2015-08-25 Fortis is threatening to cut power in Kelowna


  • One of our major problems is that we have no way to reach the many people who have smart meters and have no idea about the many problems associated with them, or that there are still many thousands of us fighting BCHydro and FortisBC.   There have been a few opportunities offered to me and one of our members suggested that I should let everyone know about them. One is Jim Goddard’s program – and he interviews me about every 2 weeks. I generally talk about things that have been in the updates since we last spoke. The last one can be found at http://talkdigitalnetwork.com/2015/08/black-hats-say-appliances-hacking-computers/



  • In California  smart water meters are reporting on over-usage and people are being fined. Perhaps justifiable during a drought, but will this continue if/when the government of BC, for example, decides to sell water to California and restricts our use to be able to sell more?




  • Brain tumour rates are increasing quite dramatically, although the registry reporting them is not able to confirm the accuracy of the numbers. Just as in Canada, there is no agency responsible for ensuring that all brain tumours, malignant and benign, are being tracked. The same goes for cancer cases.  It almost seems a case of “if no one looks, no one can find….”   Kind of like the case of smart meter fires.




  • Tenant in Kelowna is facing eviction if he doesn’t accept a smart meter.   If anyone knows this person, please explain to him it is his decision to take a smart meter with the transmitter turned off – the account is in his name – but even with then the fire hazard continues. I have been unable to make a comment, but I hope others can and will.



  • According to industry survey,  most outages are still reported by customers, not by smart meters. Not long ago BC Hydro admitted that it had staff looking at Facebook to learn about outages!!  It’s apparent that utilities have fallen for the sales pitch – and over estimate the benefits of smart meters. And why not – they face no consequences but we do.

So, why do utilities overestimate their reliability performance? Small blames a numbers deficit, a lack of scientific basis. 

“Fundamentally, this points to a lack of quantitative analysis,” he said. “Without a concerted effort to first collect input from customers, regulators and internal constituents and then objectively compare those results to the industry, the results from individual utilities will lack a general baseline and consensus.


  • Now warnings about the natural gas grid being vulnerable to cyberattack – yes, let’s make it wireless.



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

Image How a bill becomes a law(note from Ted.  – this illustration above   “How a Bill becomes a Law” is not just a witty little visual joke.  This is just an example of how the major industries and corporations have taken over our democratic process for their own good.)

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