2015-08-21 Black Hat conference — ZigBee chips very vulnerable to hacking!!

  • Attached is a short paper prepared by   a scientist in the US who distributed this paper to the 24 Superintendents of public schools in Maryland outlining the dangers of wireless devices in schools.  A second, similar version was distributed to the 24 Directors of public libraries in the state. He has offered that this paper can be forwarded to similar audiences by anyone with similar concerns.

Message to Public Schools about Wireless Devices

  • Black Hat conferences are where IT security experts meet to discuss problems and solutions. In 2014, BC Hydro security people admitted that there were security problems but nothing would prevent deployment. (Look at the 8 minute video for some real eye-openers.)  At the recent 2015 conference, the vulnerability of ZigBee chips was a topic. There is a ZigBee chip in each smart meter that is intended to communicate with ZigBee chips in every “smart” appliance. These present open portals into our homes.

Smart Meter Thread Vectors

“The presenter from BCHydro acknowledged that the consequences from deploying smart meters can be dire, but yet he apparently rationalizes moving forward for what would have to be considered unknown reasons; there is just a mindset that they can’t imagine a situation where they would go back to what the presenter referred to as “flywheel meters.”  Somehow, they just expect to avert disaster by staying one step ahead of the hackers even though it is a “crowded space” for both the “good guys” and “bad guys.”

Before closing, let me also state that there was a presentation at the BlackHat USA 2015 meeting this past week where it was reported that security researchers have exposed new flaws in ZigBee.  ZigBee is one of the most popular wireless communication standards used by Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the almost exclusive protocol used for smart meters communicating with home appliances and smart meter-enabled devices.”


see full video (47 min) at https://youtu.be/GALIQVofceQ

Smart Meter Example AMI Hacks

  • Below are emails to and from FortisBC Gas, re. information about meters. They are releasing no info. in advance of the application submission. There may be a need for intervention to get complete information and to present our concerns.


  • I believe that the recent smart meter fire in Quebec (update Aug. 17/15) involved a Landis & Gyr meter. That is the make that is used by Hydro Quebec.



  • Comcast’s new Xfinity Wi-Fi that uses customers’ homes to provide Wi-Fi to others, one member is suffering the consequences.

“I am a Comcast Customer.  They are doing exactly what Jeromy says. And the advertising is amazing, TV ads all day long, direct mail flyers (almost each week), reducing the prices and guaranteeing higher speeds, etc.  Unfortunately, my neighbor got the router, not knowing about the “hidden” 5.0 Antenna.  At my request he asked the installer if there was an additional antenna and was told, “Yes”. When the neighbor asked the installer if he could disable it, the installer said, “No, only Comcast can do that and they won’t.”  So I have been really suffering from the effects.  The neighbor’s backyard is right behind mine and there isn’t that much distance between the houses.  They are definitely within the amount of coverage that Jeromy noted.”

The member shared this info regarding a lawsuit against Comcast in California:


There are some interesting comments added since last night, one in response to my statement re legality. I haven’t had the chance to review the legalities mentioned, but I do believe this would be an interesting approach to consider.


Map of Xfinity sites close to Vancouver.  See http://wifi.xfinity.com/

Xfinity map - Belingham WA




From: FortisBC Regulatory Affairs-Gas [mailto:Gas.Regulatory.Affairs@fortisbc.com]
Sent: August 21, 2015 11:24 AM
To: Dennis and Sharon Noble <dsnoble@shaw.ca>
Cc: Roy, Diane <Diane.Roy@fortisbc.com>
Subject: RE: FEI Advanced Meter Reading Program

Dear Ms. Noble,

At this time we cannot provide any specific information in advance of filing our application with the Commission.  That information will be available once the Application is filed and will be posted on the Commission’s website.


Janice Joly
Regulatory Governance Coordinator
16705 Fraser Highway, Surrey, B.C. V4N 0E8
Direct:  (604) 592-7432   Mobile:  (604) 916-5398   Fax:  (604) 576-7074


Gas Regulatory Affairs Correspondence:  gas.regulatory.affairs@fortisbc.com


P  Thank you for considering the environment before printing this e-mail and/or attachments.


From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 9:54 PM
To: Roy, Diane; FortisBC Regulatory Affairs-Gas
Subject: FEI Advanced Meter Reading Program

Ms. Diane Roy, Director,
Regulatory Services Gas Regulatory Affairs FortisBC
16705 Fraser Highway
Surrey, B.C. V4N 0E8
Tel: (604) 576-7349
Cell: (604)908-2790
Fax: (604) 576-7074
Email: diane.roy@fortisbc.com
Correspondence Email: gas.regulatory.affairs@fortisbc.com

Dear Ms. Roy,

Re: anticipated FEI Advanced Meter Reading  program

I am aware that  FortisBC Energy Inc [FEI] is planning to submit an application for “advanced” gas meter reading CPCN:


I kindly ask you to please provide info (brand, specification, pictures)  about the gas smart meter Fortis is planning to install.

Thank you,

Sharon Noble

Victoria, BC


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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