2015-10-07 Hydro’s threats of loss of power continue

  • Many people are off the grid or considering doing so with solar power as their main source of energy. I know nothing about these systems, but here is an article with points to consider regarding EMF associated with solar systems.

Electromagnetic pollution in solar systems
Although solar panels and batteries in off grid systems generate a clean direct current. The situation is quite different with modern solar controllers, 230Volt inverters and the inverters for feeding the grid. These are the ones, which can turn a basically very harmless technology into a bad electrosmog polluter. There are technical ways to do it differently and I think the entire direction of solar development really needs to be rethought.”



  • In South Africa, as they did in Dominican Republic, people are threatening lawsuits, etc. over the smart meters that are being forced upon them.

“It would be to the benefit of us all if you take your smart meters and shove ’em,” an elderly resident said after reciting his complaint for the umpteenth time in front of the representatives.



  • “While the nature of cyber risk has evolved rapidly over the past two years, the actual process of buying insurance can heighten a company’s exposure to cyber risks and may deter some organizations from buying the coverage, a risk manager said.”



  • Industry article – 90% of workplace computers are vulnerable to data theft.  Our data will be/is on these computers….  Where is the oversight?


  • I have asked BC Utilities Commission if Hydro has provided a financial report on the money gathered from extortion fees, etc. associated with the smart meter and for the expenditures required for additional services. They don’t have one, and forwarded my inquiry to the $$meter dept of Hydro. I will be following up in a couple of days, after I receive nothing. The other charges, such as $77.60 to deactivate the transmitter on a $$meter which takes hitting a button, either remotely or when at the home using a handheld device http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=6248   BC Hydro cannot justify these horrendous charges. They are extorting us of several millions of dollars each year and we have a right to know how this money is being spent.  As soon as I have any report, assuming one has been prepared for 2013-14, and 2014-15, I will share.


  • Many people are writing excellent letters to the BCUC with formal complaints about the threats they are receiving from Hydro, via letters and phone calls. As one new member mentioned to me, electricity is an essential service.    How can Hydro unilaterally shut off power that is needed for heating, cooking, for many pumping water, for many medical devices? They are doing this as punishment and to intimidate, and because they can. They are a monopoly harassing us with the full approval of Bill Bennett and the Liberals so that they can get something dangerous put on our homes.    People are worried about their families, their work, their health.  This cannot be tolerated. I hope each of you, even if you have not been threatened (yet) will write to the BCUC demanding that this be halted. This is intolerable. And please copy the media in your area. Email contacts are at stopsmartmetersbc.com under “contacts”, and, even though they seem to be disinterested, to John.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca and to your MLA. Better yet, call or visit their offices. If they won’t do anything unless/until they hear from enough people. They’ve told us this many times. WE MUST MAKE THEM HELP US.



September 29, 2015

Brad Bishop,
Meter Deployment Manager,
BC Hydro
6911 Southport Drive,
Burnaby. BC V3N 4X8

Dear Brad Bishop,

Regarding: Meter Replacement Notice for (my address)

Access for the exchange of a new mechanical analog meter can be scheduled for a specified time and date. It is imperative that I be in attendance to ensure that the electrical panel be shut off from the interior control panel and that any sensitive electronic equipment be turned off. It is unacceptable for anyone assigned to this task to “drive by and drop in” as I may or may not be here. A scheduled appointment is customary for other service calls and I require the exchange be performed within a pre-arranged time frame.

Please confirm by return mail the model name and number of the NEW analog meter, along with the certification (expiry) date for the device. A re-calibrated meter is not acceptable, nor is any device that includes any hidden transmitter.

Please specify the full name of the service person who will be coming to do the exchange, and his/her qualifications. If this person is not a certified electrician please confirm that you accept full responsibility for the safety of the installation. I feel the necessity to require this assurance as regrettably there have been numerous instances of fires resulting from the “smart” meters installations and BC Hydro refuses to accept responsibility for either a shoddy product or a negligent installation by ill-trained “techs”.

Instead they have “blamed the homeowner” for a “faulty” meter base. The meter base on this house has been here for 32 years without a problem, so I have to conclude it is not a faulty one. The meter has worked just fine for 32 years. If you have decided to change them, then you can accept full responsibility for the safe replacement.

Upon receipt of your response to my requirements we can establish a mutually satisfactory time for the exchange.

I require our communications and scheduling to be arranged via mail Please refrain from intrusive telephone calls.

Sincerely XXXXXXX


Date: October 6, 2015 10:32:05 AM PDT (CA)

To: “Commission Secretary BCUC:EX” <commission.secretary@bcuc.com>

Cc: brad.bishop@bchydro.com

Subject: Threats

Having recently received yet another letter from B.C. Hydro threatening me with disconnection if I don’t allow them unfettered access to my analog meter at any time it behooves them I can’t help but wonder how B.C. Hydro has been allowed to make such threats without any fear of accountability.  “Threats” are of sufficient import as to have a legal action taken on them.
If the costs of such action were not so onerous, many of us would have taken this issue on long ago.  We have been lied to from the onset and it went downhill from there.  I do not trust what they are telling me now regarding my current analog being “expired”.  They want to exchange it for another legacy meter (?) which will have to be replaced in 3-6 years.  Replaced with what?   And will I get more threatening letters at that time?   I am currently paying $30.+ every month for having someone read my meter because it is an analog when in fact many Smart Meters are still being read at no charge.  Why is that??????

In my opinion, I contend there are only 2 possible reasons for disconnection of electrical service:
1.  Non-payment of said service for a period of 3 months at which time customer will be notified of disconnection in 30 days if monies owing are not paid in full.

2.  B.C. Hydro electricity if used for illegal purposes resulting in theft of same.  Some sort of court order would have to be obtained in order to ascertain that this is in fact the case and service would be disconnected at that time.

Electricity is a basic necessity and no entity should have the right to stop a service on which our lives depend for medical reasons and to provide us with the ability to keep ourselves warm and nourished.  By taking away our source of sustenance, you place us in grave danger.

If it is B.C. Hydro’s legal right to do so, the time has come to curtail this level of control over the populace of B.C.  What about our rights to live in quiet enjoyment in our homes without constant threats by a crown corporation whose very imposition of Smart Meters and exchanging “expired” analogs with a different kind of device that is really no better than a Smart Meter in terms of hazards, has been extremely suspect.

Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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