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1) In the Sept. 23 update, I shared this request for people on Vancouver Island to contact me if BC Hydro cut their power. Now this person is asking for anyone in BC who had power cut to connect with her.


Someone in Nanaimo, who had power cut by BC Hydro because she wouldn’t accept a smeter, would like to know of anyone else in BC to whom this has happened.

Please email me at:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “power cut” on the subject line if you know of anyone to whom this happened, even if the power has been reconnected.



2)  Once 5G is connected to everything, including the major infrastructure systems, a failure along the way can cause major disruptions ranging from mere inconvenience to loss of life.


Lawyers Will Have Field Day with 5G’s Monolithic Cores

“Operators and vendors planning to build 5G with monolithic cores need to consult their legal departments. The issues of monolithic cores are many.


Owing to 5G ubiquitousness and its impact on society, regulators are going to request a 5G monolithic core have a “Black Box” similar to what airplanes have, today. That presents a new way of thinking around the 5G ecosystem.


While the design of 5G is in the hands of engineers, leaving it only to them means the civil courts will be busy. Mr. William Webb, an academic and former director of telecoms regulator Ofcom said, “5G adds more complexity and novelty to the core, providing more opportunity for new types of failure.” That presents some interesting scenarios since points of failure have yet to be identified.”





3)   A map tracking the implementation/activation of 5G around the world. Scroll down to get a little more info.




One of our members did further research and found this more detailed info. and remarked that the 5G labs in Ontario and BC are not shown on the global map above.



Look how New York City is covered:




4)  An update from the organizers of the rally and presentations in Kingston last weekend. I’ve been told that videos of the presentations will be available soon. They were able to get some good media coverage which is very unusual. Wonderful and congratulations to K4ST.


“Hello K4ST supporters,


We had an awesome turnout for both the Rally and the Expert Panel on Saturday. About 100 people attended each event – some came just for the rally and some for the panel. All-in-all it was a great success with profound information from all the experts.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! To all the volunteers who helped make this happen. We needed many hands to pull off this event and several K4ST supporters came through – from helping get the word out, setting up, organizing food, greeting the guests, working the info booth, etc. Thanks to those who went the extra mile and gave their time and energy to the cause, including those who attended. Everyone is needed and will be needed going forward. The momentum is growing.


We believe good things will come of this, and combined with the lectures at Queen’s University on Friday, we have many new allies and people wanting to help, including academics and political folks in Kingston. The cause is urgent; those who attended can verify this was the message from the panelists.


Apparently Global News (CKWS Kingston) ran a local story today about Kingston’s Rally and Expert Panel on Saturday. It will be aired again later tonight if you would like to try to watch it; We haven’t seen it yet, but we’ll send it/post it when and if we find it. They did put a wee article on their website.



Here is the Kingston Whig Standard coverage which was just posted a few hours ago.



And finally, Mark was interviewed by Global Research News Hour’s Michael Welch about our events on this week’s show:


On the broadcast, Mark speaks after Frank Clegg and Martin Pall at the 54:25 mark.


Here is the related article in Global Research:


5G and the Wireless Revolution: When Progress Becomes a Death Sentence



And more.  Dr. Pall has immense energy and has done so much to raise awareness in Ontario as he did in BC.


“Meg Sears reported that Martin Pall gave a sterling presentation to the Ottawa School Board last night. He is wrapping up his tour of Ottawa today and taking the train to Montreal where he will catch a flight to attend a series of several European conferences.  We sought to have him meet with Ottawa’s Mayor and to attend Ottawa City Council’s meeting today, and we essentially got nowhere. But we will likely get an Op/Ed by Martin published in the Hill Times weekly next Monday, which will be great if it happens because it is delivered to every single senior manager in the Government of Canada in the Ottawa area, including Health Canada. Hopefully it will rattle a few cages.


We also have him heading down to the Canadian Press office this morning on Sparks Street, in hopes he can get them to file a nation wide story before he leaves the capital. He was also the guest on a talk radio show on Tuesday, Sept 24 just after 1 pm, namely CHQR AM 770, which is owned by Global. Funny how neither CBC nor CTV will touch this topic or give Martin Pall any coverage while in Canada.”



5)   While there is little being done in Canada to protest against 5G and to educate others about this dangerous technology, large protests are taking place in other countries. This large rally occurred in Switzerland a few days ago and is the second large rally that has been held.


Several thousand protest against 5G in Swiss capital


“Opponents of the introduction of fifth generation cellular network technology (5G) in Switzerland gathered in Bern on Saturday to protest against “forced radiation”.

Several speakers at the parliament square warned of considerable risks to health, the environment, democracy and safety associated with mobile communications in general and the introduction of 5G in particular. They called for a national moratorium on 5G and the creation of radiation-free zones.”





6)  I have made it a policy not to include any advertisements in my update or on our website but tonight I’m making an exception for someone who has spent many years working to educate people about EMR and to make their homes safer.







From: “petrina gregson” ( name given with permission)
To: “Sonia Furstenau”
Sent: September 23, 2019
Subject: smeters


Dear Sonia,


I too am one of the many hundreds (thousands?) of people who have had a smart meter forced upon them.  After 25 years of living away from my home town of Kamloops, I eagerly returned home in 2006. Shortly after that, I became informed about EMF, as a friend and colleague who was EHS educated me to what it is and the health risks involved.  I locked up my analog meter and began canvassing with brochures to educate Kamloopsians. I found that many were unaware that BC Hydro had already replaced their analog meters (by stealth) with smart meters. Wireless water meters were next, and I had to pay a quarterly sum of $25 to have a hard-wired water meter.  Except for my neighbours on either side, we were soon surrounded by smart meters. Cell towers were erected (also by stealth) in public places, with no notice to the surrounding inhabitants (when we spoke to the pastor of a church, where a cell tower was disguised as a cross, he justified it as “we need the money.”)

We decided to leave Kamloops, our beloved hometown, as it was no longer a healthy place to live, based on the Precautionary Principle. We moved north, to acreage with no close neighbours, and locked up the analog, for which we now paid the extortion fee of $32 a month. I spent much time and money pursuing legal alternatives with registered documents and posted signs, to no avail.


After several years of paying the “legacy fee”, BC Hydro notified us that we were required to have a smart meter, because the analog meter “had expired”.  I asked that it be tested, but was told that they test a few of that date and then pull them all if any one had failed. I was told that no analogs were available, and when I asked to purchase my own (as of course they are available from other sources), was refused. I was charged $65 for not being home when they tried to replace my meter and was told that my power would be cut if I didn’t comply with their demand. Having no other option, I succumbed to the threats, and the $65 was credited to my account; I now pay $20 monthly to have a “signal off” meter. I’m told by BC Hydro that my monthly fee is because the meter is read manually (in the old days, that service was included!). My brother, who also lives in a remote area, has his smart meter read without charge.


I wish you success in your battle. Perhaps the Green Party will have some influence in the next government. The NDP lost my vote when Horgan broke his promises.










There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.

~ Robert Heinlein




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