in the second scan, while these activation components persisted in the Sham group. This study shows that a very weak signal, such as 250 milliseconds Wi-Fi pulse, administered with REAC technology, could lead to lasting effects on brain activity modification.”




Date: 22 Nov 2015
From: X
To: John Harding <editor@pqbnews.com>
Subject: Re: Letters to the Editor EMF / WIFI fatigue

Dear Editor

Re the recent letter from Warren Bailey EMF/WIFI fatigue and his claim the concerns are unsubstantiated.
[- http://www.pqbnews.com/opinion/letters/351802621.html]

In a typical week several papers are sent by email to me (I am far from a Luddite, just request that technology be used responsibly). One paper this week noted the increase in markers for and diabetes in elementary students exposed to radiation at over 4 orders of magnitude less than the allowable according to the much criticized Safety Code 6   levels that are far less than we are regularly exposed to.

Six years ago I too felt there was nothing to the concerns.  I did a bit of casual investigation into the issue and have been overwhelmed by the quantity of science supporting the concerns.  I have met either in person with or via email with a number of the leading scientists on the subject around the world.    If you and your cohorts put even a minimal effort into looking at the readily available science you too would be concerned.

Yes, Mr. Bailey, I too am tired of the need to regularly express concerns about radiation.  The proof of biological harm is substantial and well supported by 1000’s of peer reviewed papers.


The paper referenced in this letter:
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  Association of Exposure to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation (RF-EMFR) Generated by Mobile Phone Base Stations (MPBS) with Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Abstract: Installation of mobile phone base stations (MPBS) in residential areas has initiated public debate about possible adverse effects on human health. This study aimed to determine the association of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation (RF-EMFR) generated by mobile phone base stations with glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and occurrence of type 2 diabetes mellitus. For this study, two different elementary schools (school-1 and school-2) were selected. We recruited 159 students in total; 96 male students from school-1, with age range 12–16 years, and 63 male students with age range 12–17 years from school-2.     Mobile phone base stations with towers existed about 200 m away from the school buildings. RF-EMFR was measured inside both schools.

In school-1, RF-EMFR was 9.601 nW/cm2 at frequency of 925 MHz, and students had been exposed to RF-EMFR for a duration of 6 h daily, five days in a week.

In school-2, RF-EMFR was 1.909 nW/cm2 at frequency of 925 MHz and students had been exposed for 6 h daily, five days in a week.

5–6 mL blood was collected from all the students and HbA1c was measured by using a Dimension Xpand Plus Integrated Chemistry System, Siemens. The mean HbA1c for the students who were exposed to high RF-EMFR was significantly higher (5.44 ± 0.22) than the mean HbA1c for the students who were exposed to low RF-EMFR (5.32 ± 0.34) (p = 0.007).

Moreover, students who were exposed to high RF-EMFR generated by MPBS had a significantly higher risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (p = 0.016) relative to their counterparts who were exposed to low RF-EMFR.

It is concluded that exposure to high RF-EMFR generated by MPBS is associated with elevated levels of HbA1c and risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.


From: Janis Hoffmann [mailto:iknowjanis@shaw.ca]
Sent: November 22, 2015 10:53 AM
To: Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca; Murray.Rankin.C1@parl.gc.ca
Cc: elizabeth.may@parl.gc.ca; randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca; info@hedyfry.com; joyce@joycemurray.ca; John.Horgan.MLA@leg.bc.ca

Subject: Parents, teachers and children are counting on you to support the necessary changes to Health Canada’s guidelines

Dear MP Murray Rankin,

As you know the 42nd Parliament is scheduled to reconvene on Dec 3rd.   Parents are asking MP’s to support the Canadian Parliament Committee discussion on possible links between RF exposure causing cancer, reproductive issues and autism. Concerns were raised about RF exposure in schools due to use of industrial strength Wi-Fi; the need for RF exposure limits to protect vulnerable populations such as pregnant women, infants and children, and persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

Health Canada has disregarded or minimized certain recent studies, such as cancer, DNA damage, protein synthesis, stress response, and detrimental biological and health effects in humans that occur at radiation levels far below the existing Safety Code 6 Guideline.

During the hearings four international experts testified that Health Canada is “either unwilling or not competent” to judge current scientific evidence that wireless radiation is harmful to our health. Health Canada is not protecting our children.

In February 2015, Lloyds of London officially reiterated its policy to exclude any liability coverage for injuries, “Directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from, or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves or noise.”  (Exclusion 32)  This would include microwave wireless radiation emitted from the commercial grade Wi-Fi transmitters and the multiple wireless devices.

The BC Ministry of Education in a letter addressed to the BC Confederation of Parents Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) November 19, 2012, states the decision to approve (or not) the installation of WiFi technology in schools was to be made by School Boards – not the government, writing “the Board of Education has the authority to develop policies addressing the use of wireless technology in schools and to implement the appropriate technology where it is deemed necessary to support the education needs of students”. This position taken by the government places the onus and thereby all liability of risk on the shoulders of school districts.   

The School Boards have deferred to the School Health Officer rather than weighing the overwhelming evidence of harm and committed an error of law by giving the School Health Officer the decision-making powers beyond those set out in the School Act. In doing so, the Board inappropriately fettered its own jurisdiction to make findings and rule on the installation of wireless technology.

The role of the School Medical Officer is set out in the School Act at section 91. The School Medical Officer’s sole powers and duties under the applicable legislation are to:

  • examine or cause examinations to be made as to the general health of students of the schools in the school district when required by the Minister of Health to do so [section 91(1)]; and
  • report to the Board if the Officer considers that the health condition of any student is such as to endanger the health or welfare of others [section 91(2)].

Under no statutory or policy provision does there exist any grant of authority by the School Medical Officer to independently determine if electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, radio waves or noise constitutes a general health risk.

Vancouver Island School Medical Officer Dr. Stanwick has stated: Upon review of the evidence, the prevailing position in this province from experts at the federal, provincial and regional levels is that the evidence reveals that “Wi-Fi exposure in schools does not pose a level of risk that is unacceptable.” The other chief medical health officers in the province, Provincial Health Officer, Ministry of Health and other federal and provincial agencies hold this position.

The Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Kendall has stated in a letter in April 2015, “Nor, as others have suggested do I make statements that such radiation is ‘safe’ ”. 

Dr. Kendall and Dr. Stanwick have been unable to provide the parents with even ONE peer reviewed study by a scientist or medical expert stating “exposure to microwave radiation is safe for children.”

School Boards with no educational background in the biological effects of microwave radiation, have decided for the parents without full disclosure or parental consent, it is now mandatory all children attending school, will be exposed to microwave radiation. Health Canada has provided School Officials with false statements about the safety of RF and robbed parents of their right to protect their children from this irreversible and permanent damage.

The burden of proof should not be put upon the public to prove that it’s unsafe, but upon the industry to prove it is safe.

All children have the right to access public education in a safe learning environment free of known carcinogens, especially when safer hard-wired connections to the Internet already exist in the schools.

Parents, teachers and children are counting on you to support the necessary changes to Health Canada’s guidelines and put an end to the suffering from the mandatory exposure to commercial wireless technology.

We are hoping you can find some time to meet with us to discuss our concerns.  Please find the C4ST fact sheet attached.

C4ST Fact Sheet November 2015-4


Janis Hoffmann
C4ST Riding Rep.


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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