2015-10-23 Hydro being dishonest with us, still

1)    An opportunity to hear Dr. Magda Havas speak about the true science behind wireless radiation from wifi, cordless and cell phones, $$meters, etc.

Kelowna, Nov. 13    7-9pm   $10 at the door.
Evangel Church
3261 Gordon Dr.


1 B)   Wireless Technology’s Deadly New Epidemics

There’s a local event coming up to raise awareness with the public and physicians.

Kelowna, Nov. 14    9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

There’s a minimal ticket price that includes lunch at the venue and helps defray the cost of flying in the guests.

The speakers include Dr. Magda Havis,  Dr. Martin Blank,  Farren Lander and Ross Andersen DC,ND
There’s also a world famous mystery guest expert who will be speaking in addition to this great line up.

Guests will pay $35 for their ticket if they bring a health professional.

Register now because seats are limited.

Here’s the link to register:


2)    Industry info about the future for smeters and zigbee-enabled appliances.  It’s all about data.



3)    A short, humorous YouTube that really sums things up well.



4)    More “misinformation” from Hydro. From a member:

I just got a call from “Michael” at Hydro.  I can have an old meter now.  However if I get an analogue they are trying for full back payments of the extortion fees.  6 months extortion fees for a radio off.  I told him to issue a response to my complaint.  We left it at that.  Is there somewhere in writing stating that 6 months is the extent that they can back charge? 

 Everyone should read the Tariff and be familiar with the major portions. Hydro has written this “contract” to which we must agree if we want electricity from this monopoly. It has been approved, page by page, by BCUC, and, therefore, they must abide by it. But they try to change the conditions, assuming that most people don’t know their rights under the Tariff. Under the Tariff if Hydro makes a mistake in the client’s favor, the most Hydro can back bill is 6 months. Yet Hydro is telling this member that he will have to pay back far longer because Hydro failed to charge the legacy fees.  When being bullied, it’s vital to have as much information as possible to confront it.

http://tinyurl.com/oaboyv4 (section 5.8.7 re back billing)


5)    In Michigan legislators are asking for people to be given the chance to opt out of invasive $$meters.

 “Smart meter data provides a remarkably intimate picture of a home’s electrical usage, and we’ve seen examples of this data shared, sold and mishandled,” said Glenn, who is vice chair of the House Committee on Energy Policy. “There is already plenty of data sharing going on in our wired-in world, but we can decide to limit those intrusions by not participating in those services or companies. Moreover, it is a legitimate cyber-security concern that machines that can shut off electricity in our homes are computerized and connected to the Internet. For a basic life necessity such as electricity, where participation is not a choice, consumers still must have the freedom to choose.”



6)    On Monday night, there was an interview with Katie Singer, author of ‘Electronic Silent Spring’, on CKNW. Here is a summary of it. The full interview can be heard here: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2015/10/19  Here is her website http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/
Date:Monday – October 19, 2015

Host:George Noory

Guests:Katie Singer
In the first half, medical journalist Katie Singer discussed how human-made electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks are overwhelming our ability to process their excessive levels. People, plants, bees and birds — and in particular our memory, DNA, behavior, attention spans, sleep patterns, and susceptibility to disease are all being altered by the exposure, she argued. Singer reported on a brain tumor cluster at the Political Science Department at San Diego State that seemed to be associated with frequent mobile phone use and a close proximity to powerful cell towers/antennas on campus. 12 or 13 people who worked in or near the Poli-Sci building have all been diagnosed with cancer, and most of them have died, she detailed.

Singer suggested that people keep their bedrooms as clear as possible from electronics, as you don’t want these devices near your head while sleeping. This includes routers, cordless telephones on base stations, and cell phones, she said, adding that the ideal would be for electricity to be turned off altogether in the bedroom when sleeping. Children’s brains are particularly susceptible to problems associated with electromagnetic devices, she noted, and child psychiatrist Victoria Dunckley has developed a protocol of a three-week electronic fast to clear up various problems. Singer also talked about the dangers of conducting cell phone conversations inside a car, as the phone keeps reconnecting to different towers, using maximum power, and much of the radiation is trapped in the vehicle.


7)    I don’t understand the need to be connected every minute, or to be able to look at videos or YouTubes even when you’re supposed to be having fun – in civic centres.



8)    For those who missed some of the series of “Truth about Cancer”, there is an extension of the free showings. Very interesting programs.

We’re going to have a 48 hour replay marathon of EVERY SINGLE episode all weekend long.

Go here to watch all 9 episodes right now for free



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“The good thing about science, is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”  

                      – Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson


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