2015-10-25 Concerns raised re. workers unknowingly exposed to transmitters

  • US Senator and a Congressman asked for the FCC to enforce requirements to identify and warn about transmitters that workers could encounter without proper equipment. Many are unmarked, unidentified, made to appear to be part of the building or fixture to which they are attached. The same applies here in Canada. Roofers, painters, even kids working at McDonalds are exposed without knowing it, working in close proximity to transmitters working at full force. Take a look at the youtubes that I have circulated before that came from someone attending an insurance meeting where agents were told to advice their clients about the risk of having transmitters on their property.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_5truC-REs   There are 3 parts to this video. This is part 1, the other 2 are listed at the side.


  • In Australia, utilities are seeing the writing on the wall and are “embracing” renewable energy, promising to adapt to the new world. No doubt this is to remain viable in a world where more and more people are going off the grid. BC Hydro is way behind the curve on this and will remain so if it remains tied to projects like Site C which will not be needed, even in 20 years.

Indeed, it is only in the last 12 months that Origin has embraced solar and storage, rebuilding its capability in those technologies and launching new products on to the market. If it had been acting sooner, it might have secured more than 7 per cent of the solar market.” 


Vector told shareholders at its annual general meeting in Auckland today that Tesla is leading the introduction of new technological advances that will help consumers manage their energy costs, such as new batteries, electric vehicles, solar panels, and energy monitoring technologies.

Chief executive Simon Mackenzie said Tesla Energy batteries, which can offer energy storage at a significantly lower price than other systems, represented a “game changer for the global energy industry”. It opens new markets for Vector, including the provision of back-up power supply, peak energy supply, and new network services, he said.


  • A slide presentation that Joel Moskovitz made on Oct. 22, 2015 at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health re. EMR.



  • The BC govt. is trampling every law and every civil right we have. They were told years ago that emails and documents were being destroyed. What civil servant would think this is legal? BC Hydro refuses to provide information, saying it’s protecting a third party, or sending pages of redacted info. Really, FOI is a farce unless the Commission causes someone to pay – but of course it will be the secretary or admin. asst. I mean Clark, Bennett, etc.

The mass deletion of government emails has raised serious questions of how widespread the practice is and what the government will do to change it.



  • For those in the Victoria area, I will be on CFAX, 1070 am, Monday at 1:30pm.



From someone on Salt Spring:

I received a phone call at suppertime on Thursday 22nd Oct. from the ‘Meter Installer’, who was standing outside of my gate, concerned that I have a large-looking dog in the yard, which I do. My dog would have licked him to death.

“I’ve come to change the meter.” he said. I responded that I was not forewarned of his arrival, or the reason, or type of meter he was going to install.

“I have obvious signs and chains around my meter indicating that I’m not interested in a ‘smart’ or ‘digital’ meter. I’m fine with the existing analogue.” I told him over the phone.

“I’m changing your analogue with another analogue. The old one is out of date, and it just takes me five minutes to pull the old one, etc, etc” was his response.

“We’re busy with computers and dinner, and would like the heads-up if you plan on changing the one-eyed object, and we’ll need to turn off the main switch. I also don’t appreciate this on-the-spot phone call.”

“Oh, I can change the meter live.” [This has been a real problem for countless customers who had their power pulled when in the middle of important computer work etc, and have lost data instantly because of the power interruption.]

I’m a semi-retired Industrial Electrician and know the consequences of live disconnection. For a qualified person, it’s easy to pull a live meter, but the results are immediate. Sometimes irreversible, disastrous results.

The installer’s name was ‘Arnie’ from Karma Midnight Ventures Ltd, Oliver B.C. and he was polite and clear over the phone. We made an appointment for Saturday at noon. He turned up on time, I turned off the main switch, and wrote down all the numbers of the old meter, to keep my own records, wrote down the new ‘dial’ numbers on the replacement ‘Refurbished/Re-calibrated Meter’, which were not set at zero,zero, etc, asked for his card, which he gave, and that was that. The change was done, as I watched his process carefully.

He mentioned that they may soon be running out of the old/Refurbished/Analogue meters, [but if the old ones are removed, they also can be reset and calibrated to be re-installed at other locations. TRUE?]

Arnie mentioned, as he left, that customers with these analogues are charged $32 or $35 each month to have them read. I’ve always known this, but I told him also that sometimes they are not read by a meter-reader, but instead many people are billed with just an average estimate, which is inexcusable if we are billed. That is fraud and charges for services not rendered.  B.C. Hydro have continued to demonstrate their high level of dishonest and deceptive behavior to the people of our province, and are responsible for their own problems, not we the customers. W.A.C. Bennet would be ashamed of their present mishandling of one of his best legacies to our great province.

ASK FOR, AND KEEP YOUR ANALOGUE METERS. I believe the ‘hackability’ of the pathetically promoted ’Smart Meters’ will become an alarming reality any time soon, and B.C. Hydro will have their hands full living up to their mandate of ‘Reliable Power and Service’ to it’s millions of paying customers. Winter will not be pleasant when the juice somehow just goes off. A big thank you to all the linemen and line women who work hard for us when we need it. They have my respect.


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“An activist is someone who cannot help but fight for something. That person is not usually motivated by a need for power, or money, or fame, but in fact driven slightly mad by some injustice, some cruelty, some unfairness – So much so that he or she is compelled by some moral engine to act to make it better.”- Eve Ensler

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