2015-10-20 Analogs still being exchanged for expired analogs

  • Forbes is encouraging utilities to think about taking over other services that can be bundled with the smeters. Imagine having Hydro as a monopoly providing home security, cable TV, etc. !!

Instead of selling electrons or kilowatts, Gévry said, utilities should sell bundled services, which might include services utilities haven’t considered before, services enabled by smart meters and smart home technology, like home security, for example, or monitoring the elderly.

“We think that utilities need to become energy services companies that can provide multiple sources of energy, including renewables, including the batteries and PVs and everything else that will help them not lose the customer. Serve the customer as they know best how to serve the customer, and then deploy much more services,” Gévry said. “This requires new business models.”….

By offering bundled services, Woodworth said, utilities can not only prevent upstarts and newcomers from stepping in to provide new services, but also from splitting services off that utilities have traditionally provided.


  • There was a meeting in Victoria to discuss problems with Freedom of Information requests and the (BCUC) Commission, but no one knew so no one showed up. There will be other meetings in Vancouver and Victoria.    If people want to join forces to attend, send me an email with “FOI meeting” on the subject line and I will get you together.  I for one would have attended the meeting in Victoria but I heard nothing about it. Easy to say there’s no interest if no one knows…..


Below is a letter outlining the procedures and meeting dates for anyone who wishes to discuss issues with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.    Many of us have run into problems with BCHydro and FortisBC, with government members, hiding behind the FOIPPA to prevent us from getting information. This is a misuse of this Act and should not be allowed or condoned.


  • Good news from a member who just got an expired analog exchanged for another.    When Hydro tells you there no more analogs, get an appointment and tell the installer you will wait until he has one.


From: X
Sent: October 19, 2015 7:16 PM
To: Dennis and Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: Meter Exchange

 YIPEE!   Got my meter exchanged quite pleasantly analog for analog.  I  was absolutely delighted when they showed me what they were installing.  Got the meter readings from the old meter before they removed it.  They waited while my husband shut down our computers and then we got the numbers for the start up of the new/old analog.  Nice  people.   Too bad Hydro hadn’t started out on a different tack when this programme was initiated.  Bad programme I guess demanded intimidating tactics to force as many on it as was possible at the onset.      Maybe have a bit of peace and quiet enjoyment of my home  for a couple of years.   I am touching wood as I type this.   


  • Many of you have requested intervener status in the BC Hydro Application for a Rate Design change. That’s wonderful.  You can read the submissions and the applications on http://www.bcuc.com/ApplicationView.aspx?ApplicationId=511  Submissions will have the #2 after them. e.g. C28-2 (which is mine). Even if you did not apply to be considered an intervener, you can still be an “interested party” and submit your comments, complaints, questions regarding rates, fees, costs, etc. I misunderstood the extension, believing I had another couple of days to complete it, so it is not as well written or complete as I wish.  You should read this excellent submission which, although technical in areas, raises some excellent points. http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2015/DOC_44831_C11-2_Bryenton-Comments.pdf


  • A while back some members told me that they were hearing a “hum” which was annoying, that seemed to be virtually constant, and that they felt as much as heard. To me this sounded like the Frey Effect, a hum that seems to be related to microwave emissions. I asked for those who heard the hum to let me know – and there were maybe 12-15. Today another member told me he was hearing it, as was a friend. He sent me a youtube about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFPjibBU4kI and I sent him back an article (one of many) about the Frey Effect: http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=594

As more smeters are installed, along with more collectors and cell transmitters, it seems likely that more people will experience the hum. If you are, I’d like to know. Please send me an email to director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “HUM” on the subject line.


  • In Oklahoma some people are seeing bills increase by huge amounts after the smart meters are installed, just like people have seen here.

The outspoken Taylor, a registered nurse, has become the voice of many Claremore residents who are afraid to speak against city officials and their decision to install the Smart meters.

“Probably two-thirds of the town has seen an increase,” she said. “We have elderly people cancelling Medicare so they can afford their electricity.   Food banks are wiped out because people are paying their electric bills, but have no money left for groceries.”




From: Sourial, Susan <Susan.Sourial@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 2:55 PM
To: X
Subject: RE: FOI meeting

Good afternoon X,

I thought to provide you with some background information on the Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in the event that cannot contact us during office hours.

As you may know, Section 80 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (please see excerpt below) requires that a special committee of the Legislative Assembly conduct a comprehensive review of the Act once every 6 years and that a report on the review must be submitted to the Legislative Assembly within one year of the date of the appointment of the committee. The report may include any recommended amendments to the Act or any other Act.

As such, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia appointed the Special Committee on May 27, 2015 to carry out the review as outlined in Section 80 of the Act.

Upcoming public hearings include November 9 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) in Vancouver and November 18 in Victoria (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). Participants are scheduled for a 30 minute appearance – 20 minutes for a presentation and 10 minutes for a question and answer session with Committee Members. Participants may make their presentation in person or via teleconference.

A list of the Members of the Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, as well as further information on the Committee, including its Terms of Reference, may be found at https://www.leg.bc.ca/parliamentary-business/committees/40thparliament-4thsession-foi

In terms of time slots available on the above-mentioned dates, these change as additional presenters are scheduled. If you would kindly call 250-356-2933, we will provide you with an update of the current presentation times still available.

You may also make a written submission to the committee; the deadline for all input is January 29, 2016.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act – Section 80



Review of Act

80  (1) At least once every 6 years, a special committee of the Legislative Assembly must begin a comprehensive review of this Act and must submit a report respecting this Act to the Legislative Assembly within one year after the date of the appointment of the special committee.

(2) A report submitted under subsection (1) may include any recommended amendments to this Act or any other Act.

(3) For the purposes of subsection (1), the first 6 year period begins on October 4, 1997.

As mentioned, should you have any additional questions, I would be pleased to try to answer them.



Susan Sourial | Committee Clerk| t 250 356 0823


A stream of emails to/from John Harding. Please read from the bottom up.

From: X
To: “John Harding” <editor@pqbnews.com>
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 2:16:37 PM
Subject: Response to Response re Rookie Drama letter

Response to Response

October 19, 2015

Dear Mr. Harding,

Thank you for answering my letter.  Yes, I regret it isn’t eligible due to the fact that it is out-of-bounds for Parksville.  However, I am a lifelong resident of BC and as such I have an opinion that applies to all communities in our province, both yours and mine.  We have many antennas popping up in my community. White Rock Council too, and our Peace Arch News (Black Press), consistently steer away from this issue and opt for safer news.

– – – – – –

To put your mind at ease, I didn’t skip over your reference to the CMA.    I simply took it as a token statement, begrudgingly tossed in amongst your other references and assertions, and thwarted by the junk science statement that followed it.  Have you had time to examine the links I sent with my letter?

Your insertion of the word ‘possible’ is simply a token as well.   Health Canada and Island Health are in dire need of a serious revamping of their policies and their understandings.  It isn’t a perhaps.  Reputable media could hasten that process in a way that would have positive effects.

Respectfully, your tendency to use unqualified statements in your editorials is unfortunate, as it results in a clear bias upon which many of your readers base their opinions.  Was lumping garage door openers in with cell antennas a deliberate ploy to cheapen the concern?

As for the issue of drama in Council, strange that you found Ms. Salter’s “Is $10,000 worth the deaths of our friends and children?” to be accusatory.  Realistically, it is not.  It is a strong question. The obvious answer is no.    People are ill or dying as a result of living near these cell antennas and the evidence is growing.  I agree with Ms. Salter that people should not be forced to live near them, and should not be less valuable than the money generated by their placement in inappropriate locations.

With the time constraints and limitations built into Council’s parameters, how could Ms. Salter have made this clear and meaningful in any other way?  Are you suggesting that she be censored for sparking discussion?  Or for telling the truth as she and many see it?  When outnumbered by colleagues who know very little about a subject, and are happy in their own minds with the status quo, there aren’t a lot of ways to wake people up to reality.



This link (Medical Advisory) may be helpful for you to gain a better understanding of the various credible organizations that support caution. They aren’t “junk internet science” although they are available on the Internet.  So is your newspaper, for that matter, which is how I became aware of your editorial.

Original Source:




Thanks for writing.

We try to keep the letters published in our paper to those who live in our coverage area. I have many letters in the folder from such people.

Also, the drama I refer to comes from this statement from Coun. Salter: “Is $10,000 worth the deaths of our friends and children?”

You cannot tell me that was not dramatic and accusatory.

Also, you seem to skip over this part of my editorial: “The CMA certainly is a legitimate source (unlike the junk Internet science that so many people like to share, especially with newspaper editors) and it’s possible Health Canada and Island Health need to do some catch-up on this issue.”

Thanks again for writing.


John Harding
Editor | Parksville Qualicum Beach News
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Parksville, BC, V9P 2H2
Ph: 250.905.0019

Original Letter to the Editor:

From: X
To: editor@pqbnews.com
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2015
Subject: Letter to the Editor re Rookie Drama

Dear Mr. Harding,

Re your October 13th editorial “Rookie Drama”  http://www.pqbnews.com/opinion/332587342.html

Councillors and journalists are a busy lot.  Perhaps it is to be expected that Mayor LeFebvre and the majority of Parksville Councilors are lacking in their grasp of Wi-Fi’s negative biological effects on living systems. Big issue. They, along with media, would do well to welcome insights about unfamiliar topics and view them as opportunities for learning, not inconvenient truths to be brushed aside.

You do your readers a disservice when you suggest that most sources on this topic are “junk internet science.” When a Councilor quotes credible sources, they shouldn’t be dismissed so cavalierly.  Many other reputable organizations are calling for a re-evaluation of safety codes and limits.

With 20 years as a journalist you are no rookie, and yet you, like many others, are lacking in your grasp of this subject.  Councilors Powell and Greir, as “veterans” were sadly absent from the council meeting in question.  Councillor Salter, rookie or not, was present and engaged.  She showed with her stance and vote that she has put time and thought into her research re the effect of cell towers, and she’s not afraid to speak up for her constituents.  As a “rookie” she knows more about this than her colleagues, and they should thank her for doing her homework and speaking up.

Since when do considered comments and questions constitute a weak understanding, or drama?  Are you saying that this councilor should let contentious issues “slide by without comment and an emphatic vote . . .”?  Why so?

Parksville Council and Parksville Qualicum Beach News are in dire need of wakeup calls and clarifications. Thankfully, there is a rookie who brings new insights into the mix, and has the courage to be forthright about important and difficult issues.

Your misguided comments aimed at Councillor Salter cheapen your opinion and your credibility as an editor.  Hopefully this will change.



This link (Medical Advisory) may be helpful for you, Mr. Harding, to begin to gain a better understanding of the various credible organizations that support caution.


Original Source:  http://www.safeinschool.org


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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