2015-08-26 Inexplicably high BCHydro bills


  • $$tupid fridge leaves Gmail vulnerable.




  • From a member who has been receiving   BC Hydro bills that are inexplicably high  – no one at BCHydro can explain.

I spoke yesterday to BC Hydro about the last two readings being 300% and 400% higher than reality, and guess what… they told me not to pay the August bill at all?? That’s a first in the 30 years I’ve had BC Hydro on this property. They said I should wait for the third alleged reading in Sept. and pay that bill. I worded my concerns to them as “Either BC Hydro is conducting a fraud against me by not reading my meter and yet charging me for reading it, or they are condoning one of their staff who is claiming to have read the meter and have not read it, and so are a party to a fraud against me.” I felt the person on the phone at Hydro was hooked when I said I take daily readings, sometimes twice daily (my personal power consumption research), and gave her the readings for the last two months.

My trust in Hydro is so low that I’ll pay what I calculate to be my monthly bill at present, for August, and help avoid a rogue power shut down, which could cripple my little farm operation here, likely ruin it. I’d call this criminal harassment if this happens. I’d prefer it not to happen


  • Article re. recent study confirming free radicals result from even short periods of exposure to RF from cell phones, etc. Free radicals can cause serious health effects, including cancer.



  • Attached is a recent judgement from France regarding recognition of EHS as a functional impairment. The translation is most likely done by Google, but it’s good enough for you to appreciate the significance of this decision.

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  • A comment from a member to last night’s update (#5)

Re the lack of quantitative analysis to evaluate smart meters (No. 5 below), this BC government has been particularly negligent in its ability to evaluate very large purchases/expenditures of taxpayer money.  I refer to recent reports of contracts with IBM for I think it was health and certainly the tracking of diseases on behalf of Canada was a disaster.  In both cases this government ignored feedback from the users of the system and went with what the large multinational was touting, whether it was true or not.  And the user/taxpayer always pays.

The Clark government also has adopted the same attitude as the federal Conservatives – never admit a wrong.  I believe Christy Clark hired some of the same advisors as Harper had.


  • A 15 min. interview with Dr. David Carpenter about the health effects of prolonged exposure to RF, especially for children.




August 26, 2015
Fortis BC
Natural Gas
PO Box 6666 Station Terminal
Vancouver, BC
V6B 6M9

Re: The Anticipated FEI Advanced Meter Reading program.

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

I am writing to you to articulate my concerns about FortisBC Energy Inc who I understand is planning to submit an application for advance gas meter reading CPCN:

It would be in the public’s interest if Fortis Gas held an open house for the Advanced Meter Reading program. It also would be in the public’s interest if Fortis Gas held sessions in communities across our province so that customers could participate in public input sessions.

Both the open house and community input sessions should be scheduled well in advance of Fortis’s submission of its application to the Commission so that public concerns could be taken into consideration.

Since Gordon Campbell removed our voices from the BC Utilities Commission the citizens of British Columbia have been left to fend for themselves. We had no voice as they manipulatively forced us to accept the electric Smart Meter that is detrimental to our health and a serious safety issue due to fires.

Governments should govern for the people by the people as in the past. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore. Our politicians have forgotten what democracy means. It is a form of government in which the power resides in the people and is exercised by them either directly or by means of elected representatives.

I appreciate the formation of the BC Utilities Commission. Unfortunately one premier stepped in by arbitrarily removing our voices so he could manipulate the path he had in sight.

I sincerely appreciate what the BC Utilities Commission has done for the people of British Columbia considering the current circumstances.

Thank-you for your time.

Kind Regards,



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

The cost of wireless convenience: EHS, infertility, cancer.

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