2015-10-16 Health problems disappear after cell tower removed


  • A member has installed solar panels and is staying on grid. To do this, BC Hydro requires net metering, and insists that a Smart Meter be used. Previous to July 22, 2015, persons using the net metering were “grandfathered” into the program, using their analogues. If anyone has information about net metering or has been “grandfathered”, please E-mail:  landforlife@shaw.ca


  • An apparent smart meter fire in Oklahoma, but like the inspectors here, the blame is put on the homeowner’s wiring.


See comment by an Electrician of 40 years:  electrical short , I’ve been electrician for over 40 years I know what I’m talking about from the pictures it looks like Carbon Arcing inside the meter box , due (sic) your research on smart meter fires most are made in China


  • An editor demeans a Councillor’s effort to raise concerns about a cell tower in Parksville.      I hope you will write to the editor at editor@pqbnews.com . I tried to provide a comment at the end of the article but was unable to do so.



  • Attached is a study in Japan showing biological symptoms disappear after the removal of a cell base station transmitter.   This is an indication that even at very low levels of exposure (tiny percentage of that allowed by Safety Code 6), there are many health effects.

See – Symptoms decrease after cell tower removed


  • THE KILL ZONES – USA – A very long article with a lot of good information summarized, and quoting our own Jerry Flynn.



  • From Devra Davis’s site, an excellent article with many embedded letters and references in which experts and doctors ask the US Secretary of Education to encourage wired internet access which does not irradiate children.

Top medical experts advise schools to stop experimenting on our children. WiFi in Schools is Risky Business that has never been evaluated for safety.”


  • A good article in Parents Magazine. Every time an article like this reaches new audiences, it will increase awareness of the issues which we know. It is through widespread education that things will change, and politicians will be forced to take actions to reduce proliferation of devices and exposure allowances.

Wireless devices use radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to communicate with cell towers through their antenna. Although the radio-frequency (RF) energy they give off is relatively weak and has long been presumed to be safe, increasing evidence suggests that it may pose health hazards. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified RF energy as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”      And a recent Swedish study published in Pathophysiology found that using a cell phone, especially before age 20, raised the risk of a certain type of brain tumor over time.





From: Sharon Noble
Sent: October 16, 2015
To: ‘editor@pqbnews.com’ <editor@pqbnews.com>
Subject: Rookie drama

Dear Mr. Harding,

I found your mocking tone in the editorial unworthy of any objective editor. It is as irresponsible as the councillors who voted to renew this contract without considering the ramifications.

You are demeaning a councillor for doing her job, which is to work for and to protect the citizens who elected her. Did those who voted against her do their homework to find out if the microwave radiation from cells transmitters is safe?    No, they didn’t. Instead they took the easy way out and followed an agency which knows nothing about such radiation – Vancouver Island Health Authority which has no experience in or experts on the biological effects of prolonged exposure. Instead the VIHA and Dr. Perry Kendall follow the easy route and say what has been said for decades, “there is no convincing proof of harm.” 

The correct question should be “ is there any convincing proof of safety”, and there isn’t.

Councillor Salter was trying to alert her fellow councillors and the mayor of recent evidence showing how prolonged exposure to radiation from cellular devices harms cells, DNA, reduces fertility in men, increases neurological problems in children, and even can lead to cancer.

You owe her an apology for your editorial, and you owe your readers information about the effects of living near cell towers. Did you know that there are many studies showing that incidence of cancer increases dramatically for people living, working or going to school within 500 meters of a single transmitter?  Don’t you think your readers, and, yes, the councillors and mayor deserve to know this?

At the least, I hope you will publish this letter.


Sharon Noble

(address and phone number removed)


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble



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