2015-10-21 Organizing to fight proposed cell tower in Kaleden.


  • Rogers wants to erect a cell tower very near an elementary school in Kaleden (just south of Penticton).

Please attend the public meeting Thursday, October 29th from 5:00 PM at Kaleden Hall, hosted by Rogers.  The meeting will likely go on for sometime, so please come as early as you are able.  Rogers wants to erect a cell tower on Greyledge Hill / Kaleden 49° 23′ 08″ N / 119° 35′ 59″ (approx.). 

There will be a petition to sign.  The RDOS Board needs to know whether or not the public supports a cell tower in Kaleden, near schools and residences. If you are at all concerned about the proven health impacts of cell tower radiation, this is your chance to voice your concerns.

  • It seems there is no end to the fascination/obsession with Now it can be embedded in streets and sidewalks so we will be irradiated as we drive, sit, or walk.



  • From a group in the US. Note that some attachments are missing due to length.

Attached please find the complaint being filed tomorrow with the Massachusetts Attorney General and the Inspector General concerning:

The Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program The Worcester Smart Meter Health Report The Worcester Assessors Property Value Report The MA DPU Mandate The Green Communities Act
See report by

Patricia Burke, et al,
Worcester Opts Out,
Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts,
No Mass Smart Meters,
Healing Earth Refuge



This complaint calls on politicians, environmental groups, civic organizations, human rights advocates and others to hold the Commonwealth accountable for halting dissemination of fraudulent information regarding wireless smart meters by industry and regulators, and to prevent communities from being misled and saddled with the expense associated with the deployment of harmful, unproven ineffective technology and infrastructure….

 Informed health care practitioners trained in environmental medicine who have monitored patients over time have linked the installation of smart utility meters with onset or intensification of adverse health impacts, calling for a moratorium


  • ITRON is insinuating itself into solar power, making people and companies believe that minute by minute monitoring is desirable.

To date, Itron’s solar meters have used cellular communications to transmit PV data in 15-minute increments. But as we’ve noted in previous coverage, they’ve lacked direct access to solar inverters for more fine-grained performance data, and don’t have broadband internet connections to pull more data about building energy systems and how they relate to solar production.

Itron’s new Riva-equipped Solar Gateway devices are meant to fix these problems. “This is the evolution of Itron’s solar solutions,” Roberto Aiello, head of Itron’s New Business Innovation team, said during a demo of the yet-to-be-released product. “In our interviews with customers, we discovered they want to connect to the meter and to the devices in the home,” he said.

So Itron’s new solar gateway devices include broadband connections, direct inverter access, a ZigBee radio to pull real-time energy data from smart meters, and Wi-Fi connectivity to smart thermostats and other on-premise energy monitoring and control devices.



  • Re Fortis BC which is using the same heavy-handed tactics BC Hydro has used and continues to use:

For Fortis customers:     Please send (by FAX if possible, and by letter, and phone) your stories of how Fortis BC is treating customers, including threats, police escorts, and disconnections to:

Barry V. Perry,President and Chief Executive Officer

Fortis Place, Suite 1100, 5 Springdale Street
PO Box 8837​
St. John’s, NL  A1B 3T2
T: 709.737.2800
F: 709.737.5307

  • $$meters provide data that allows our patterns of usage to be controlled. I don’t want to be controlled by Hydro or this government.


The data thus gathered offers companies a finer grasp on the customer behaviour, customer segmentation, peak usage and outage possibilities. The companies can manage customer usage patterns through time-of-use pricing that places higher premium on peak-hour usage.





Some good letters in response to the “opinion piece” by the editor demeaning Councillor Salter’s concerns about the cell tower in Parksville.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell

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