2 thoughts on “Urgent! BC Hydro Rate Consultation”

  1. The increases to electricity rates are ridiculous for a province this size with this population. Considering we send a lot of electricity down south to the USA , which is what will happen with Dam C, one has to ask who this really benefits. It certainly isn’t the people. I look east to Ontario and shudder , as we are on track to be hard pushed to afford other bills and luxuries like buying food and mortgages just like the population in Ontario is right now. Obviousy, corporate greed and government cooperaton with said greedy agendas clearly does not work for those it pretends to= the people. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. I have been saying for years now that we are in lock step with the disaster that is happening in Ontario only about five years behind. If you had a friend in Ontario ask them to send you a copy of their bill and see all the itemize extra charges that are tacked on to the bill led distribution charge local distribution charge line loss charge debt repayment charge. BC is using Ontario playbook for BC just only a few pages back than Ontario

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