2015-08-31 BCHydro had to depend on people phoning in about outages!!

  • A member reported that she heard on a local radio station that BCHydro was asking people to call in if they had lost power during the storm. So much for one of the main reasons for spending $2 billion on these dangerous devices.



  • An alternative to dangerous wireless transmissions via Wi-Fi is Visible Light Communication, or Li-Fi. Using fiber optics to bring data without cords is safer and faster, it always has been. It can’t be hacked as easily as can wifi, it doesn’t irradiate, and it can carry much more data. That is why putting wifi in schools that already have fiber optic cable access makes no sense. A pilot project was done in the US a couple of years ago in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where the admin. offices used Li-Fi.




  • Collectors spotted and reported by members. These are being added to the list and maps of collectors on http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=1818       Please send me the address of any new collectors spotted.

Van Island:
One is on Cherry Creek Road,  near the intersection of Milligan Road Port Alberni.
The other is on Poplar Way in Qualicum Beach ( Whiskey Creek area) on the right hand side – before Broom Road.

The Older collector is viewable on “Google Earth” street view at 50* 17’36.75″N :  119* 14′ 36.25″W   on a telephone pole directly across from 6120 Rimer Rd. Vernon, BC
The new collector not seen on google yet is mounted on a commercial building roof right above the TACO DEL MAR sign at the corner of 24th Street and 58th Avenue;  50*17′ 18.24″N  :  119* 15′ 42.21W

Pole # 200099
Across from: 3401 Veteran Street, Victoria BC
To the right of: 3390 Veteran Street, Victoria BC

Chasey road.

  • The French court decision the woman suffering EHS is getting attention in the US media. I haven’t seen much in the Canadian media so far.



  • There are mixed reports coming from the UK. Supposedly no one will be forced to have a smart meter, yet recently landlords have been threatened with jail if they refuse to have one. Now in this article and video, a homeowner in No. Ireland is forced, despite his objections, by police, to have one installed.






From: XX
Sent: August 31, 2015 6:00 PM
To: letters@timescolonist.com
Subject: Power Outages in BC

I find it interesting that when BC Hydro began installing wireless Smart Meters on homes a few years ago, they told us having Smart Meters would eliminate the need for homeowners to contact BC Hydro when their power went out.    After the huge windstorm this weekend, I am curious to know why BC Hydro put out a press release asking homeowners to call BC Hydro if their power was out. And why they have people monitoring Facebook to see when outages had occurred. The Smart Meter program cost two billion dollars. Remind me again of the benefits?


To: complaints@bcuc.com

From: X

Date: Aug. 31, 2015

Hello , BCUC  .  3 or 4 years ago  bchydro ran a program and promoted energy conservation .  The power smart program.  I took part and saved more than %10  of power consumed compared to the year before . Over 3 years I saved more than % 30.   My Bill started to reflect that savings but as  bchydro  keeps raising their rates ‘'[above inflation ]  , so now  I am still using %30 or %40 less power than a few years ago my Hydro bill is now larger than it was before I started conserving. This is mainly due to the rates going up and some extra charges ??

BChydro brought in smartmeters  which have proven to be not what we were told , they don’t save power they use it , they don’t alert the company in the event of a power outage,  and  they are not communicating or sending the readings a lot of the time so they have to be manually read,  BUT they do cost more $555 compare to $50,  and they do  Start Fires on our houses !!   Which bchydro is hiding by removing the meter before any investigation  .  And everyone that gets a smeter  is complaining about HIGHER than normal bills, so they actually read fast or higher.


I got kicked off the powersmart program because I didn’t want a smeter on my home ,  they said “ you can’t be in it without a smeter,  why it’s all about the bottom line anyways? That’s discrimination.    I am still striving to conserve but my bill no longer reflects it Because of the extra charges they put on!!  For $24 worth of power I pay $82  of  extra charges , now that’s Highway robbery or is it extortion because I don’ want my house to burn down?

I see that the charges to keep an analog in North America are more down to earth at about $5 or $10 a month .  I know it doesn’t cost  $ 64 to read a meter .  Why are we being ripped off so badly ?? It is time  that these fees were reviewed and lowered to a more acceptable level. WE are being charged the highest rate than anyone else in north America maybe the world .

Thanks  for your reply.



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