2015-10-11 Happy Thanksgiving.

1)      Attached is a press release from Oklahoma demanding a moratorium on the smart meter program being forced on people. (see below letters. For some reason it got caught there.)

Oct 5, 15 9.12 Press Release – Moratorium Revised (1)

2)      In last night’s update I gave the wrong link to Dr. Johansson’s presentation. Here it is in its entirety (much longer than 22 min.) 


3)      Ontario is now planning for its next step, after several years of failed smart meter programs, with billing fiascos, and an auditor general’s report saying that this is a multi-billion dollar failure. The next step seems to be toward microgrids. Not much info provided but perhaps this will be more what experts have been advising – smaller programs, suited to a community, one that will be less vulnerable to massive failure should the international grid get compromised in some way.


4)      Please note a correction to the email address for John Horgan. If you live outside his constituency, his email address is oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca.  The other address, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca is for those who live in the Juan de Fuca riding.

5)      An interesting article about an inhibitor that can disrupt drones by using the same frequencies that the smart meters use – 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz.  I wonder if this same inhibitor could disrupt the “stupid” grid.


6)      Below is a simple letter to Patrick Wruck, complaints officer of BCUC, about threats to install a $$meter at yet another home where the person is in the Meter Choice program, and it did get a response. After the writer provided the personal info requested, Mr. Wruck did instruct BC Hydro to respond. BCUC has the responsibility to ensure that Hydro is acting according to the Tariff.  If you are being threatened, please write to Mr. Wruck, copying your MLA, John Horgan, Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca and your local media people.

7)      The timeline for BC Hydro’s application for a revision of the rate structure is as follows.  Not much time to get submissions in. I don’t know if enough people asked for an extension if it would be granted, but it might be worth a try. As far as I know, this was not announced widely before this past week, leaving the general public little time to respond.

[BCUC] BC Hydro 2015 Rate Design Application – BC Utilities Commission:

(Registration of interveners and interested parties     Wednesday, October 14, 2015    
Written submissions from interveners and the Applicant on matters raised in Appendix B G-156-15 Wednesday, October 14, 2015    
Reply submissions on written submissions from interveners and the Applicant     Wednesday, October 21, 2015    
BCUC Information Request (IR) No. 1 to BC Hydro Tuesday, November 10, 2015     
Intervener IR No. 1 to BC Hydro Tuesday, November 17, 2015     
BC Hydro’s Responses to IR No. 1        Friday, December 18, 2015      
Procedural Conference   Tuesday, January 12, 2016      
BC Hydro Rate Design 2015 – Exhibit B-1 – September 24, 2015:


8)      From a member. A video (30 min long) with the history of lead in gasoline, and the health effects that will be suffered for generations, despite having been a known poison for 2000 years. As you watch, substitute electromagnetic radiation and wireless transmitters like cell phones, wifi modems and smart meters,  which are following the same pattern, with industry influencing public health policy, to the detriment of us, our children and grandchildren.

Causes Insanity and Death, Yet Millions of Tons of This Poison Were Used for 80 Years



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: October 11, 2015 9:31 PM
To: ‘rhawes@mission.ca’ <rhawes@mission.ca>
Cc: ‘kevin.mills@missioncityrecord.com’ <kevin.mills@missioncityrecord.com>
Subject: Proposed cell tower in Mission

Dear Mayor Hawes,

I read with grave concern the article about the new cell tower that Rogers wants to erect near homes in Mission. Of particular concern were some statements attributed to you:

1)      You question the need for another public consultation meeting. This is the right of the community, one that even Industry Canada’s policies require of the company. The public expressed concerns about the issues involving cellular transmitters in 2013 and the Council at that time listened. If you fail, unilaterally, to allow an open debate and consideration of the issues involved with having wireless transmitters in the middle of the city, it would be a slap in the face of the people who will be forced to suffer the consequences. I have friends who will be forced to move if this tower is allowed to be built. They have a right to express their concerns and share information which they have gathered over the years.

2)      You state that some people have expressed concerns regarding health because of articles they’ve found on the internet, but you prefer “real science”.  Sir, would you please provide me with examples of what you consider “real science”? In May 2015 hundreds of independent scientists from 39 countries submitted the EMF International Scientist Appeal to the United Nations  asking for the precautionary principle to be followed with regard to microwave radiation which they have found, through research, to be harmful, especially to children.  http://tinyurl.com/p6e9n9j

“Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University representing 190 international scientists in an Appeal to the UN, UN Member States and the WHO on the risks of electromagnetic fields emitted by telecommunications and utility technologies. Cautioning strongly, Dr. Blank says, “The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. To protect our children, ourselves and our ecosystem, we must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines.””(the current number of scientists who have signed this document exceeds 200)

I am in possession of many peer-reviewed studies and reports by world renowned scientists warning that prolonged exposure to cell towers can cause health effects ranging from headaches, sleep disruption, and rashes, to tachycardia, arrhythmia, neurological problems, DNA damage and even cancer. Many studies have found dramatically increased levels of cancer among those living within 500 meters of cell towers. Here is just one: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969711005754

Mayor Hawes, I challenge you to show me any “real science” which says that microwave radiation from cell transmitters is safe.

I hope that you will consider the available information and the ramifications that people who elected you will suffer. Surely if there is a demonstrable need for more cellular coverage, Rogers will be able to find more suitable locations which are at least 500 meters from homes and schools.


Sharon Noble


From: XX
Sent: October 11, 2015 6:42 AM
Subject: New cell Tower

Dear Mayor

The “real science” indicates there are real health dangers to cell towers.  You seem to have decided to believe the industry sponsored studies which are biased.  Would you believe the tobacco companies if they told you smoking does not cause cancer?

Please educate yourself because you are endangering the lives and health of the people you are elected to serve.  As mayor, it is your responsibility to be more knowledgeable than the general populace.  So far you are not fulfilling your leadership responsibilities; and worse, you refuse to give weight to your constituents who are trying to bring you up to speed.

I hope you will correct your learning gap and reject the cell tower based on data and research by real scientists.



On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 2:41 PM, Complaints BCUC:EX <Complaints@bcuc.com> wrote:

Dear X, 

Thank you for your email to the BC Utilities Commission regarding your concerns about a recent letter you received from BC Hydro. 

Commission staff can help investigate your concerns through our complaints process. In order to move ahead with your complaint, please send in the following: 

·       Your service address

·       Your account number

·       Your consent to share your information, including correspondence, with BC Hydro (privacy consent)

·       Copies of the letters you recently received from BC Hydro 

The British Columbia Utilities Commission and Utility Customer Complaints

 The Commission receives complaints from utility customers and works to resolve complaints that are within the Commission’s jurisdiction under the Utilities Commission Act. Commission staff investigate customer complaints to ensure utilities are appropriately applying their approved tariffs. For more information on the Commission’s complaint process, please visit our website at: http://www.bcuc.com/Complaint.aspx.

 Thank you again for contacting the Commission.


Patrick Wruck

Customer Relations Analyst

British Columbia Utilities Commission

6th Floor, 900 Howe Street

Vancouver, B.C.  V6Z 2N3

Website: www.bcuc.com Email: complaints@bcuc.com

Phone: 604.660.4700 | Fax: 604.660.1102 | Toll Free: 1.800.663.1385


From: X
Sent: Friday, October 2, 2015 9:19 AM
To: Wruck, Patrick BCUC:EX
Subject: while the light is on 

Hi Patrick 

I have read this happening to other people, but like so many other things in life it’s different when it happens to you. I got the letter threatening to cut off my power. I have now spoken with Jamie and Will who both managed to make the same threat. Conversations have been polite but I just can’t believe they are paid to do this or how they can get up and go to work in the morning. I have included the 3 emails that I sent to Brad Bishop. You have heard this all before, but I wanted to contact you just in case they do decide to cut off my power. The emails somewhat explain what has transpired except that after the last email I got the call from Will saying they could supply a radio off meter. Not an analogue.  




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.

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