2015-08-23 Google has wifi modem with 13 antennae


  • Non-smeter. Google has devised a wifi modem with 13 antennae that has been designed to go on the desk right at head level!!



  • More non-smeter  (sorry, not much smeter news today).  Teachers and children are being exposed to high levels of RF from industrial level wifi modems all day every school day, for no reason. Fiber optic cable is faster, more secure, and it doesn’t irradiate, and many schools already have cable for internet access. Lawsuits are beginning to be filed when children become sensitive and too ill to attend school, and the school will not accommodate.



  • A TED lecture (14 min) on “Willful Blindness”, of which I believe our politicians, BCHydro/ FortisBC and ITRON are guilty. They know these devices are dangerous in many ways, especially RF radiation and fires, and they do nothing.  These people must be held accountable. We have given them evidence and they choose to ignore.




From: ████████
Sent: August 20, 2015 10:58 AM
To: Complaints BCUC:EX <complaints@BCUC.com>
Subject: Why does the BCUC not take action?

Dear Members of the BCUC

Can you please tell me why the BCUC does not halt the usurious charges by BC Hydro for those of us wishing to retain our analogue meters.  BC Hydro charges the highest rates in the world.  Why are you not taking action to protect the public interest?

And please don’t tell me you have already reviewed this issue.  The small decrease in the monthly rate (when the meter is read only once every two months) was a joke.  It doesn’t cost BC Hydro about $75.00 to read the meter; if it does, Hydro is so egregiously inefficient, the public should not be forced into paying these fees.

May I suggest $5.00 which Hydro Quebec, a well managed company, charges.

You do BC Hydro no favor by permitting either their robbery or gross inefficiency.




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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