2015-10-08 MLAs are being flooded with complaints.

  • A member who lives in Mission has taken the draft for a bumper sticker that another member designed to “Factory Direct Tools” phone no. 604-820-5289. A template is being made and anyone can order directly from them, one or many. If this is not convenient, or if you would like the draft emailed to you, please email me with “Bumper sticker” on the subject line.


  • From one of the many people who have been harassed and intimidated by Hydro’s threats:

 “My local MLA office talked to BC Hydro and got the same runaround that I get, just a bit more polite – every excuse in the book. Apparently his office and BC Hydro itself have been inundated with complaints recently.

They said my only recourse was to file a complaint with the BCUC which I have done.”

It’s great that the MLAs are receiving so many complaints. This is the only thing that will make them get involved and finally realize there is a problem that is not going away. Please, keep the pressure on.

  • In New York a working group is looking seriously at the “stupid” programs in other places, such as Ontario and Australia where the results have caused auditor generals to question the benefits, which have been far less than promised and far less than the costs.

 “there appears to be recognition by most parties for the New York review that “universal” or “broad-based” deployment of smart meters offers no net benefit in relation to the significant upfront costs required to deploy them.  In short, why mandate smart meters for everyone when not everyone could benefit from such installations and that some customers do not want them?”


  • Comparing the Internet of Things with smart meters, and learning from the roll out of smart meters more than 10 years ago. Some interesting acknowledgements  which should make anyone ask why these programs are being allowed to continue.

Data Tsunami: Smart Meters generates data volume without any comparison with the past.

Big Data Analytics: Data is a wealth of information if you know how to use it.

Safety: with radio frequency communication layer, North America customers are becoming reluctant about installation of Smart Meters, which they consider being a risk for their health.

Security: Whether using encryption for data exchanges or avoid any system intrusions to access to remote controls (disconnect Smart Meter), security is a major issue for massive deployment of Smart Meters

Privacy: Data access and use of the data collected are subject to numerous debates regarding Smart Meters: you may deduct (sic. Deduce ) when you are eating, whether you are at home or not, etc … The data is available, you simply need to interpret it.


  • Water smart meters are vulnerable to attack just as the electric smart meters are.

“In a  speech at Black Hat USA  in Las Vegas, McNabb said because wireless water meters are data collecting, embedded devices, they are therefore vulnerable to attacks that could cause service disruption, or even enable attackers to execute malware.”

 “…water smart meters, like any other critical infrastructure controlled over a wireless sensor network (WSN), are fraught with many of the same vulnerabilities facing electrical smart meters and other Web-facing systems, including cyber attacks and disruption, McNabb said.”

“Water controlled by smart meters also could open doors for potential terrorist attacks, in which water supplies were shut down or poison the water supply, McNabb said.

The mesh system smart grid is also “very wormable,” McNabb said, referencing IOactive, which successfully ran a worm in a simulated city of 25,000 smart electric meters. “A water smart grid could be just as vulnerable,” he said.”




2 letters from same member.

From: X

Sent: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 4:43 PM

To: patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

Subject: Brad Bishop, BC Hydro – Letter dated September 24, 2015

TO: Mr.Patrick Wruck, Complaints Officer, British Columbia Utilities Commission

Dear Mr. Wruck,

I received a letter from Mr. Brad Bishop, Sept. 24, 2015, and a subsequent phone call from a BC Hydro person to which I replied that;

  1. a) I am opposed to smart meters because I am concerned about EMR radiation.
  2. b) Risk of fire.
  3. c) I am a disabled “incomplete quadriplegic” due to a C-4 C-5 spinal cord injury and am 84 years old. A disconnection of Hydro power would be extremely distressing.

This coercion and harassment is is extremely distressing and may cause more health problems for me.

I have sent required documents to BC Hydro in Dec. 2013 for choice options to have an analog “legacy” meter which I will accept in exchange for the old one.

Yours truly,



Dear Mr. Bishop,

In response to your letter of Sept. 24, 2015 I affirm that my BC Hydro meter has never been covered and access for meter readers has always been free and unobstructed.

The “legacy” analog meter presently in use continues to work satisfactorily as your records will. The consumption is slightly reduced now because our clothes dryer is not being used.

Consumption records are as follows:
Aug. 2006-33 kwh
“     2007-36   “
“     2008-37   “
“     2009-37   “
“     2010-36   “
“     2011-32   “
“     2012-32   “
“     2013-32   “
“    2014-33   “
“     2015-31   “
If you insist in installing another “legacy” analog meter please make an appointment and I will assure there are no aggressive dogs present.

I have previously indicated to BC Hydro authorities that I am opposed to the installation of digital “smart meters” because of fire risk and radiation health hazards.

Your records should show that for the past 40 years and more, I have always paid my hydro bills promptly, unless I was hospitalized.

I have always enjoyed your good service and as an 84 year-old disabled pensioner, I look forward for the same service in my declining years.

In Dec. 2000 I sustained a C-4-C-5 spinal cord injury.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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