2015-10-12 BC Hydro says no feedback to warrant review of legacy fees

  • Thankfully, members have been going through the BC Hydro application for a rate review that is before the BCUC. One member found on page 412 that Hydro said:

No stakeholder commenting on this  topic as part of the Workshop 1 feedback suggested that Meter Choices Program 6 charges should be reviewed as part of 2015 RDA Module 1. Accordingly, Meter  Choices Program charges (the section 11.3 Electric Tariff Failed Installation Charge, Legacy Meter Charge, Radio-off Meter Installation Charges, Radio-off Meter Charge 9 and the Radio-off Meter Removal Charge) are not addressed any further in this  Application.




I am not aware of any Workshop in which the public had an opportunity to provide comments, but I do know that I and many, many others have complained about the legacy fees, the failed installation fees, all of which are the highest in North America that we’ve found. How many complaints have to be made to BC Hydro before they acknowledge that there is a problem here?


In the update of Oct. 11, I provided the schedule laid out for this application. We have until Wed. Oct. 14 to register as interveners and until Oct. 21 to provide comments. This is a chance to show that we are fed up with these ridiculous fees, the way they are being assessed, and the lack of justification of them. We all should ask for an extension because Hydro has not advised us as required, and we need time to read this long document. If you register as an intervener, you will be able to ask for this application in paper form (which I intend to do), and you will get all communications from Hydro and others regarding this. All communications, including comments, should be sent to commission.secretary@bcuc.com. You may choose to do nothing else, but by registering as an intervener you keep your options open to more should you choose.


(Registration of interveners and interested parties Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Written submissions from interveners and the Applicant on matters raised in Appendix B G-156-15 Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Reply submissions on written submissions from interveners and the Applicant Wednesday, October 21, 2015
  • Billing chaos in South Africa results in calls for cessation of the installation of $$meters.




  • Chino, CA asking for new rate structure for water now that the “Smart” meters are in place, one based on the number of persons in a household.

“Asked by councilman Glenn Duncan how the city will know when the number of persons in a household changes, Mr. Burns said the city’s new “smart” metering capability may help.

With the new smart meters, we can tell when somebody takes a shower,” Mr. Burns said.”



  • Intellistreets: The wireless digital infrastructure that controls, monitors and maintains the sensory world!!




  • When presented with evidence about the dangers of exposure to microwave radiation, many note that there are studies showing no harm, most of which were funded by the industry. Here is an article still relevant today even though written a few years ago. This type of pressure is still being put on researchers.   Profit is the bottom line for cell phone, wifi,  smart meter companies, not our health, not science.



  • A new film is being made about the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation and devices that emit it, “Generation Zapped.” You can see the trailer at http://generationzapped.com/trailer/




October 4th, 2015

Brad Bishop, BC Hydro Deployment Manager, 6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4X8

PLEASE STOP HARRASSING ME!!!!  Are there no depths you won’t sink to at BC Hydro?

I came home the other day to a pathetically dishonest message on my answer machine from Joe at BC Hydro.  He called at 3:39pm on September 30th 2015, and the message was “I’m calling in regards to a letter we sent you concerning gaining access to exchange your meter.  We tried to do that previously in the summertime however it shows that the key on file did not work.”  What a complete and utter lie!!!  As a member of my strata council, I know for a fact that the key to the meter cupboard has not been changed for many years, if ever, and believe me, this is very easy to prove.  If you want to stick to your story that your key did not work to gain access, then I demand an immediate and thorough investigation into how you were able to prepare my recent bills, which have definite meter readings on them!  I find it ludicrous that I was just charged $130.11, and yet I only had $41.44 of actual usage shown.  The previous bill showed almost identical variances.  It is even more despicable that you would threaten me with disconnection of service based on your own lies – this is a very serious threat, and you need to have a very legitimate reason to justify doing so.

Furthermore, you have tried the same dishonest tactic with my mum, sending several letters saying access could not be gained to read the meter because of “locked gates on the premises”.  In her case, this stupidity went on for several months, and she didn’t receive an accurate bill because of it.  She was forced to make repeated phone calls and write letters stating that she categorically did not and had never had locks on either her front or back gates, and you caused her considerable stress and frustration, not to mention her time, with this continuing for several months in 2014.  In the end, when she finally saw and spoke to a meter reader, it seemed as if part of his hesitation had been due to a sign in her window showing she has a dog!!!  Can’t you people be honest about anything?  Do you get some sick and twisted satisfaction from harassing your customers who have done nothing to deserve it?  Or is this just complete incompetence?

I have mailed letters and posted copies on my meter stating my legal rights, and am a putative member of the class action suit against BC Hydro in the Supreme Court of British Columbia: Nomi Davis v. British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BCSC Action No. S135590).  This ongoing harassment and dishonesty is going on record, and I have recorded your employee’s phone message, which I will be submitting along with proof that I have been lied to by your company.  I have many dated photos of my meter and the cupboard it’s in, including the lock.  I refuse to engage in a telephone conversation with people that will stoop to such dishonest measures.  You are just wasting my time, and I demand that it stops NOW!

It’s staggering to us all that you are a government run organisation, and yet  this is how you treat your customers.  The very fact that you feel the need to resort to such dishonest measures speaks volumes about what you are trying to enforce on people.  You charge us outrageous fees, then use that money to pay people like Joe to phone us and leave lies on our answer machines!  What a waste of my hard-earned money.  Stop lying to us, stop trying to get us to phone you up and acknowledge these lies you tell, stop trying to get us to enter into new contracts by changing our account numbers, stop gouging us with unfair charges, stop threatening us with disconnection and start running your company in a professional manner!!!!  This behaviour is shameful, shameful, SHAMEFUL.

Yours with disgust,


c.c.    Patrick Wruck, Customer Service Specialist, BCUC Fax: 604-660-1102
Greg Reimer, BC Hydro Fax: 778-452-6945
Bill Bennett, EMH Minister Fax: 250-356-2965
Richard Lee, MLA Fax: 604-775-0833
John Horgan, MLA Fax: 250-391-2804
Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters director@stopsmartmetersbc.com


From: XX
Sent: October 12, 2015 8:41 PM
To: rhawes@mission.ca; info@mission.ca
Cc: kevin.mills@missioncityrecord.com
Subject: Proposed Cell Tower in Mission


Dear Mayor Hawes & Councillors,

I recently saw the article regarding the new cell tower Rogers is wanting to install near homes and schools  in Mission.

I would urge Rogers and your council to find a site more in keeping with the findings of recent studies that indicate, for public health reasons, these towers should not be sited within 400-500 meters of people’s homes, schools and hospitals. I know you have been sent access to many of these studies.

What you may not know is that public health concerns were raised many years ago. Here is a study done back in 1990 for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. This document refers primarily to issues around cell tower antennas such as the tower proposed for Mission. In Section 3 it states that:  “Aperture antennas have been known to be a potential source of harmful radiation to humans for at least 30 years because of their ability to strongly focus RF power(1).  Most operate in the VHF SHF (>200 MHz) range where the human body is at quasi-resonance with this class of non-ionizing radiation(2) The most common aperture antennas employ a parabolic reflector.”

I don’t pretend to understand this but it seems clear that even in 1990 science knew there was cause for concern!  In case you want to check Section 3 the full paper can be found at:


The numbered footnotes came from these very scientific looking sources:

(1) Mumford, W.W. Some Technical Aspects of Microwave Radiation Hazards. IRE (IEEE) Proceedings Vol 49, no2 pp427-447 February 1961.

(2) National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, Biological Effects and Exposure Criteria for Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, page 274, NCRP-Report No 86, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, Bethesda, MB 1986.”

Obviously, like big tobacco, the telecommunication industry has managed to keep this information from the general public besides who has the time or inclination to read this type of document! Now is the time for our public officials to take a stand and ensure that these towers are installed so as to provide a safe environment for their citizens.

Thanks for your time.  I look forward to hearing that your council and Rogers have come to a decision that honours all aspects of this issue.





From: Jerry Flynn
Sent: October 11, 2015 4:36 PM
To: rhawes@mission.ca; palexis@mission.ca; chamilton@mission.ca; jhinds@mission.ca; rnicholson@mission.ca; dplecas@mission.ca; jstevens@mission.ca; scott.fraser.mla@leg.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; ‘Island Tides news’ <news@islandtides.com>
Cc: perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca; suzanne.anton.mla@leg.bc.ca; drmagdahavas@gmail.com
Subject: Cell Phone Towers – the Naked Truth!

October 11, 2015

Dear Mayor and Council, Mission, B.C.,

Re: Cell Phone Towers – the Naked Truth!
For the record, Dr. Perry Kendall is B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer (PHO), a position – tragically for all British Columbians – he has held since 1999!   Governments at all levels must wake up and realize that Dr. Kendall’s simplistic and extremely dangerous stance is – and always has been – that cell phone towers, like Smart Meters, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phone, baby monitors etc. are SAFE simply because they comply with the radiation Exposure Limits specified in Safety Code 6!

Dr. Kendall either does not know or does not care that the “safety” standards in Canada (i.e., Safety Code 6) and the US were written by INDUSTRY and adopted wholesale by governments without question!  In anticipation of the coming health crisis, they even wrote into the Canadian and American regulatory codes a proviso that does not allow anyone to sue them on health grounds!   http://tinyurl.com/neq2ptz and http://tinyurl.com/pzkgd49

How can an honest and competent PHO ignore that in May, 2015, at least 206 distinguished scientists from 40 countries of the world voluntarily signed the “International Scientists Appeal,” urging the United Nations, all UN-member countries and the WHO to protect humans and wildlife from the dangers of wireless radiation?

How can an honest and competent PHO ignore that, in July of 2014, 53 scientists from 18 countries openly condemned Safety Code 6 and urged Health Canada to intervene to help avoid an emerging health crisis – repeat – avoid an emerging health crisis? http://www.albany.edu/ihe/assets/Scientist_Declaration.pdf  

How can an honest and competent PHO ignore that, in July of 2014, 22 Canadian doctors openly condemned Safety Code 6 and called on Health Canada to protect Canadians from radio frequency radiation (the kind emitted by cell towers and all wireless devices)? http://tinyurl.com/qavwafd 

How can an honest and competent PHO be ignorant of the 7,000-plus cancer deaths attributed to cell towers in Belo Horizonte, Brazil? Their 10-year study showed that people suffered biological damage to the body which is a precursor to diseases (besides cancer) such as: Genetic mutations, Memory disruptions, Hindered learning, ADD. Insomnia, Brain disorders, Hormonal imbalances, Infertility, Dementia, Heart complications    http://tinyurl.com/qx8go24

How can an honest and competent PHO ignore the harmful effects of cell towers found in studies conducted in San Francisco and cities in Austria, Germany and Israel, dating back to the 1970s all of which showed that living within a certain proximity to a cell phone tower increased the risk of cancer anywhere from two to 121 times depending on what type of cancer was detected?

How can an honest and competent PHO be ignorant of the fact that in 1969 the “Richmond Conference” (the final of 11 large conferences in the USA from 1955 until 1969 on “Microwaves – Their Biologic Effects and Damages to Health”) produced overwhelming evidence of gastric bleeding, leukemia, chromosome breakages, cancer, and clouding of the eye lenses. It stressed that “brain functions were especially sensitive to RF EMF.http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/en/niemr/hechtvortrag070724englisch.pdf

How can an honest and competent PHO be unaware that former U.S. President Bill Clinton issued a formal memorandum in 1995 stating that transmitter masts should not be sited on schools or near residential areas?  http://www.equilibrauk.com/emfnewinfo.shtml

How can an honest and competent PHO not know that between 1960 and 1996, Russian scientists conducted some 1500 studies of frequencies between 0 to 3 GHz (the upper range of which is where cell towers and most of today’s wireless devices operate) that showed the following harmful effects on humans:eurasthenia, neurotic symptoms, arterial hypotension; bradycardia or tachycardia; hypoglycemia; vagotonic displacement of the cardiovascular system; EEG changes (deterioration of the alpha rhythm); hyperfunction of the thyroid ; potency disturbances; passive tremor of the fingers; disturbances in the hypothalamic-hypophyseal  cortico-adrenal system; digestive system disorders; sleep disorders; slowing down of the sensorimotor system; hair loss”http://www.angelfire.com/on3/emfx/ifs_en1.

How can an honest and competent PHO continue to blindly support and defend wireless technology when major insurance companies of the world refuse to provide liability insurance for any wireless device (including cell phone towers) or to any company against lawsuits alleging harmful health-related effects attributed to wireless radiation? See the BioInitiative 2012 Report www.bioinitiative.org

For the past 16 years, the taxpayers of British Columbia have paid Dr. Perry Kendall handsomely to protect their health and well-being, which includes protecting them from what pre-eminent non-industry-paid scientists around the world consider is the most dangerous threat to human health – ever – NON-thermal radio / microwave frequency radiation!

In this regard, Dr. Kendall has proved himself to be an abject failure! His disgraceful incompetence and dereliction of duty have caused untold misery, discomfort, grief and death to countless British Columbians – and this travesty is ongoing!

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the ‘Forces’ in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence, the former of which included two years in National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW). In EW I worked closely with U.S. and NATO armies; attended a major NATO army officers’ EW course in Anzio, Italy; participated in a major NATO army EW exercise in Germany; accepted invitations to visit the U.S. Pentagon and, subsequently, to Fort Bragg, North Carolina (USA’s principal EW base). Earlier still, I conducted EW at sea aboard two Canadian warships. At the height of my SIGINT career, I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and, to a lesser extent, with Britain’s GCHQ.

Militaries have known for more than 50 years that the radiation emitted on the frequencies used by today’s cell phone towers (700 MHz to 2100 MHz) is harmful to humans – and all living things. In fact, these frequencies are known to be some of the most harmful known to man! Which explains why militaries of the world incorporate some of these very frequencies into their contemporary arsenals of lethal microwave weapons!

For the past five-six years I have attempted on numerous occasions to apprise Dr. Perry Kendall of his ignorance but he has never once acknowledged let alone answered any of my emails!   Similarly, I have on many occasions notified Premier Christy Clark, Health Minister Terry Lake and Justice Minister Susan Anton of the dangers of all wireless radio devices/products, especially Smart Meters, but none of them has bothered to reply to me, save for one initial acknowledgement of receipt from Premier Clark’s office several years ago.

I am available to answer any questions.


James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (Retired)


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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