2015-10-24 News for Salt Spring — analogs are available for expired meters

  • Despite commitments to notify everyone in advance, it seems that no one on Salt Spring has been told that meters are going to be exchanged. A Hydro installer arrived on Salt Spring on Saturday and has analogs to replace expired analogs on homes. Please know that he is qualified, is being respectful but has to work quickly to get these on homes ASAP. He leaves for Port Hardy very soon. If people miss this chance to get their expired analogs replaced with safe, dependable analogs, the next time there may be none left.


  • Here is an ad for investors in “hyper –fi”, and new larger, more invasive and dangerous version of wifi. The video is for investors but we need to know what we are facing.





  • From Katie Singer’s October newsletter, read how microwave radiation from common wireless devices can interfere with medical devices like pacemakers, insulin pump or cochlear implant. An excellent article.




  • Industry news includes Greater Vernon $$mart water meter.



  • Who owns our data? Us or the utility?? This needs to be brought to the attention of the Privacy Commissioner and the Civil Liberties Association. Once this is out of control, like RF, it will be very hard to bring control to it.

Based on the steady trend over the last decade, the demand for CEUD (customer energy usage data) is almost certain to increase. Privacy law is a relatively new consideration in the power industry, and few regulations exist to define the obligations and protections that apply to power-usage information. Most significantly, under current law, it’s not at all clear who actually owns CEUD – the utility or the customer.

In most jurisdictions, it’s also unclear whether there is any legal obligation to disclose or protect CEUD. This places utilities and their customers in a challenging position and raises a number of fundamental questions:


6)   An opportunity to hear Dr. Magda Havas speak about the true science behind wireless radiation from wifi, cordless and cell phones, $$meters, etc.

Kelowna, Nov. 13    7-9pm   $10 at the door.

Evangel Church

3261 Gordon Dr.


7)   Wireless Technology’s Deadly New Epidemics

There’s a local event coming up to raise awareness with the public and physicians.

Kelowna, Nov. 14    9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

There’s a minimal ticket price that includes lunch at the venue and helps defray the cost of flying in the guests.

The speakers include Dr. Magda Havis,  Dr. Martin Blank,  Farren Lander and Ross Andersen DC,ND
There’s also a world famous mystery guest expert who will be speaking in addition to this great line up.

Guests will pay $35 for their ticket if they bring a health professional.

Register now because seats are limited.

See Details here:
Register here:





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