EMR Updates: The Microwave Factor – 2015 NOV 20

The Newsletter of EMF Refugee, The International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

  1. Stop Smart Meters! Bulletin November 2015 — Volume 32
  2. Cancer Cluster Revisited (14 die of cancer in seven years living next to phone mast with highest radiation levels in UK)
  3. Fox Covers SmartMeter Health Effects
  4. Two new studies find harmful effects of mobile phone use on adolescents
  5. Cell Tower Base Station Radiation Associated with Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Adolescents
  6. Mobile phone & Wi-Fi radiation alters hormone concentrations & oxidative stress in pregnant rats & their offspring
  7. Wi-Fi and pilots. Wireless Charging. Actions by Germany, Israel, France, European council. More Studies
  8. 25 Strange ‘symptoms’ people are experiencing worldwide
  9. Interview with Dr. OLLE JOHANSSON – EMF expert by Debra Digiacomandrea
  10. The Attention-Sucking Power of Digital Technology Displayed Through Photography by Antoine Geiger
  11. Genotoxicity Induced by Fetal & Infant Exposure to Magnetic Fields & Ionizing Radiation
  12. The Hidden Agenda Behind 21st Century Learning
  13. Company To Blanket City Streets With WiFi Connected “Smart Pavement”
  14. Many babies exposed to smartphones, tablets, study finds
  15. City to ban wireless Wi-Fi, cell towers
  16. The Danish Cancer Society was caught in a serious lie
  17. A Father Speaks About Wifi in Schools and His Children’s Health
  18. Inside the town were Wi-Fi and cell phones are illegal
  19. Chromebooks in Public Schools Emit Radiation
  20. HEALTH ISSUES | Message to Public Schools and Parents about Wireless Devices and Health
  21. Baroness Susan Greenfield on IT’s impacts on children
  22. Wireless Communication and Health: Future of the Research and the Precautionary Principle
  23. The Hidden Agenda Behind 21st Century Learning: Public-private partnership is strangling our education system.
  24. Actions/inactions taken by the FCC and Tom Wheeler. Cell Phone History
  25. Pediatricians’ new warning: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones
  26. Transparency and Liability Issues with Wireless: November 12, 2015 Letter to Montgomery County School CEO Dr. Andrew Zuckerman
  28. The microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: historical background
  29. George Washington University Lecture on Science and Policy – June 9, 2015
  30. The Landis + Gyr Smart Meter: An Inside View
  31. Entrevista al Prof. OLLE JOHANSSON – LA SALUD DEL HÁBITAT ( Programa 3 ) con Joan Carles López
  32. Billionaire Founder of Phones4U’s Whole Family Struck Down by Lyme Disease
  33. Melbourne Lecture: The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation… Presented by Dr Devra Davis
  34. Exposure and Use of Mobile Media Devices by Young Children

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