2015-11-01 – “small” cell transmitters all over the place. We need more info. on them

  • Attached is expert testimony by Dr. Ronald Powell, physicist, presented to the Maryland Public Utilities Commission re. dangers and health effects of radiation emitted by $$meters. He charges that the utility company is hiding behind the antiquated, inadequate FCC guidelines just as BCHydro and FortisBC are hiding behind the out-dated and dangerous Health Canada guideline, Safety Code 6.


“BGE, like other electric-power companies implementing Wireless Smart Meters, hides behind the widely discredited and highly permissive Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) levels of the Federal Communications Commission. These levels are decades old and are inexcusably behind the findings of the international biomedical research community.”



  • In Virginia, people have had power turned off to the “$$mart” water heater, leaving them without hot water when the utility decides their electricity is needed elsewhere. This is what the remote control is designed to do.


Rationing and control of your usage of electricity, water, and gas,  and a constant incursion into your privacy, are better descriptors of what smart meters are intended to do. A good friend sent me this story about her bizarre problem with experimental smart meters of long ago.





  • Ted Koppel on PBS talking about an (inevitable) cyberattack on the electrical grid.  Please read the comments below the transcript. Most interesting. We need to write to MPs, especially new ones, and the Prime Minister (Trudeau) and ask how prepared Canada is for such an attack. When the grid is completed, we will be inexorably tied to the US’s grid.



More on the US Congressional hearing on the vulnerability of the grid.

 “We and others have also reported that smart grid and related systems have known cyber vulnerabilities.  For example, cybersecurity experts have demonstrated that certain smart meters can be successfully attacked, possibly resulting in disruption to the electricity grid.”



  • There seems to be a new invention that might revolutionize how energy is produced. I circulated something similar to this a few weeks ago and some physicists in the Coalition suggested this could not be true. Given the great possibility of the electrical grid going down, I think we need to look at every possible solution.

“The November 2013 issue of The Atlantic magazine features an article on The 50 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel. The RLG is more than just a product or a technical innovation. It is a fundamental change in the way that energy can be generated. It overcomes the inherent inefficiencies of AC generators. Patents have been filed and the RLG is ready to be licensed to companies that manufacture rotating electrical machinery. In fact, discussions with companies on three continents are underway.”


  • An interesting history of the electrosmog that is growing stronger and more dangerous each day begins with a warning from the US govt. in 1971:

“The electromagnetic radiations emanating for radar, television, communications systems, microwave ovens, industrial heat-treatment systems, medical diathermy units, and many other sources permeate the modern environment, both civilian and military.” “Unless adequate monitoring and control based on a fundamental understanding of biological effects are instituted in the near future, in the decades ahead, man may enter an era of energy pollution of the environment comparable to the chemical pollution of today.”

“The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low level exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic effects are involved.”

These quotations are excerpts from the US government report “Program for Control of Electromagnetic Pollution of the Environment”, which was published in December 1971. The government report was drafted starting in December 1968 by an expert group made up of nine people, “The Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council”. “The President’s Office of Telecommunications Policy” issued the order. This report was an urgent warning for the future.”



  • Several people have told me they have seen the “small” cells along their streets in West Van, Mission, Saanich, and in Langley Township. I suggest more information should be obtained about them from Telus, and the City Council should be asked to share the information provided to them by Telus about these devices. Was permission asked and granted to install them on city property (these do not provide an essential service)? This is information to which the public has a right, so don’t let the city staff deny it to you. Depending on the frequencies used and whether the city has an antenna siting consultation policy, these transmitters might fall under the Ind. Can. and city policy that requires consultation and negotiation. Please get as much info. about these “small” transmitters as you can and then share with Director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “small transmitters” on the subject line.



We live in Langley Townships Lower Murrayville and had those transmitters installed about a year ago. In our neighbourhood there are about 5 double transmitters in about a city square block area. Many more beyond that area.

We contacted the Township at the time if they were aware that Telus was doing this and they told us that they were not, but that this was nothing unusual because Telus probably asked for permission to “upgrade or maintain” equipment and the Township would just sign off on such a request. There was no letter of Information distributed at the time.  We asked one of the Installers what Telus was hanging on these wooden posts and he replied that we should be happy that we are getting better cell phone service.

After doing some research we found that supposedly about 10 double or 20 transmitters are the equivalent to one Celltower. It looks like with this kind of technology those companies don’t have to go through a tedious Township or City approval process for Cell Towers anymore.


Dec 7-11 travels arrangements to/from Vancouver for class action

I have had questions about car pooling from Victoria and environs, going and returning the same day.  Anyone planning on making this trip who would like to share costs with some riders?  Let me know, director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “Victoria carpool” on the subject  line


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

A:  Free radicals damage DNA
B: Non-ionizing radiation can create free radicals.
C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

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