1)  The articles by Dr. Kumar that I mentioned last night. I know there isn’t anything really recent here, but his info is well presented, IMHO, and can be useful in developing presentations.
2) Metal acts as an antenna for RF, which means metal things on or near the body can intensify the signal’s strength.  According this this article in 2012 the FCC was going to investigate the increased strength to see if people with metal eyeglass frames, for example, would be exposed to signals exceeding their SAR limit, but so far no results of this investigation has been made public. Those who use wireless devices or are exposed to radiation involuntarily need to be aware of this increased risk but, as usual, they are kept in the dark for the sake of the industry’s profit.
Wireless, Braces, Earrings And Hip Replacements: Metal Can Increase Wireless Radiation Absorption Into The Body

“Published Research Indicates That Metal Implants Effect Electromagnetic Radiation Absorption Into The Body

The presence of metal in or near the body can significantly increase a person’s wireless exposure. Metal can reflect and refocus wireless radiation, resulting in much higher SAR absorption rates into the body. The FCC, states, “Electrically conductive objects in or on the body may interact with sources of RF energy in ways that are not easily predicted. Examples of conductive objects in the body include braces, orthodontics and implanted metallic objects. Examples of conductive objects on the body include eyeglasses, jewelry, or metallic accessories.” ” 

Many years ago Dr. Hallberg and Dr. Johansson reported that metal bed springs might act as antennae which could be related to breast cancers.
Left-sided Cancer: Blame your bed and TV?
3)  Moscow is reporting on fiber optic cable sending signals farther and faster than any wireless could do and suggest it would be great for rural areas of large countries like Canada. Now if they could lay it cheaply before all the satellites are emitting 5G signals.
A fiber optic breakthrough could bring superfast internet to remote areas.
 “A new fiber optic technology could enable high-speed internet access to travel further without requiring electricity-powered signal boosters…

The breakthrough could help connect up rural areas that might otherwise struggle to get online. Alzbeta Fellenbaum, principal analyst for IHS Markit, a London-based data broker, tells Inverse that fiber optics could offer a better means of plugging the gap than other options like cellular towers.”

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”   Albert Einstein

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