2015-10-09 Let the Candidates know we want their support in return for our votes

  • Time sensitive. As the election approaches, it is vital to let the candidates know that if they want our support they must commit to supporting us in our efforts to get stronger guidelines and regulations regarding microwave radiation. Below  is a letter from a member in Manitoba that I attached to my email to the candidates in my riding. Below is the letter sent to one, the current MP (NDP) Randall Garrison. Now is the time to get their attention because, as we’ve seen, once they are elected they tend to ignore our pleas.

Letter to Federal Electoral Candidate re Wireless Radiation Safety 29 Se…-1


  • A member from Saanich (Victoria)  who is sensitive and is able to enjoy a coffee at this local shop thanks to the owner’s refusal to offer wifi.   Attached is a poster the shop displays. This type of action allows many who could not otherwise enter the shop to do so. Support should be given to any business that does this sort of thing. Please spread the word when you find one that does.

Nah, no WIFI


  • I saw this in yesterday’s paper. I don’t know what this is about except Hydro is asking for changes to rates, perhaps changing the contract we have entered into. There will be a time limit for interveners to apply for status and for comments.  Here is the application:


Probably reading some of the comments and letters at http://www.bcuc.com/ApplicationView.aspx?ApplicationId=511 will give a good idea about what is being requested. If anyone has time to read and provide a short summary of the salient points, I would appreciate being able to share them.


  • Pepco Utility in Washington DC is failing to connect smart meters to the solar system, resulting in customers being cheated of their power savings.


  • Industry predicts that by 2020 cars will be cellular “hot spots”, becoming Faraday cages with EMR radiating and reflecting within a metal box, just like a microwave oven.

“Connected vehicles of all types will integrate everything from small cells and big cells to Wi-Fi, LTE/LTE-U, Bluetooth and Zigbee. The vehicle will literally be roving radio cells. And, they will be a broad platform for all types of services and analytics that will become a gigantic revenue generator.”




To Brad Bishop


Am in receipt of your threatening missive re; meter install vs. power being shut off. I will not be standing by for eight hours a day for the next ten business days at your convenience.

For the safety of your installer please make an appointment as I am presently house sitting my mother-in-law’s Lab/Pitbull cross dog. I will need a time and date which to expect the installer and as I am in the Legacy Meter Program will accept only an analog meter. Failure to set an appointment  will result in nonpayment of failed installation fee.

I shall also require the ID number you say is the reason for the meter exchange to verify it against my existing meter. The installation shall be done only by a licensed electrician as BC Hydro takes no responsibility for anything other than the actual meter.

I shall only accept an analog meter and the power to appliances in the house as well as the main breaker to the house will be shut off during installation to assure no damage occurs. I shall also require in writing a statement as to the expire date on the replacement meter to be supplied by your technician, as well as a copy to verify he is a certified electrician.

I hope that you realize setting an appointment will make the whole process proceed smoothly and efficiently. It will also assure I do not have to pay another Failure To Install fee as the last bill you sent me was for what you claimed was a failure to install. As no one phoned or knocked at the door as they were supposed to do you have raised my suspicions as to if the event actually occurred, thus the stipulations for this exchange.



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: October 9, 2015 1:35 PM
To: randall.garrison@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Support requested re. HESA committee’s recommendation

Dear Mr. Garrison,

I am writing to ask if you will commit to support the 4 recommendations made by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health with regards to wireless devices and the microwave radiation they emit.  A letter from a member of a national group, Canadians 4 Safe Technology, is below with the specifics.

This electrosmog is increasing as the number of uncontrolled and unregulated wireless devices proliferate. Many British Columbians are resisting such proliferation of devices such as smart meters and wifi in school because of the scientific evidence that shows a great potential to harm to those who are exposed over prolonged periods of time. Certain groups are especially vulnerable to this radiation – fetuses and children, those with pre-existing immune system disorders, and the elderly.

Many candidates have pledged to support the HESA recommendations (http://www.c4st.org/CandidatesWhoCare ) and I hope you will join them.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let me know. I have hundreds of studies and reports I would be happy to share.


Sharon Noble


From: Christel Martin
Sent: October 7, 2015 9:20 PM
To: Sharon & Dennis Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Subject: All Candidates Meeting in Nanaimo

Just got home, Sharon, and nailed all four parties re EMR at a meeting held by disability advocates (Nanaimo Assoc. for Community Living).

I told them I was mercury-poisoned by an exterminator, that I lost $1,000 at VIU because of wifi, that I am effectively banished from society,   eg. university, schools, library, government offices, even all candidates meetings because of extreme wifi/cell phones.  I mentioned Hydro’s smart meters, smart appliances, etc.

Conservative Mark MacDonald (former newspaper publisher) knew about three miscarriages under cell towers–his friends live under the same one a city councillor was all worried about, so he knows the dangers.  Told him about US Navy war games over Olympic Forest & Gulf of Alaska, and about my father’s and sister’s multiple melanoma & Alzheimer’s (he asked about Alz.).

Liberal Tim Tessier knew about mercury poisoning and chelation and EMR–went to Dr. Cline, too.  I told him about war games. . .he knows about HAARP, as does NDP & Green (I didn’t mention it to Con).

Green Paul Manly mentioned that we’d talked about this before.

NDP Sheila Malcolmson knew nothing about it, but I thanked Jean Crowder’s office for helping me with CPP Disability, etc.

My question was:  when I turn 65, I lose my house because CPP Disability will be cut off.  What are you, as individuals and parties, going to do about it?

NDP & Green & Liberals gave vague responses about a Canada Disabilities Act;    Con. was “more reticent” so I gave him a harder time. . .

Interesting evening.

You can publish this if you wish, with my name.


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble
A:  Free radicals damage DNA
B: Non-ionizing radiation can create free radicals.
C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation