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1)   An amazing discussion among politicians and experts in a  Dec. 13 commission meeting in New Hampshire. They discuss the FCC, industry influence, 5G and the many associated problems in a manner that truly demonstrates the political will to help prevent this horror.  These are minutes from the meeting and I truly recommend the read. Another meeting is planned with other experts on Jan. 10.
2) Dr. Girish Kumar, a very respected Indian scientist, has shared some of his articles and a powerpoint for anyone who might find them useful in presentations before Councils, etc.   His articles will be provided in tomorrow’s update.
Cell Phone Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions
3) Many of the most popular cell/smart phones have been shown to emit multiples of the dangerously high levels of RF allowed by Health Canada or the FCC in the US. Yet neither of our govts have indicated any concern. Indeed, quite the contrary as seen by the response I got from our provincial govt.  Europeans governments are showing the same incompetence/negligence. Coordinated lack of response?  But finally one French dept. responded to Dr. Arazi.  We need to keep pushing to have the public alerted, even if no other action to sanction the telecoms is taken.

Phonegate Scandal: Meeting on 7 January at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance

“This is a first step forward. However, we still do not understand the current inertia of the Ministries of Health and Ecological Transition, which have still not responded to our request for consultation. Indeed, we are first and foremost faced with health and environmental issues that depend directly on their ministries. Following this meeting, we will not fail to make a collective point during a Facebook live video.”
4)  Housing is a major issue for many Canadians, and is a common problem for those who suffer from environmental sensitivities, e.g. EHS.  This should be included in this worthwhile effort to raise awareness. It is vital that we connect with groups involved with the environment, climate change, social justice, etc.  We all share the same agenda — making our world safer.  As one of our very knowledgeable members said,
  “I know for a fact that Lewis and Klein are respectfully informed about electrosmog topics. Maybe you have a way, or an idea, to help them see the benefits of including EMF topics in the good spirit of their “Shout it from the rooftops.”
“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.”   Albert Einstein

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We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. George Orwell

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