2015-10-05 A question of ITRON infringing upon another company’s patent

  • ITRON, among others, is being charged with patent infringement. If this is proven, would BC Hydro and Fortis be guilty of purchasing illegal goods?


TransData’s Smart Meter Patents are the subject matter of patent enforcement actions currently pending against General Electric, Itron, Landis+Gyr, Oncor Electric Delivery, CenterPoint Energy, Texas-New Mexico Power, San Diego Gas & Electric, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, CoServ Electric, Denton Municipal Electric and Tri-Country Electric Cooperative.




  • A terrific letter below written by a member directed to BCUC about Hydro’s threats and mistreatment of us.


  • Rafe Mair has been the prophet as far as BC Hydro is concerned, going back for many years, warning about government intentions, growing debts, and lack of oversight, and the failure of the media to inform the public.


“The Common Sense Canadian, over the years since its inception in 2010, has quoted scientist after scientist, economist after economist, in column after column, to back up our claims. I, along with the estimable Joe Foy of the Wilderness Committee, campaigned against this policy all over the Province in the 2011 Election.

Today we learn that BC Hydro’s debt under the Liberal governments of Campbell/Clark has increased $9.4 Billion!”



  • A bill introduced into the Michigan legislature allowing full, free opt out, and maintenance of an analog meter. Where are our politicians??




  • From a member who learned that the transmitter in a smart meter can be turned on remotely. I don’t know why the power had to be turned off, or if it really did, but if so, at least this gives some control. Otherwise, as many have suspected, the “radio off” could become “radio on” without permission or informing.  Trust?? Hydro has nerve to suggest anyone should “trust” them.


I have a rental property that had the power disconnected after the tenant left.  I’ve put it up for sale and then had to start the power back up.  The tenant, unbeknownst to me, was paying for a smart meter radio-off.  Hydro asked me if I would accept a regular smart meter for the rental home and I said yes, as I was selling it and realized I could not carry forward a non-smart meter to any new potential buyer anyway.

 So that very day, even though the meter was a radio-off meter, Hydro asked me to call them after I had turned off the Main Breaker, and once I did that, with a flick of a remote switch, they turned the radio-off meter into a radio-on Smeter.  I verified that this was indeed the case with their customer service and they told me clearly, – YES, the radio-off Meter, can be switched back to a radio-on Smeter with a little flick of a switch remotely.  According to their CSR, there evidently might be an instance where the remote change via switch does not take, and they have to send someone out to do it manually, but in my case it worked in a matter of minutes and with nothing more than a switch flicked on remotely by Hydro.

 After learning this was possible, I specifically asked the CSR “what assurances does a consumer have that the radio-off smeter has not or will not easily become a Smeter while they are paying for it to be so?  Their reply was “trust”!  

  • Wireless devices being charged through the air, via RF waves that will increase the electrosmog surrounding us. What a nightmare. Let’s hope that science prevails before industry succeeds in inflicting more of this wireless radiation on us and our families.

“Wireless power could enable a whole new class of devices,” says Mr. Durgin. Those devices will include sensors on all the mechanics of a home, business or factory; detectors for heat, light and motion; and cameras and controls that we can move and upgrade at our convenience, without ever having to touch the building’s wiring….

 Moreover, energy transmitted via radio waves represents a major pollution of the bands of unregulated spectrum that already are crowded with everything from microwave ovens to Wi-Fi routers. That could limit the places wireless power can be used.”





A week or so ago I sent a photo of a sign on a coffee shop somewhere in California (the California sign is attached) with a no wifi sign on the door to the coffee shop I go to. The owner of the coffee shop here has now posted his own sign on the door I hope to have a photo for you later. The owner is well aware of my issues re emr but his prime reason is he thinks a coffee shop should be a place where people can sit, talk and meet people, not play on their Idiotphones.  Only one coffee shop for its own reasons but, if shop owners get the message that there is a benefit to no wifi the rate the unsafe shops are proliferating may slow at least.(unfortunately there are other sources of EMR in the area but at least the effect is minimal in the coffee shop).  The other coffee shops in the area think wifi including Shaw go wifi are good for business

If people want to send an email to me (in this case no_wifi@sios.ca) re businesses that are taking a stand against wifi I will keep a record.

When we get a few, might be a good plan to post a page with EMR friendly business on one of our sites.

The coffee shop is located close to the Central Saanich Municipal hall in Saanichton http://www.freshcup.ca/ 104-1931 Mt Newton X Rd. Saanichton, BC

As a side benefit the coffee is internationally respected (they roast their own) Two weeks ago they sent their roasted coffee beans to be judged in the ‘North American Golden Bean Competition’. The event received coffees from well over 100 different roasting companies, with over 400 entries in total to be judged by a group of experienced coffee-cuppers (tasters).  Fresh Cup won a ‘Silver Medal’ in the category of ‘organic single-origin espresso’                The wifi free coffee shop


From: Rita
Sent: October 2, 2015 11:12 AM
To: patrick.wruck@bcuc.com
Subject: Brad Bishop, BC Hydro – Letter dated September 22, 2015

FROM:  Rita A. Dawson

TO:  Mr. Patrick Wruck, Complaints Officer, British Columbia Utilities Commission

Email:  patrick.wruck@bcuc.com

Dear Mr. Wruck,


I am writing with regards to the threatening letter I received (dated September 22nd, 2015) from Brad Bishop, BC Hydro Meter Deployment Manager and as copied below for your information.

If any other corporation or business within British Columbia treated their customers as BC Hydro treats theirs, the customer would immediately cease all business transactions and find another more compatible, trustworthy and polite company to do business with.  Unfortunately, BC Hydro is a monopoly and is behaving like some mafia-induced entity who holds a gun to the head of their customers threatening disconnection OR ELSE!

Arbitrarily and with no regard for the private lives of their customers BC Hydro takes “enforcer” style action demanding that people comply or have their electricity cut off.  Adding to the threat of such unwarranted action, they also falsely accuse their customers of “obstruction”.

Under criminal law within British Columbia, it is a crime to utter a threat Mr. Wruck (264.1 (1) Every one commits an offence who, in any manner, knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat) and regardless of the section within the Electric Tariff Act that is being used against customers who do not want a smart meter slapped on the side of their homes, it is also being used as a threatening tool to force people, out of fear, to comply.  Unconscionable!

Stubbornly, with malice and contempt for people, BC Hydro has morphed into something unrecognizable as a Crown corporation owned by and for the people of British Columbia.

All it takes in this particular instance is to set up an appointment day and time Mr. Wruck.  That’s all it takes.  Is that so extremely difficult?  Yet, the minions at BC Hydro tell me they will phone a day ahead at some unspecified yet to be confirmed date to make the “legacy meter to legacy meter” switcharoo.  So, is the customer to sit by the phone, not leave their property in anticipation of a phone call?  Is the customer not to make any private plans to be away from their home while waiting for some installer to show up and make this change while the electricity is still on and the customer fears for the safety of their home?

Why is BC Hydro insistent on being so blatantly rude, inconsiderate and behaving like a power mad bully?  Why?

Kindly refer to my letter as below addressed to Brad Bishop.

Yours truly,

Rita A. Dawson


FROM:  Rita A. Dawson

TO:  Brad Bishop, BC Hydro Meter Deployment Manager

Email:  brad.bishop@bchydro.com

Mr. Bishop,

RE:  Account Number:  ##### and Your Letter dated September 22, 2015

The electrical meter than is attached to my home is uncovered with wide open access.  Always has been.

In the past, and prior to the smart meters debacle, BC Hydro meter readers had always phoned prior to reading the meter so I could open the gate into my property for them.  I am a widow living in a rural area and my gate is closed for a reason.  On receiving a telephone call, I would walk down and open the gate so the meter reader wouldn’t have to get out of their vehicle but could drive right in.  Nothing has changed with the exception I no longer receive a telephone call.

I do believe that some time ago an installer had phoned on their way through the area wanting immediate access and I said no, not now.  I was in the middle of a large social gathering on my property.  An appointment time would have been a polite & courteous consideration rather than a drive-by.

Within your letter of September 22, 2015 you specifically state that the forthcoming meter exchange is “the expired legacy meter for another legacy meter“.  Also, someone from BC Hydro, calling from 1-604-224-9376, left a message on my answering machine clearly stating it was a “legacy meter exchange for another legacy meter, not a smart meter”.  I am assuming the terminology of “legacy meter” specifically refers to an analogue meter.  I will only accept an analogue meter, not a smart meter and not a digital meter.

I require that an appointment be made please, to not only ensure that I am home in order to unplug all electrical appliances, plus throw the main switch to OFF so no damage is done, but also to bring the neighbours’ rather temperamental dog inside the house should it be a dog-sitting day.

When I renovated my home, which included a complete and totally new electrical re-wiring package throughout the entire structure (converting from 100 amp to 200 amp), the work was inspected, certified and passed by an electrical inspector, I expect nothing less than that from a qualified BC Hydro employee, not some slap-dash Corix installer, and will not give permission for a “live exchange”.  CSA says that a live exchange can nullify the CSA certification of the base.  This is my home and I am fully within my legal and constitutional rights to protect it.

I have already spoken to someone within BC Hydro when I phoned 1-800-409-8199 and since you are all work-mates I request that you tell the person/persons setting up these transactions to make an appointment date for me then apprise me of it.

As an aside, it’s too bad that BC Hydro feels they must threaten customers with disconnection.  Hydro customers do have lives, do have daily routines, do have other responsibilities in life, do have other obligations…and for Hydro to presume otherwise is indeed, not only an imposition, but aggressively rude to impertinent and impolite.

In closing, please set up an appointment day & time then apprise me of it.

Awaiting your reply.

Yours truly,

Rita Dawson


From: X
Sent: September 30, 2015 1:51 PM
To: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Cc: commission.secretary@bcuc.com; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; harry.bains.mla@leg.bc.ca; dsnoble@shaw.ca; jstanhope@shaw.ca; colinhaime@shaw.ca; alecmcpherson2011@gmail.com; “maureen young” <maureen_young@shaw.ca>; bobrogers4areaE@telus.net; “fjfell at rdn” <fjfell.at.rdn@gmail.com>; “bill veenhof” <bill.veenhof@shaw.ca>; “bill mckay” <bill.mckay@nanaimo.ca>; “bill bestwick” <bill.bestwick@nanaimo.ca>; “jerry hong” <jerry.hong@nanaimo.ca>; “jim kipp” <jim.kipp@nanaimo.ca>; “wendy pratt” <wendy.pratt@nanaimo.ca>; “bill yoachim” <bill.yoachim@nanaimo.ca>; mayor@parksville.ca; “ian thorpe” <ian.thorpe@nanaimo.ca>; mayor@qualicumbeach.com; Cc: “scott fraser mla” <scott.fraser.mla@leg.bc.ca>; mamacdonald@nanaimodailynews.com; editor@pqbnews.com; smaher@postmedia.com

To: smartmeters@bchydro.com

Subject: Meter replacement notification

Mr. Brad Bishop
Manager, Meter Deployment
BC Hydro-Meter Choices
Dear Mr. Bishop,

I am writing in response to your letter of September 25, 2015 informing me that my analog meter seal has expired and that in the coming weeks someone will be coming on my property to exchange the meter.

As I have previously notified the BC Hydro -Meter Choices  in writing, due to our family’s history of CANCER,( my son was diagnosed at 12 years with Hodgkin’s Disease and my husband is currently battling kidney Cancer) I continue to refuse a smart meter, with or without the transmitter.   As I have accepted your opt out choice of an analog meter, I will ONLY accept  the exchange of analog for analog.

(1)  Provide me with a photocopy of the most current Measurement Canada seal expiry date for my exact analog at  (address redacted)

(2)  Provide me with the identification number of the meter for which you state the seal is expiring so that I can cross reference this with the identification number on the face of my actual meter and the meter number listed on my billing statement;

(3)  Provide me with the model name and number of the analog meter you wish to install, and its Measurement Canada Seal certification (expiry) date and confirmation ( in Writing) that it does not have a TROJAN HORSE -no chips, no transmitters,  no antenna of any sort;

(4)  Provide time and date the installer will be arriving.  No FAILED INSTALLATION FEE will be payable unless an appointment is made in advance for a mutually agreeable date and time.

(5)  I will only allow a licensed electrician who can provide me with valid confirmation of liability insurance to tamper with my current analog meter for any reason.  I am requiring this on the grounds that under BC Hydro Tariff Section 97, “Liability”,

BC Hydro has no responsibility for any harm or injury done by its employees or agents, whether done through negligence or willful misconduct.  Being aware of this risk to my home and family, I cannot allow the risk of an unqualified, uninsured person tampering with my property and potentially risking my home and my family’s safety.

(6)  Lastly, provide me with written assurance that no attempt to install a smart meter, with or without transmitters of any sort, will occur because:

(a)  I have chosen to opt out of the smart meter program and have notified you of this, and pay a “LEGACY FEE” EVERY month

(b) I am a member of the Class Action Suit against BC Hydro in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and it is unconscionable that I be harassed or interfered with while this legal action is ongoing.

Please note that if you charge me a failed installation fee after receipt of this e-mail , without complying with the conditions set forth herein, I reserve the right to seek legal action against you.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation