2015-08-22 Fortis Gas should hold public meetings re.smart meters


  • We need to get involved and ask that the BC Utilities Commission make Fortis Gas share information about its program, and allow the public an opportunity to express concerns and ask questions prior to the application for the $$meter program being submitted. A draft letter is below, and I would ask that you make changes to make it your own before sending it. I believe sending a form letter does not send as strong a message as each individual sending his/her own letter.

FortisBC Gas Meter

or maybe a smart gas meter Gas Meter with Smart Meter Addon


  • electricity rates are increasing, despite promises to the contrary. The NDP blame the smart meter fiasco. Where is the BC NDP on the increasing rates and the dangerous smart meters??


McCall, the NDP’s house leader, says  the cost of living for everyday families is a major concern the Sask. Party just isn’t getting – and that people are sick of paying for the Sask. Party’s smart meter fiasco.

We paid to have those dangerous smart meters installed, then had to pay again to have them removed. The painful part is that the Sask. Party gave the manufacturer of the fire-prone smart meters a $5 million research grant, and allowed it to keep another $18 million of ratepayers’ money in store credit that won’t be recoverable,” said McCall.




  • German scientists see little benefit to smart meters and warn of massive problems.

The team of physicists says that the massive use of new intelligent power meters was “a hasty decision that had been poorly thought through“.




  • The use of homes as “hot spots” for wifi is being done by other companies in addition to Comcast. This practise seems to be common in the US, but so far I have not found confirmation that it is widespread in Canada. Does anyone know if Shaw is doing this with its “hot spots”.



  • The excellent DVD “Mobilize”, about the cell phone radiation, is available for free again this weekend.



  • As long ago as 2008 the industry knew that fiber optic cable was the way of the future, cheaper and more efficient than other technology.  Is this why the rush to push wireless devices in business and our homes (including smart meters) – so that the wireless industry gets well-entrenched before fiber optics become widely used in North America? Not only is fiber optic cable faster, it is safer (less easily hacked) and most important it does not irradiate its users. Why is this being replaced by wifi in schools that are already wired with fiber optic cable?  Why isn’t the smart grid using fiber optics?





From: █████████

B.C. Utilities Commission
Attention: Ms. Erica M. Hamilton, Commission Secretary
Box 250, 900 Howe Street
Sixth Floor
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2N3
Telephone: (604) 660-4700
B.C. Toll Free: 1-800-663-1385
Facsimile: (604) 660-1102
E-Mail: Commission.Secretary@bcuc.com
Web Site: http://www.bcuc.com

August ██ 2015

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

Re:  anticipated FEI Advanced Meter Reading  program

I am aware that  FortisBC Energy Inc [FEI] is planning to submit an application for advance gas meter reading CPCN:



It would be in the public’s interest that Fortis Gas hold an open house for the  Advance Meter Reading program.  It also would be in the public’s interest if Fortis Gas held sessions in communities across the province so that customers could participate in public input sessions.

Both the open house and community input sessions should be scheduled well in advance of Fortis’s submission of its application to the Commission so that public concerns could be taken into consideration.

Thank you,




Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

A:  Free radicals damage DNA
B: Non-ionizing radiation can create free radicals.
C: Therefore, non-ionizing radiation can damage DNA

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