2015-10-01 New “study” by Len Garis as faulty as his others


  • Updated “study” by Len Garis about the safety of smart meters. I wonder if he got paid another $15,000 for this one. On page 3 he repeats what he’s said in earlier reports that there have been fewer fires related to “electrical distribution equipment” which would be related to $$meters. Since smart meters, there have been over a hundred such fires each year. (108 in 2015 alone!) I have many reports with the electrical distribution equipment given as the cause – and BC Hydro refuses to provide any details of the equipment, hiding behind the Freedom of Information Act.  How many fires must we have before Hydro and this government acknowledge that these meters are defective?

Furthermore, Mr. Garis again uses the Fire Commissioner’s statistics on the number of fires REPORTED, and concludes that because the number is lower than pre-smeter times, the smeters are fine. He never, in any of the reports (3) that he has done discloses that fewer reports are being filed. From the reports that I have requested, 40-50% have not been available and were produced only after I specifically requested them. I am still waiting for some fire reports from 2-3 years ago. This report is bogus and deliberately misleading.

If electrical distribution equipment fires = smart meter fires, as Garis admits, then smeters are causing more fires. In 2010 (pre-smeters) there were 128, post meter years there were 134, 130, 138, and so far in 2015 108.  Remember these are REPORTED fires, and many are not being reported.



  • In view of the upcoming Federal election, a member sent this important advice:

Spent most of the my morning visiting local campaign office General political rule of thumb is a letter to them = 10 votes ans a visit to their office 100 votes.

The actual question/request is not important, intent is to push them for a policy statement on anything EMR related at the national level.

My particular focus was the EMR parliamentary committee report was submitted to the house in June and is now officially dead. My question was what will their party do to revive the issue and correct the known deficiencies in SC6. Best to stay in generalities as details confuse the staffer in the front office – they also might try to argue with you.

If as many as possible can visit all their local campaign offices (even those you are certain will not get elected) and push them for a policy statement.  I did point out to them that of the various topics published by CanadaCitizensForum on you tube the EMR related issues (EMR playlist on the channel) receive the most number of views and comments, – the public is interested and there could be a number of votes a good policy could attract.

The more that push questions related to EMR policies back to their nationwide policy people the better chance we have of effect a real change in the next parliament.


  • A good turnout this morning in the Penticton area of Fortis customers fed up with being bullied, who gave a reporter evidence of their treatment. If any Fortis customer, especially in the Penticton area or Area D, has information they’d like to share, email it to precautionaryprinciple1st@gmail.com


  • Non-smeter, but clear evidence about how the evidence that won the election for Christy Clark was phoney and rigged. Just, as I suspect, the evidence to support the major programs like Site C and the smart meter program was.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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