2015-11-20 Exposure to low levels of RF could lead to diabetes

  • New technology allows for “charging” wireless devices through the air from transmitters in things like fridges and stoves, resulting in an even denser cloud of radiation.

updated to accommodate charging over distance. These technologies allow for devices to be charged wirelessly, without making any contact, over a distance of 20′. As Engadget reports:

Energous’ system is called WattUp, and it works using a mix of RF, Bluetooth and a lot of patent-pending technology. The transmitter is where most of the magic happens. It communicates with and locates compatible devices using low-energy Bluetooth. Once they’ve established contact with a device, they send out focused RF signals on the same bands as WiFi that are then absorbed and converted into DC power by a tiny chip embedded in the device. These transmitters can be built into household appliances, TVs, speakers and standalone “energy routers.”

That means that the environment around these types of wireless chargers is literally filled with free flowing power— much more than standard WiFi or cordless phones would create. Indeed, one article about wireless charging tech from CES had an unusually honest quote from an anonymous executive of a major hardware company:

“I don’t think I would want to be in a room with free moving power signals,” an executive with a leading hardware technology company said on the condition of anonymity.


  • A recent study of healthy teenagers showed that exposure to even very low levels of microwave radiation can result in higher levels of glucose which could lead to diabetes. The entire report is available at the PDF link and is quite readable. Note the levels of radiation at the “high” level was 9.6 nW/centimeter squared. This converts to .0096 microwatts per centimeter squared. Safety Code 6 and Health Canada consider levels of up to 274 microwatts/cm2 “safe” (this was just reduced from 600 microwatts/cm2).



  • ITRON and Landis & Gyr are being sued for patent infringement:



  • A great article about the fallacy about time-of-use billing, which is the goal of every utility. Hydro denies it has plans to implement, but it has the infrastructure in place and has since July 2012 – it was a key of the original business case. Hydro, and likely Fortis, will “innocent” customers to sign up for TOU billing by telling them how they will control the rates they are billed – if they are willing to cook at midnight, for example.



  • For those of you who have noticed a “hum” that is relatively new, here is some information that might be helpful. It’s good to know you’re not alone.




  • An article in “Pediatric Nursing” from 2013 in which nurses are encouraged to discuss risks of cell phone usage with parents and children to help safeguard the health of children/




I hope that people living in the area will respond to the editor because there is no comment section in which to respond. This fellow is ignorant of the World Health classification of the RF as a 2b carcinogen, the same as DDT, Lead and many industrial chemicals. Such a classification is not given lightly. Neither is he aware of the 1000s of military studies done since the 1950s which explained how RF caused “radiation sickness”, or the 1000s done by experts who are not paid by industry. The editor does not accept letters from those not in the area of Parksville/Qualicum Beach.


EMF / WIFI fatigue by Warren Bailey – The Parksville Qualicum Beach News – November 19, 2015:
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Email from a member. I reminded him that when a meter has not been read for 2 months, a reduction in the legacy fee of approximately $13.50 per month is required due to BCUC stipulation.

Dear Folks-  Just a note a for your file, re meter readings. I have been phoning my meter reading in every month since July 2013. As many others have stated they were treated badly in some cases, I can honestly say that I have always had nothing but polite and helpful service from every person I have ever encountered.   Only on three of those occasions has the operator ever said that they had just taken a reading. As early as today when I called in my reading the person on the end said that a reading had been taken today and by the time I called tonight there was a 4kwh difference. Which pretty well proved that the reader took a proper reading. I told the person this was good as I had heard all kinds of stories about dumb meter readings. They acknowledged yes there has been.

I called in one reading one time and the person said I have a reading for you today. Then they stopped short and said yes,  what do you know there was a reading today. As if to say that was not normal.

I have called in my reading for 29 months now. The reading I call in as per the last reading and all other readings have always been accurate. You know as we all know that I have done Hydro’s work for them and I have no problem doing that but to be charged 32 dollars and change a month to do so is a criminal act.

In closing, when I call in my reading there is a recording that says that my conversation may be monitored for clarity. When I finish up my reading the service person always asks is there anything else they can help me with. I say yes the fact that you may be monitoring this conversation for the purposes of clarity, I would like to make it clear that everyone in the upper level of that company should be fired and so should the Minister. Most responses are a giggle. Tonight the operator said “that would be a start”.   Just thought I would  share.

Signed  XXXX


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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