2015-10-19 “Smart” water meter fails to detect major leak


  • The US Pentagon has a major hacking problem.

They represented opportunity for us to remotely monitor activity, to generate data as to how aircraft, for example, or ships’ hulls were doing in different sea states around the world. [These are] all positives if you’re trying to develop the next generation of cruiser [or] destroyer for the Navy,” he added. Today, however, in an environment where these kinds of public interfaces are points of vulnerability, Rogers noted, adversaries and competitors adapt their strategies based on hacking Pentagon data, then build copycat weapons like China’s J-31 fighter, which many say is based on the F-35.

“That’s where we find ourselves now. So one of the things I try to remind people is: it took us decades to get here. We are not going to fix this set of problems in a few years,” Rogers told the senators. “We have to prioritize it, figure out where is the greatest vulnerability.”



  • A member has been given the “crown corporation” runaround by Hydro and has lodged an official complaint with BCUC, which has asked Hydro for an explanation.    She sent this summary of the help she has been given by her MLA’s office, which was good, and what the office said about what has been happening. It’s so important to call your MLA and let them know what is happening. If enough angry people call the MLAs, maybe some of the “leaders” will  being to get involved.

Just to keep you in the loop. Doug ___?___ (forgive me) of Bill Routley, MLA’s office was fantastic. Called on my behalf with Mr. Routley on the line and phoned me to let me know what happened.

Said they haven’t had much success with these discussions, and have had quite a few lately by some very angry people. They cannot believe how Hydro is RAMMING this through, dictatorship style. 

However, they were told there could be a small window for us to keep this new meter that we advocated so fiercely to have…? Will wait and see. Otherwise I may have to concede they said, to accepting Hydro’s earlier offer of a radio off sm meter. Because I have already initiated the process with the BC Utilities Commission, we now have to stand back and see it through. Apparently Hydro again stated they were stumped by how I got the meter at all.


  • In Abbotsford a water leak went undetected by the “stupid” water meter, and was discovered only after the owner got a huge water bill.



  • Anyone who has made a comment on an article or posted something on Facebook about RF and the scientific studies that are available has seen or been confronted by “industry shills”. There is one particular one who magically appears whenever I put my name on a letter.    I believe he is a shill because it is difficult to explain why someone who does not work for the industry would be so emotionally involved with discrediting people who have health problems or concerns about wireless devices.  Here is an article by someone who was a shill but whose conscience got the better of him:

http://consciouslifenews.com/paid-internet-shill-shadowy-groups-manipulate-internet-opinion-debate/1147073/  Scroll down to “I was a paid internet shill.”


  • Studies have shown that exposure to RF from things like wifi can cause tachycardia and arrhythmia as they did in young children in Simcoe county schools, in Ontario, and in experiments Dr. Magda Havas did. (http://tinyurl.com/qdvpksqA recently published study shows that RF exposure could lead to calcification of arteries.

“EMF exposure may have potential harmful effects on the cardiovascular system, as it promotes severe vascular calcification in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) miliue.”



  • From a member re a letter in 2015-10-17 update.  Many people are facing the same bullying tactics. I must admit to being very suspicious about the major and hard push to put digitals on as many homes as possible when exchanging “expired” analogs. Hydro has a reason for using these tactics – are the digitals already modified with a module with a transmitter that can be turned on without our being told? Is the plan to upgrade them down the road, after all they are the platform for smeters.  Hydro has proven that it cannot be trusted. Digital meters do have problems that analogs do not have. They run on electricity and add to the dirty electricity on home wiring. Many people who are sensitive suffer from DE as much or more than from RF.  They have not been certified in combination with the home’s meter base. How do we know it fits properly and will not cause fires?


“Just read your latest newsletter.  Regarding the letters between Rita Dawson and Michael at BC Hydro, you may also have noticed that BC Hydro has conveniently changed the form letter we all received about Meter Choices back in 2013.  Amazing the lengths they will go to!

I have 4 copies sent at different times (remember they kept harassing us) of the same choices notification and not one of them is the same as that quoted by Michael.  The third choice on all of them is “keeping an old meter for a monthly fee”.  It is definitely analogue meters they were talking about as that was what everyone wanted to keep.

None of the notices that BC Hydro sent out to me (and probably everyone else) in 2013 say the third choice is  “Keep an old (analog/digital) meter – monthly operating fees”.

How convenient to just change the choices program retroactively!  They have already collected a lot of money from us for the “legacy” fees so that we could keep our analogues.  Can we all let them know that we do know what they told us back then and have the proof in hard copy?  Rita Dawson could use the support.  They will soon be using this altered history for replacing analogue meters with digital meters wherever they want.”



From: X
Sent: October 18, 2015 4:51 PM
To: editor@pqbnews.com
Subject: Cell Towers and Blissful Ignorance

Hello Editor Harding:

I also am writing to protest your clumsy and arrogant handling of Leanne Salter’s concerns re cell towers.

After suffering a brain tumor in 2010 I spent the next five years researching how I could have got it. The information I uncovered on the dangers of wireless was extremely concerning. The information I’ve read comes from the top (independent) scientists in the world… not the internet pseudo science you refer to. Here is the reality, in a few lines:

– this is a $3 trillion dollar industry. They buy anyone, and everything. I suspect your newspaper is owned by a wireless company.

Canada’s Safety Code 6 (SC6) is obsolete, inadequate, and based on deception, as it considers only thermal heating effects and ignores tens of thousands of studies that show biological effects at levels up 100,000 times lower than SC6.

– Health Canada, and our Provincial Health Office, are, in my opinion, allowing themselves to be or are actively engaging in the cherry picking of information. These organizations did not protect us from thalidomide, asbestos, tobacco, agent orange, lead, mercury, or a range of other known hazards. The story repeats with wireless.

– Industry, with government complicity, is following the template set by the tobacco and asbestos industries. With your editorial, you play right into their hands.

There are two types of wireless science – independent, and industry sponsored. There is very little independent science being performed for financial reasons. The wireless companies have bought our universities, where most of the industry funded ‘science’ is done. Naturally, it shows ‘no harm’.


The science you should perhaps be looking at is epidemiological studies, by independent and unbiased scientists. Epidemiological studies are ‘body counts’. The recent study by A.C. Dode (the ‘Brazil Study’), which is almost identical in findings to about 10 other similar studies, clearly shows the stack of dead bodies is much higher near cell towers. This will be the case in your area as it is in Brazil. You, and your family, will not escape this technology. The fact that you may be unconcerned about it is irrelevant, it will damage your body and DNA with or without your consent or knowledge. People will die in increased numbers near all of these towers.

In this time of little political integrity or honesty and rapidly developing technologies, we desperately need people like Leanne Salter who can think for themselves and have the courage to question the status quo. Your family also needs people like this, whether or not you are aware of it.    Salter, and Mayor John Ranns of Metchosin, are among the tiny number of BC politicians with the morale courage to speak out on this issue.

You do them, and your readers, a grave disservice by trivializing an issue that will ultimately cost many people their lives. I believe a good start would be to interview Salter, and Sharon Noble in Victoria who is another of the brave souls fighting an unpopular battle, and find out why they are so concerned.

Thank you



From: XX
Sent: October 17, 2015 6:53 PM
To: rhawes@mission.ca; info@mission.ca; kevin.mills@missioncityrecord.com
Cc: Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: Cell Towers

I have read about your plan to allow Rogers cable to extend a contract they have with your city. To do this would be a serious case of reckless endangerment on your part on the citizens of Mission. The studies that are NOT paid for by industry all show how dangerous cell towers, cell phones,  WI fi, and any other wireless devices are.    Health Canada hides behind Safety Code 6 which has proven to be so outdated and wrong but the government will not change it. Let’s hope the new government is smarter than the old. I am attaching an article for you to read and when you have finished if your mind isn’t changed then your city voted for the wrong man.
Those of us who are fighting against EMF radiation are not going away and the evidence against RF radiation is increasing by the day. Please listen and do not do this to your citizens. Cut Rogers and any other cell company off.

One other thing. The tower on Lougheed Hwy before Hatzic Lake is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Plus it has probably pushed out every bird, animal and insect that lived in the area, or they are dead.


Name included at Author’s request.


From: Jim Ervin
Sent: October 17, 2015 7:24 PM
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: dsnoble@shaw.ca
Subject: Intervener Status

Dear Commission Secretary,

This is to inform you that I am interested in registering for Intervener Status in BC Hydro’s coming rate review. I believe I deserve this opportunity as a long time customer of BC Hydro and the former BC Electric. Also the fact that I am subject to BC Hydro’s oppressive Legacy Meter fees distinguishes me as someone who would be most affected by an Hydro rate increase.

I look forward to your earliest response.

Jim Ervin


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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