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EM – Electromagnetic Age – Sleeping Giant – Dr. Paterson – VERSION 2

Dr Paterson has made several presentations in the Okanagan Valley of BC describing the Potential Health Effects of our modern Wireless Age with Smart Phones,  Wi-Fi devices and Smart Meters.

This is the new version  VER2.

See his slide presentation here.  The format is in PDF format and the file is rather large, about 60 MBytes so you have to down load the file and then open it with Adobe Reader.  Sorry, there is no audio with this version.  We are working on getting a YouTube version with Dr. Paterson narrating and giving more details.

Dr. Paterson’s presentation describes the major health impacts of RF Radiation and is a must view.  Please educate yourself to protect yourself and your family.

The presentation/lecture consists of 153 slides.  So grab a coffee, tea, or a cool beer and sit back and learn about RF Radiation and the impact it has on your health.

Dr. Paterson’s Professional History

Dr. Paterson’s presentation/lecture. Age Sleeping Giant VER2.pdf

Canadian parliament SC6 Committee hearings about “wireless” radiation

SC6 is so-called “Safety Code 6“, which is about human exposures to “wireless” radiation emissions from sources such as cellphones, wi-fi routers, cordless phones, laptops, tablets, baby monitors, so-called “smart” electricity and water meters, infrastructure antennas/towers/new streetlights, wireless tv/game/entertainment systems, wireless security, air, water monitoring systems, wireless gear such as printer/mouse/keyboard/speakers/microphone, anything bluetooth, any size of wireless-enabled appliance, etc.

AGENDAS for the SC6 Meetings

2015 MARCH 23
2015 APRIL 23
2015 APRIL 28


Listen Live to APRIL 23 and APRIL 28 meetings

Below are links where you can listen live to the two different meetings: April 23 and April 28. At the link there’s a small clickable below “General Information”: look for the label “Play, Download, or Subscribe”.
If you try it now, you’ll see that after you click on that label you’ve got more choices for Floor, or English, or French. Then later all 3 of those choices will be available at the same link as downloadable files.
Thursday, April 23, 3:30-5:30pm Eastern Time, Meeting Number 57
If that fancy-looking link above doesn’t work, instead start at the following link and click on “Thurs, Apr 23, 2015 HESA Meeting No. 57”:
Tuesday, April 28, 3:30-5:30pm Eastern Time, Meeting Number 58
If that fancy-looking link above doesn’t work, instead start at the following link and click on “Tues, Apr 28, 2015 HESA Meeting No. 58”: