2 thoughts on “Marcus and Benita Schluschen”

  1. saw the picture of you and Benita,
    have been protesting against smart meters, too

    i saw you, Marcus,
    today on the video from EHS Day, June 2022
    so sad, Benita has gone on

    i am also electronically sensitive,
    it seems a mutually detrimental relationship between me and electronics, batteries etc,
    i live in Nanaimo, EMF hot spot
    would like to connect with the like minded

    i receive notices from C4ST,
    and have read some of your contributions.

    great that you became a EMF consultant.
    i have applied shielding paint inside, but still high levels of EMF.

    would love to connect with the like minded
    and look forward to your response.

    wishing you well


  2. hi Marcus, i saw you today in the video from EHS Day
    i have protested against s-meters, and have EHS, too.
    i in turn affect electronics and batteries adversely too.
    my electronic devices are wired and i applied shieling paint,
    yet i still need to limit my time on them,
    Live in Nanaimo, a Wi-Fi hot spot.
    would like to connect with the like minded,
    Is there a group on the island?
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Wishing you well.

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